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Submission + - Open your garage with Bluetooth, HiQ iOpener via Kickstarter (kickstarter.com) 2

joshamania writes: "My partner and I have just launched a Kickstarter project for our company HiQ automation. Our product, the HiQ iOpener, allows one to activate your existing garage door opener with your Android phone (and iPhone by Q3-Q4). What geeks might be interested in though is that you can activate anything carrying less than 1 amp of current. Our app is designed for garage doors, but Daisyworks has an OSS app that will work with the same chip we use to trigger the relay(s)."

Submission + - Apple vs. Samsung and the reality of the Android e (gigaom.com)

joshamania writes: "Can we please stop flogging this dead horse? Microsoft made this exact same argument about linux about a decade ago and it was bollocks then and it's bollocks now. I've a startup with a partner and we're going to develop bluetooth enabled devices for android and iPhone. These journalista hacks keep regurgitating this tripe and I think it's about time that people who know what's what tell the truth. Fragmentation is a lie. It's FUD, pure and simple. We're smart people, we can figure out how to make this work, naysayers be damned."

Submission + - Computer Monitor as TV Replacement, What's best? 2

joshamania writes: "A little over a year ago I ditched my 46" TheaterWide projection and went to 100% media consumption via my personal computer. I listen to music, watch TV, movies, game, etc, all on a 24" widescreen computer monitor. The monitor I have is fantastic and I've been considering getting a new one...this thing is about 4-5 years old now...and switching my 24" to be my crap 20" second monitor. The 24" has been great, but I want something bigger now. I've looked around the past few weeks and have seen some interesting products but I really don't know what the best solution is. Best Buy doesn't sell a single TV with a DVI connection. A local geek told me don't worry, there's HDMI, and perhaps I"m missing something, but I have DVI coming out of my video card, not HDMI. I would prefer native connections to having to convert something. Also I shouldn't forget that I'm an avid gamer. So what is the best monitor or TV to buy? It doesn't need to be huge, but at least 30". Do refresh rates made a difference? Are the 3D glasses setup worth it? I'd be satisfied with 1920x1080 but more is cool. And please nobody post the 30" computer monitors with the 700:1 contrast ratio. *wince*"

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