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Comment Re:I don't want free shipping (Score 1) 183

Then don't go to a gas station in the US.
Almost all of them in this area have gone to a "pre-pay" mode, where they think you must be a criminal who will drive away without paying unless they make you pay first.

What US are you talking about? I haven't had to pre-pay for gas in PA, MD, NY, or VA in over 15 years.

Comment Re:Wastefulness (Score 2) 79

Those standard USB ports tend to be a little weak point in the construction of the phone. They often fail completely, or damage the port / phone if someone does something like trip over the USB cable. The become loose over the life of the phone as the cable is plugged and unplugged, sometimes making it hard to keep the cable plugged in.

Wireless charging is a boon to anyone who has ever experienced any of these problems.

Comment Re:Pepper's Ghost (Score 1) 101

Pepper's Ghost easily allows other "real" actors on stage at the same time. Its just an angled piece of glass (that you can easily see the frame for in the video) that reflects an image from below the stage. On-stage actors are visible in front of, or behind the glass, with perspective tricks used to make them line up.

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