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Comment Re:Can only be played on Apple products (Score 2) 75

Everyone wants to own both the distribution channel and the content being sold over that channel. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu...

They all want their own programming so that going to a different store means losing access to content. If Apple's content does appear on Netflix, you can be sure of two things: (1) it'll be old episodes and (2) their programs will include melodramatic, never-ending story arcs.

Comment Vocational training for young kids is a waste. (Score 5, Insightful) 193

Who knows what jobs will be available in twenty years, between AI and offshoring? Coding doesn't look like a sure thing at all.

If you are going to focus on a skill, focus on ones that serve in that kind of future environment: being able to pick up on human context and nuance; to decode, no just the literal level of communication, but implicit levels of communication. Because even if AI and foreigners take our coding jobs, somebody is going to have to lay out specifications, and that take imagination and subtlety.

And you know what would be really, really good for developing those kinds of skills? Reading and discussing books.

Comment Re:don't be too quick to judge (Score 1) 286

yes India has terrible controls on their antibiotic use, but remember that US farmers are using large amounts of antibiotics too keep their overcrowded livestock from dying too soon.

India is a country with a median annual income of $616. With 1.2 billion people, well, a lot of things like providing medical care are going to be tough. We're headed that way too. While per capita GDP growth has recovered from the Great Recession, median income has declined.

Comment Re:No Gut no Glory (Score 1) 66

This is kind of an oversimplified view of affairs as they now stand.

The newer players aren't competitors to NASA; they're competitors to NASA's traditional vendors. They probably wouldn't exist were it not for government policy to encourage and support more independent, entrepreneurial approaches to launch system development and management.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 525

I agree. I also think we should make successful completion of an H-1b term as an automatic qualification for a green card. If the talent is so important to bring in, then talent plus experience is even more important to keep here, and eventually naturalize.

The program as it now exists simply primes the pump for offshoring and overseas tech transfer.

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 475

I'm a boomer and trust me, we had our share of functional illiterates, innumerates, and all-around ignorant people. Look at the 60-ish people you know. Allowing for greater life experience (e.g. remembering Dr. King rather than having just read about him), do we seem as a group so uniformly wonderfully educated to you? I thought not.

I think millennials are on the whole just a little better educated than we were. The problem is that they need to be a lot better educated.

The world is changing faster. Information sources are more varied and less reliable. In an era where it has never been easier to surround yourself with crackpots you need to be a more independent thinkers than boomers, who despite our counter-culture pretensions are as big a generation of sheep as this country has ever produced. When we entered the workforce there were lots of good-paying jobs we could do with just a three R's education. For millennials those jobs have gone overseas or are being lost to automation.

So in the current environment, the average person needs capabilities that would have made him elite in past generations. That's why so many more Americans go to college: 68% in 2014 vs. 45% in 1960.

So it's no surprise if the average college graduate isn't as impressive as the average college in past generations:you're looking at a different sample, one more representative of the population as a whole.

Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 3, Interesting) 196

Improper Government is bad. Just that most modern governements are involved in way more than they should be (arresting people for serving food to the homeless??? WTF??)

My solution is much more simple. Government manages not just the Conduit, but the actual Fiber in it. Bring it all back to a COLO facility where the competition happens. The "cable" companies no longer control the cable, only the content. And since each customer can get the services they want, from the provider(s) they want, it is all open to anyone who want access to those customers. All they need is a feed from the COLO to whatever they are offering.

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