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Comment Nintendo using Unreal = no bearing for 3P games (Score 1) 40

The article itself makes no effort to sustain this premise. Whatever engine Nintendo uses for 1st party is irrelevant. Sony using in-house engines likewise has no bearing. Miyamoto's apparent concession that Japanese devs lagged behind in technical skills is somewhat interesting, I guess.

Comment Re:Seventy Percent (Score 1) 180

Exactly... Both the tech itself can be improved in accuracy, and normal bio-feedback training be used to increase the accuracy once baseline communication is established. The thing is, and this is also applicable to "questions that aren't just Yes/No", is that multiple questions can be used to follow up: "Is Paris the capital of Germany?" "OK, is that right, you just told me "NO"?" ...etc. This also addresses cases where certain topics may be less reliable or complicated.

Comment No Limits Roaming = Lowest Common Denominator (Score 2, Interesting) 113

Issue here is with no limits, there is no reason you ever need to have plan with your (actual, functional) local provider. If costs in Denmark are high, because workers operating infrastructure need higher salary to live on, or Danish government happens to tax wireless more, you can sign up for plan in Romania whose costs are based on Romanian labor costs and tax structure, yet continue to actually use Danish infrastructure all the same. If taken far enough, Romanian carriers will have to raise their prices to account for their share of Danish infrastructure costs, but that means all Romanians would then be paying those costs (while still on lower Romanian salaries) while Danish tax and government budget is being undermined.

Normal people don't need "unlimited free international roaming", and it's easy enough to just get a local SIM card if you are travelling alot or for extended time, so there just is no broad basis for instituting this change which has broader repurcussions. If there were mass popular demand for it, carriers would already offer at least limited versions of it (potentially most popular in small countries or regions where travel to nearby countries is routine). This just smells of ideological neoliberalism.

Comment Re:Green light for anti-labor (Score 1) 432

Nothing like Henry Ford? You mean your whitewashed wishful thinking version of Henry Ford? Ford was the biggest fascist, the biggest and most violent hold-out against union organizing. Sure he finally folded in 1941, but that is hardly reason to hold him up as some example, nor to erase history.

Comment Re:Lobbying by Goldmans Sachs (Score 1) 442

In addition to other commenter, your entire premise seems to ignore the fact why Goldman and City at large are so heavily pushing financial "passportization", if as you suggest UK finance industry can operate seamlessly without it.

Difference being that sure the UK can operate as it wishes, but EU does not have to bless that operation. EU regulations which govern EU corporations can dictate rules which are incompatable with UK model, that require the significant steps in financial chain to be under EU jurisdiction at relevant stages. Passportization was the "As long as we are UK-legal, nobody in EU can do anything about it". Losing that means that they can.

And sure, UK can go it's own way, it can function as offshore for Russian oligarchs and non-EU corporations, but without passportization, the EU is free to claw back sovereign control over financial sector interfacing with it's own economy, it can simply state that financial arrangements occuring outside it's regulatory framework will not be able to enforced re: actual EU assets.

This reflects on Ireland in that it will not have the "lowest common denominator" advantage, it will be fully within EU regulatory regime, same as FR, DE, etc. So the legal benefits of UK will not carry over, and it will simply not be as distinctly advantageous locale to operate under. More broadly, sentiment is growing across EU against tax avoidance enabled by Ireland, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. "Profit transfer" tax evasion is far from secure, especially given the impact this has on governments under budget pressure. This also is subject to EU regulatory regime legitimizing the necessary legal schemes.

Comment Re:More info needed (Score 1) 163

BTW, the rationa counter move by studios would be stop "selling" DVDs entirely. Get ride of the idea of consumer owning any rights except those the studio expressly wishes. Shift it all to streaming and they don't have these pesky issues of people trying to use what they own without permission.

Comment Re:More info needed (Score 1) 163

Ok, Aerio.

The difference is that Aero was format shifting licenced broadcast TV that viewers never "owned".
When you own a DVD you have the right to format shift it, which is not "distribution" because it is for your own use.
Here there are actual DVDs "sold" by studios, and the stream count is limited to # of legit DVDs.

This isn't different than if a VHS rental store in the 80s had a VCR/TV in their store monitored by a CCTV that piped it to your house.
The fact modern technology allows to do this cheaply and seamlessly is irrelevant.

The editing stuff is a side tangent, because there again there is no "distribution" besides selling-renting of DVD which is transferred in it's entirety.
The "editing" (via EDL or whatever) is not for commercial purposes it is the consumer doing it for their own personal use,
the company rented you the entire unmodified movie and it is just up to you if/how to edit how you watch it.

Studios wanted to use technology as illusionary magic trick to bypass fair use and their pre-existing market conditions generally.
Any suggestion their shell game is up will encounter cognitive dissonance. Prepare yourself.

Comment Re:another variable that effects weather (Score 1) 170

I just don't get how people can discount the proven basic effect of CO2 warming e.g. Greenhouse Effect, as demonstrated from basic gas column experiments.

Doesn't matter if you consider current warming "within historical natural variation", because basic science shows ANY CO2 will have some warming effect "above any beyond" prevailing conditions whatever those may be, the "source" of CO2 does not change the outcome of gas column experiment. Sure, plenty of other factors take place in those prevailing conditions, but the human CO2 is above and beyond those, and should always yield additional warming vs. baseline. To challenge human global warming (above and beyond prevailing conditions) one would need to demonstrate a mechanism whereby gas column experimental warming does not apply to the Earth as a whole, and which would apply to ALL CO2/methane in atmosphere man-made or not (unless one can show some homeopathy-like unique quality for human-derived CO2/methane).

And I love how some theoretical solar cooling cycle is coming, as if that negates need for attention. If anything, a future solar cooling cycle on scale of hundreds or thousands of years makes global warming MORE of a problem because rapid sequential up and down shifts of climate will be most disruptive to ecosystems, since the species that do OK with shift in one direction will be maladapted to the reverse shift. So if one believes in possibility of future solar cooling cycle, ceasing CO2 emmissions NOW (keeping climate cooler) is the best bet, and all the coal and oil in the ground stays there where it can still be extracted later to warm the climate if/when climate truly does significantly cool.

Comment You cannot lose what was not already there (Score 1) 410

Not going to argue that people might feel they lose trust from this. But the point is, he took this action because he had already lost trust. People were going around knowingly telling lies that people (CEO) were pedophiles. That kind of discourse is not the basis for trustful community which respects norms. The people who did that have zero grounds to complain because they already ruined it.

Comment Re:12 countries since 2008, not only USA today (Score 5, Interesting) 225

Not ratifying TPP means US will "not reap the benefits of it". OK, those being... 0.4% GDP growth by 2030 according to World Bank? That just is not grounds for "absolutely must have this agreement". And what of this "disruption" of trade with Asia? Not passing TPP does not disrupt anything. It means simply the status quo continues. TPP is the disruption to status quo relation of law and society. Yeah, Trump is an idiot and you hate him. Doesn't really have much bearing on TPP.

Comment Re:12 countries since 2008, not only USA today (Score 3, Informative) 225

It only has to be ratified by six countries... that comprise at least 85% of GDP of the signatories The US alone is roughly 65% of the combined GDP by my calculations, and thus necessary for TPP. That is written into the terms of the agreement, and can't be changed without creating a new agreement. Obviously there are other trade agreements out there, and other countries can join them without US.

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