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Comment Need (Score 1) 219

The problem is weather or not we NEED unlimited data. The problem is that we don't want to pay out the ass, at extortionate rates, if we happen to go over our allowance. I don't want to worry about a surprise $100 on my bill because my phone decided to download the latest OS update.

Comment Re:Whiney Consumerism (Score 1) 238

I'm curious what OEMs you're aware of that even offer the *option* of an alternate or no OS coming preinstalled.

Dell is one such example, but it's not easy to find it on their website even if you know exactly what you're looking for; and it's definitely not something they advertise in physical stores. I don't think it's an option for Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, LG, or MSI.

There's some very small companies that sell computers with Linux preinstalled such as System76, but their visibility among non-Linux enthusiasts is fairly negligible.

Polywell does it too, but they may fall in to "small" company bucket.

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