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Comment Re:NES Classic 2 (Score 1) 104

Your other points stand, but comparing Wii U sales numbers to NES Classic sales numbers is really apples and oranges.

The Wii U was out for approximately 52 months before the Switch launched last month. That means sales of 0.26 million per month on average, with the system being easily findable over that period of time.

The NES Classic has been out for five months, mid-November to mid-April, for an average of 0.3 million sales per month.

The WiiU was probably selling higher at the beginning of its 52 month run than the average, but still the NES Classic selling more than the Wii U average even while being out of stock most of the time is a significant achievement.

The NES Classic _probably_ had a lower potential sales total than the Wii U, but there's really no way to know for sure now.

Comment Re: LOLZ Converged! (Score 1, Insightful) 191

I'm not sure if they're (capable of) thinking it through that thoroughly. One of them tried to insult a woman when she mentioned going on birdwatching trip with two male friends by telling her that her husband was a cuck. does saying that to a woman about her partner even work as an insult? It fails on so many levels!

Comment Re:Goodbye Tourism Money (Score 2) 505

I know that skipping the article is in vogue on Slashdot as always, but did you not even read the blurb?

"which could force tourists from Britain and other countries visiting the U.S. to reveal their mobile phone contacts, social media passwords and financial data"

I'm hoping Mr. Anonymous Coward that you are just a troll, because i'd like to believe that the kind of jumping to conclusions triathlon you just completed doesn't actually represent the standard for intellectual rigor among people who might initially be inclined to support this bill. (I'm may be doomed to disappointment, but i can hope, right?)

Comment Goodbye Tourism Money (Score 4, Insightful) 505

Tourism is a $1.5 trillion industry in the US. I don't know what exactly the split is between domestic and foreign but foreign is definitely a significant chunk (one site claimed $21 billion from foreign tourists in April 2016) and if you're worried about trade deficits then that chunk is especially important.

There are already concerns that foreign tourism revenue is starting to dry up after Trump's election and the (attempted) Muslim bans. If it's actually put into effect this "extreme vetting" will only accelerate that process.

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