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Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 553

"Is the Reward for smoking pop, worth the risk of its side effects should be the real debate."

I hadn't heard about this new drug, but smoking pop seems like it would be challenging, what's the process? And does the brand or flavor matter? How about diet vs regular?

Given its history i would guess that Coca-cola would be an upper. And since Pepsi is supposed to be cool and different from Coke it must be a downer. Is Diet Dr Pepper a hallucinogenic?

Comment Re:Hypocrisy at it's finest (Score 1) 600

Do you agree with Sony's well-paid and successful lawyers about their interpretation of copyright law just because they're well-paid and successful, and thus must be smarter and know more than us "basement dwellers"? (I thought Trump got really mad about that term when he thought Hillary was using it disparagingly, but i guess the rules have changed now.)

I'm not going to claim I know more than the Sony lawyers or Trump, but opinions about IP law seem to differ quite a bit not based on intelligence, but on whether you've become wealthy because of big corporations (either owning them, getting paid a large salary by them, or getting lobbied by them.)

On top of that, there's at least some correlation between being old and not understanding computers and the internet.

So even if Trump is very intelligent and successful (citation needed,) as a very old and relatively rich corporate owner i would not necessarily expect him to understand why it's bad to let corporations sue people into the ground for things that ought to fall under Fair Use.

That said, even as someone who voted for Hillary, I'm glad Trump (seems to be) carrying through on his promise to block the TPP, regardless of what his reasons for doing so actually are. I don't disagree with _everything_ Trump does and says just because Trump is the one doing and saying it.

Comment Re:Never Got It (Score 1) 227

I agree 100%. I'm a huge fan of Heinlein's early period books and some of his middle period books. However Stranger in a Strange Land is, to me, exactly the point at which the quality of his books started to go down. Combine that with it also being the most hyped of all his books definitely left me with a bad taste in my mouth. (Insert jokes about cannibalism here.)

He produced a couple good books after that (most notable the Moon is Harsh Mistress) but far too much of the time took a couple good ideas and then stuffed in a bunch of weirdness about sex.

Not that i have a problem with sex in books in general, but Heinlein always had to make the sex "edgy", and unfortunately wasn't very good at writing it IMHO. In particular if i'm reading a book for the story (rather than just erotica/porn) i prefer to have better developed relationships than he was ever willing to take the time to invest in.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 227

I'm never going to forgive them for that stupid fucking name change, but they actually seem to have gotten their act together recently. Season one of "The Expanse" was great, (going by the post-analysis it probably would have been nominated for a Hugo if the fans could just have agreed on which episode to vote for) and I've heard mostly good stuff about their other new shows too.

Comment Re:Hoping (Score 1) 269

#1 You stated something that was factually incorrect. "Their profits are always high". I used as much data as was necessary to show that you were incorrect.

#2 I started at 2012 because I stated "Not anymore they aren't," implicitly accepting that earlier in time they were making money and arguing that a change had occurred. And 2012 was when that change occurred. Namely, the release of the Wii U. I never claimed that they never made money, only that they sometimes lose money.

#3 I then said "Yes, they made a lot of money before the Wii U and still have a lot in reserve, but if the Switch follows in the Wii U's footsteps and performs poorly Nintendo can't afford to keep losing money forever."

Thus explicitly acknowledging that they made a lot of money before 2012, but arguing that if they continue the trend of 2012 and on then they will continue to lose money.

Countering an argument of "recently they've been losing money or only making a small profit" with "but at times in the past they made large profits!" proves nothing other than that it's _possible_ for them to make money, which no one here was disputing. But if they're going to do that they're going to have to address some problems, and the question is whether or not the Switch will do that. Since it hasn't actually been released yet it's all just speculation.

Comment Re:Hoping (Score 1) 269

"Nintendo will have no problem "surviving". Their profits are always high."

Not anymore they aren't. They lost $548 million in 2012 and $232 million in 2014, and their profits in 2013 and 2015-2016 only totals to $604 million. (Source)

"They have plenty of cash reserves if they bomb, but I doubt they'll bomb."

The Wii was obviously a huge success, but i doubt they'll be able to capture that kind of lighting again. Meanwhile the Wii U has been a failure from a sales and marketing perspective and is probably the biggest contributor to the huge losses above. I believe the New 3DS is doing okay now, but it had a very rocky start. So i don't have unbounded confidence that this time they'll get it right.

Yes, they made a lot of money before the Wii U and still have a lot in reserve, but if the Switch follows in the Wii U's footsteps and performs poorly Nintendo can't afford to keep losing money forever.

Comment Hoping (Score 3, Interesting) 269

I didn't think the Wii was that bad, but i never did really like the motion controls and always opted for classic controller whenever possible. I never did get around to upgrading to the Wii U (though there are some games on it that i really want to play) but i have been enjoying my 3DS quite a bit.

So i'm pretty glad that motion controls don't seem to be a big feature of the Switch. However i am worried about the graphical quality. If their "unspecified custom Nvidia Tegra processor" can't easily handle ports from the PS4 and XBone (for the base models at the very least) Nintendo may end up in a tough spot.

They're trying to go for a "best of both worlds" approach, but with phone and tablet games eating into their market at one end and the PS4 and XBone capping it on the other end i'm not sure if we still live in an era where Nintendo can continue to survive on console exclusives alone.

But it _does_ look like a more interesting concept to me than the Wii and Wii U, so i'll try to keep my hopes up.

Comment Re:It figures (Score 1) 48

No, you are not reading what I am saying. My problem is plagiarism and fraud. When someone lifts an author's work wholesale and either relabels it as their own (plagiarism) or claims that they have the right to sell it (as designated by the author or their representative) when they don't (fraud.)

That is entirely different from copying the whole work without altering it or making false claims ("pirating") or altering the work or making use of a subset of it in an open manner to accomplish some other purpose (free use or parody.)

In my opinion the items in the first paragraph are morally wrong while those in the second paragraph inhabit an area ranging through all the possible values of grey. You are certainly free to disagree with that, but please don't misrepresent what i'm saying.

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