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Comment Re:Use the Tmobile Music Unlimited prepaid plan (Score 1) 72

I'm on the T-Mobile pay-as-you-go plan. $30 a month ($30 period, no extra taxes) for "unlimited" data (throttled after 5GB per month), unlimited texts, and 100 minutes per month.

In the three years i've been using the plan i've gone over the 100 minutes once when i was on a business trip. Ended up spending about $30 extra that month (i believe the extra rate is 10 cents/minute.)

I may have gone over the 5GB data limit a couple times near the end of the month, but either it was a short enough period or the throttling wasn't severe enough such that i really didn't notice it.

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 349

Sorry, I didn't make my point well. If people smart enough to decode genomes are too dumb to use Excel "properly", what hope do ordinary users have?

I wouldn't call them "dumb", but it could easily fall under "Lazy", or "Not Trained Properly" when it comes to the software.

Comment "Firestar" (Score 1) 130

As long as we're sharing related SF, see also Michael F Flynn's novel "Firestar" and its three sequels. It's basically a series about a Space X-like company that wrapped up the year Space X was actually founded, and has the reuse of fuel tanks as habitats as a side note.

And in response to all the people saying that the cost of either modifying the tanks to server dual purposes or performing additional construction in space makes it infeasible you're probably right. If we were talking about a one time deal. However if we ever get to the point where we have enough people in space that we need to start doing construction work anyways the economics will seriously change, so it's not unreasonable to start looking into it now. And if nothing else just the materials alone might be well worth the small cost to boost the tanks a little higher, even if they end up just getting disassembled for parts and raw materials.

Comment Re:Damn you Google (Score 1) 164

The Galaxy Nexus was screwed over by Verizon and others over the NFC Payment functionality. They had a competing payment system, known as ISIS at the time, that they were pushing. They held up the launch of the Galaxy Nexus for months until it was no longer a flagship phone. By that time the user base was small and frustrated, it wasn't really worth the continued support.

Comment Is it real unlimited? (Score 2) 196

Do you really get to use unlimited data? Or do you get to use 5GB of data and then they start throttling you?

I'm currently on T-Mobile's pay as you go. $30 a month for 100 minutes talk, unlimited text, 5GB unthrotled data + unlimited throtled data. The only thing that _might_ tempt me to switch for more than double the price is if the data is _really_ unlimited and entirely unthrotled.

Comment How many apps? (Score 3, Insightful) 198

How many potential installs are they looking for? If i were a Verizon customer i'd consider paying at _least_ $10 extra to avoid having all the extra crap installed on my phone.

(Assuming of course that after paying the Danegeld the amortized cost would still be less than switching to a different phone on a different provider.)

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