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Journal Journal: Wow...What a year it's been

Wow. It's been a over year since I wrote in here. I am proud to say that I did not vote for Obama. I didn't vote for Obama because I looked at what he said, and compared it to what he did while in Illinois politics. I looked at his character, not the public persona he wants you to believe. I looked at who he hung around with and their beliefs. I knew he wasn't qualified for the office of President.

I don't usually watch Glenn Beck, but I did today. He mention some ideas about Obama's health care that got me thinking. One thing he talked about was an example Obama used to illustrate the health care problem. The basic idea was:

Obama says the American health care system is broken. Does he tell us about someone who got poor health care services? Nope. Does he tell us about someone who doesn't have health care? Nope. Well, what example does he use? He tells us how he watched his mother's trouble filling out paper work when she was ill.

I can't remember if Beck mentioned this, but I did have an idea. Why didn't Obama just help out his poor mother? Keep the Government out of our Health Care system. Think it is good? Think you know everything? I doubt it. Did you know that the current estimate for the 1018 page House Health Care bill is about $1 billion per page?

Did you know that there is a provision in the bill that prevents health care providers from taking new customers starting the year that this bill would take effect? Do you know what this means? I do. That means if you lose your job, or change jobs, you will have to enroll in government health care. Don't feel bad, your Democrat representative probably doesn't know this either.

Now that we know we all will eventually be in government health care, let's look at what will happen. If we look to other countries for an example what will happen next, we get a bleak picture. The government will have to make decisions on what care you will get. This means factors like your Age, Sex, Race, and Politically affiliations will be factors in how much and what health care you get! Think I am wrong? Ever hear of affirmative action? That will play a major part in decisions. The old in the nation will get less health care (unless you are on of the Democrat's political elite) because under government run system younger, more productive, people will get the lions share of the money for health care. Think you'll immediately get that life saving procedure? Nope! You'll have to stand in line and wait months!

Even Obama admits that the new Cap & Trade is going to make electricity costs sky rocket. Don't believe me? Take a look here. I think that's the clip. The sound is broken on this computer, so I am not 100% sure if that is the correct clip. Given the fact that energy costs will no sky rocket, we can now assume the cost of everything will go up. Companies pass on the cost of running a business on to the customers. If Obama had any experience running a business, he'd know that this will effect everyone--especially the poor the most!

The government owns big banks! The Government owns GM and gave ownership of Chrysler to the UAW (as a political payback). That means the government now controls 2/3 of the American auto industry. The Government is trying to take over health care. Since when has the government run anything better? Welcome comrade to 1984!

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Journal Journal: PIMs - Calenders

I am currently searching for a modern calender program. I looked at Sunbird and Chandler. Both are just okay. Let's start with what I am looking for:
  • Must allow for custom event days. For example, if I have a reoccurring event on just Mondays and Saturdays (or any other combination like the 3rd Saturday), I don't want to have to enter 2+ different events to accomplish this.
  • Selecting multiple events on the calender should be easy--like drawing a selection box around the multiple items.
  • Should be able to copy/cut/paste (and have it working)
  • Exporting should be easy and customizable
  • Sharing/Collaborating multiple events with multiple groups of multiple people should be easy
  • Should be able to disable/enable all imports. For example, if I import holidays, I want to be able to select/deselect the holiday import

Now I will start with Chandler. The ultimate deal killer for me was the first bullet. That is a necessity for me. I hate having to do the same event multiple times because I can't select custom days, and the copy/paste functionality is not working! You can select multiple event with Chandler, but you have to click on each one individually while holding down the control key. As I hinted at before, the copy/paste functionality doesn't seem to be working. Exporting doesn't look that promising either. I never bothered with the sharing aspect of this software. I couldn't see setting it up since I was already annoyed by the time I tried to enter just my work week.
On the plus side. I like the dashboard view of events, but I would prefer a split view with the dashboard view at the top, and the calender view at the bottom. You can select the event categories to enable and disable. This calender has potential, but right now I don't really like it.

Now, for Sunbird. I was not able to copy and paste events. There doesn't seem to be a dashboard view. Selecting multiple events has the same issue. Exporting could use work too. Sharing is non existent. It doesn't seem like you can enable/disable categories of events. That would be nice to have. The one thing Sunbird has going for it, is you can select custom days for events!

I will probably settle with Sunbird for now, but I might be forced to use Chandler for the sharing possibilities. Combining these two projects might create a workable calender.

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Journal Journal: Gmail Rocks and more.

Google email still rocks. People may make fun of AOL, but they are not just an internet provider. They provide content...with the power of AOL/Time Warner. I like streaming Radio. Cetlic & Country songs fill there air.


Journal Journal: Google Email

Google Email rocks! I love it so far. They even have a POP access that I can use with Mozilla. I love it. Although, some of the cool features are not available through Mozilla that I can tell.

      The internet interface is easy to use and figure out. I like the interface better than yahoo's interface. There are cool features. I definately give it an A rating!


Journal Journal: Liberal Geeks 3

Liberal geeks have proven to be the same as all other liberals. So much for the so-called intelligence of these geeks--reasoning and thinking gets lost in the blind obsession with liberalism. They ignore evidence presented to them. They cry unfair when they think someone is suppressing their write to free speech, but when evidence is present about John Kerry, and the Democrats, attempting to hide and silence the voices of 250 vets who think John Kerry is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America, they are a joke. They don't believe in free speech. Free speech only applies when what people have to say agrees with their liberal beliefs! All else doesn't matter.
      It's funny that the only response to my post is an anonymous coward calling me a "f*cking retard". In true liberal fashion, when the face with evidence they can't refute, they resort to calling people names. It would be even funnier if it wasn't for the fact that a lot of the liberal socialist elite (i.e. the Hollywood so-called-know-it-alls and other top liberal who are trying to turn America into a socialist paradice) resorts to the same tactics. They are incapable of defending their own point of view when faced with the reality that their point of view is completely without substance and is built on top of lies.
        It's good thing that not all liberals are that stupid. At least, I can still have decent discussion with nebaz. Now, I wait and see what new names the liberal geeks can think of next. Maybe it will be more original than "f*cking retard".

      Apparently, printing skin with old inkjet printers is not science enough! It must have been too complicated a subject for the slashdot editors! There is researching going on to use inkjet printers to print skins. Google for it if you want more information


Journal Journal: KDevelop 3.0.4

Compiling KDevelop 3.0.4 is a pain in the neck. It's not as simple as just compile & install, and help has been few and far inbetween. The documentation doesn't even mention my problems. Still I persist.

export KDEDIRS=/usr/local/kde:$KDEDIRS && kbuildsycoca >erroroutput.txt
kbuildsycoca running...
Property 'X-KDevelop-Version' is defined multiple times (KDevelop/MakeFrontend)
Property 'X-KDevelop-Version' is defined multiple times (KDevelop/AppFrontend)
Property 'X-KDevelop-Version' is defined multiple times (KDevelop/Project)
Property 'X-KDevelop-Version' is defined multiple times (KDevelop/LanguageSupport)
Property 'X-KDevelop-Version' is defined multiple times (KDevelop/Plugin)
Property 'X-KDevelop-Version' is defined multiple times (KDevelop/DiffFrontend)
Property 'X-KDevelop-Version' is defined multiple times (KDevelop/CreateFile)
Property 'X-KDevelop-Version' is defined multiple times (KDevelop/VersionControl)
Property 'X-KDevelop-Version' is defined multiple times (KDevelop/SourceFormatter)

My reward? A plain IDE with just an open icon, two very basic menus, and no editor (just plain grey box). KDevelop 2.1 still works for now, but I want to use 3.0.4!


Journal Journal: The Ultimate Programmer's Development Platform

I have decided to describe my Ultimate Programmer's IDE Platform. The number one requirement is that it is a native compiled program for the CORE features, and a Java interpreted program will not do it! Java requires another program in addition to the OS or desktop software to run it--thus it is interpreted. For you Java developers, just get over it.
      The reason I require a native compiled program is because Java doesn't run fast enough on my Pentium II 350 to be a useful editor...let along a full-featured IDE. It might be doable on the Pentium III 900 that nebaz has loaned me, but that would make the speed difference between the two moot.
      It must be an MDI style program. Switching between code text windows should be easy and possible with a simple keystroke--such as Visual Studios keystroke ability. The layer movement of the text windows should move the new window to the top of the window order while pushing all windows in between back one in the order.
      The search abilities must allow for regular expression searches. I found this to be very helpful when programming with Visual Studio 6.0. The full searching abilities should be available in a scripting language or all scripting languages that can manipulate the IDE.
      That brings me to the next important feature. The IDE must be available in various scripting languages, and executable from a custom tools menu by creating a menu item with the command like " ". The bare minimum should be the text editor windows (this includes the ability to switch between the text windows) to enable the creation of scripts to automate various tasks--such as automating the upgrading of one version of a software library to another version or library. Multiple scripting languages should be available so that the right scripting language can be used for the right task.
      Another feature of having the entire IDE functionality available in scripts is the ability to customize and add new features. You can add a new feature and work out the algorithm details before committing it to a native compiled code!
      The IDE must have a class/project browser and file browser. I have found this very helpful in a large project. You must be able to automatically add functions, variables, and classes from a right click menu.
      A graphical representation of the project hierarchy is needed--like a UML diagram. Unfortunately, there is no one model to do this yet. UML is good, but to my knowledge you can't diagram functional languages and scripts. I think we need a new modeling language that allows modeling multiple design paradigms including OOP, AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), functional, and anything else in the future.
      An integrated Dialog, or MDI, RAD (Rapid Application Design) tool that allows you to switch between manipulating the dialog with controls and editing the corresponding text, or resource, files.
      Support for multiple languages with customizable color context high lighting. It should be easy to add new context high lighting for new languages added.
      An essential feature is the ability to support multiple projects in one session. The ability to work on and view a shared source (DLL or so) along with the corresponding program that needs use it.
      Multiple compilers should be supported, or at least be easy to add support for a new compiler. This way you can keep the all these good features you like without having to learn new IDE features.
      An integrated debugger is also essential! Optionally, the ability to add a different debugger would be nice. Included with this feature would be features like call stack viewing and variable watching.
      Code role up should be provided to hide complex code that is not being worked on. This feature should be customizable to allow for new definition on what constitutes a code segment to role up.
      The last thing for now is a syntax completion feature that allows you to add, remove, and customize entries and libraries! This is a nice feature that I miss from Visual Studio since I don't have access to it anymore. This feature should also have knowledge of the current project class, variables, etc in order for it to be of the utmost usefulness.
      I might add more later on, but this is it for now. Think I have gotten all the features I like for now.


Journal Journal: De-Nile is not just a river. 2

As usual, Slashdot's finest show they are clueless about the problems facing the technology industry. Maybe if we are all lucky, they'll get to experience being unemployed in person!

All next week, CNN Headline news will be showing a segment titled "Exporting America" at 6pm on Lou Dobbs tonight. On his website, down near the bottom of the page is a link to an extensive list of companies exporting jobs.

Journal Journal: Slashdot: News that Matters...NOT! 2

Slashdot claims to have the news for nerds, but they consistently ignore the most important news of all. The news on the fight to keep American jobs, especially High Technology jobs, in America,and keeping foriegn workers from getting American jobs in America when we have a high level of unemployment.
          They can keep their heads buried in the sands if they want, but I will keep up the fight. If you are reading this journal entry and you haven't signed up for the news email from WashTech.org, then you should! They keep you informed of the fight to save our jobs. You don't have to join them, but you really should sign up for the email news.
          For instance, if you had already signed up for the email and you live in the San Francisco area, then you could have particpated in the protest outside the conference promoting the offshoring of jobs to places like India!
          I should point out that none of the candidates; Republican, Democrat, or otherwise; are really talking about really creating jobs. They may talk about creating jobs, but people cannot live off of the jobs they are creating. None of them are even talkingabout saving current jobs! We need to start with saving the current jobs, or the problem will escolate out of control as the jobs are lost faster than they are created! It's like trying to stop a dam fromleaking by building a new dam in front of the old one. You might prevent a flood, but you'll lose everything if the old dam breaks before you finish the new dam!
          We need to get media to publish the names of companies who do offshore jobs to places like India because these companies like the extra cash they get by pay the new Indian employee tens of thousands less than the American Employee, but they don't want the public to know it was done because it is a huge public relations nightmare!
          There is an argument going around comparing this to the exporting of the textile industry, but the two are completely different. When the textile industry was offshored, the money saved was passed along to the consumor. This meant that consumors could do something about this by buying American made products.
          This is not the case anymore. The money saved is used to falsely inflate profits and increase the salaries, bonuses, and perks of the executive privilages! We need to make the public aware of this and get the fired up to prevent the job loss. It willnot stop with just call centers, technology, and accounting. Any job that doesn't require a person to physically do something on site can, and may be, exported overseas to falsely inflate profits and increasethe perks of executives!


Journal Journal: Being Employed and Not Employed at the same time!

It stinks being employed and unemployed at the same time. I got desperate for money, so I decided to try temping in manufactoring with a temp agency. I now work for the agency, but they can't send me anywhere until they hear back from my references.
      I think it's time to send another email to the President. It's time to complain about the constant inflow of high tech workers with visastaking the jobs of hard working and under appreciated Americans! I also need to point out the greedy business that are taking away jobs from hard working Americans by sending jobs to India where they can pay some $5000 a year instead of $45000! All this so they can keep their multimillion dollar paychecks, bonuses, perks, and other forms of "reward" for keeping a seat warm.
      I emailed the person who is supposed to have ported the contiki to the Coco III (512k memory). He got the Coco III for $1 at a used computer store (or something liek that). Apperently, he also targeted some form of a cross-platform compiler (motorola 6809 processor) using GNU compiler, but it doesn't work well with RS-DOS. I think he might have more luck porting it using OS-9 Level II since it is a Unix clone.
      I guess I will go upstairs and tinker with mingw and msys to configure, compile, and install the wxWindows library. I have installed both msys and mingw, but I still need to set up the variables. I have to figure out how to set the colors in the sh shell on Windows. I also need to researchand find out if I am supposed to be able to run standard DOS commands.

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Journal Journal: What's worse? 1

I don't know what's worse, being unemployed or people assuming I am unemployed because of something I did. It sucks when the only thing a company tells you when they lay you off is that "...it's not performance related...". Of course I found out why after I got my annual report because I unfortunately have stock in them (and it's worthless). It's surprising the tails annual reports tell when you read between the lines! Apperently, the top four people got $30,000 anual bonuses, and the new CEO got a $30,000 raise. I bet I know where the money for these things came from...the four people they laid off. Bonuses and Raises when the company is supposed to be tightening their belt. Oh well, such is life, and Corporate ethics, and polotics, still suck!

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Journal Journal: Corporate Ethics still suck

Corporate Ethics still suck. CEO, CTO, et. al. are all greedy bastards. When combined with the entertainment industry, they are the people hogging all the money. Why should they care what happens to an insignificant non-exec and non-rich person. They have their money and expensive toys.

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Journal Journal: Open Source

Open Source has be scientifically probed by other, but I came to a realization the other day. The true nature behind open source is sharing, the realization that you can't do it alone, and that you might not be the best.
      {rephrase this paragraph} People say lifes a journey, and we travel many paths on this journey. Open source is just another path in the land we call life. I remember Tim Orielly's comment during his talk The Shape of Things to Come (available to listen to here) describing an old lady's description of Bill Gates as being the dinner guest who just doesn't want some of the mashed potatoes--he wants all the mashed potatoes. The corporate way is also just another path in the land of life, but the tradition corporate paths are growing old and worn. Some are now journeying on the path of open source--at least part of the time. The question is why would they?
      I said that one of the things I realized (which is obvious but under appreciated) is that open source is about sharing. Sharing is so much a part of Open Source that several licenses have been created to insist you share with others what was shared with you. Simply put, you must play nicely.
      Sharing once was a big part of our culture. As a child, I was told to share with others, but I tended to be greedy. I was looking out for my own interests, pleasures, and needs. When I got older, I finally realised that sharing was a good thing--it just took some time.
      When I was younger, I learned to program in BASIC on the Tandy Color COmputer (1, 2, and 3). If you were serious about the color computer, you got Rainbow Magazine. The magazine was only about using and programming the Color Computer. You could learn a lot about programming in basic this way. One of the old techniques I learned was how to fool the eyes into thinking there was more than 4 colors on the screen when you were in the resolution that had only 4 colors. It was very simple, you packed different color lines (or pixels) next to each other. I even played around with OS-9 Level II (a realtime Unix clone--not the Apple OS). Times seemed more open then because like Linux of today, most people using the Tandy Color Computer were hobbiest and a few professionals (back in the day of BBSs).
      Eventually, I switched to an IBM pc clone and was disappointed. Information was no longer readily available, and I couldn't do a lot of things on my IBM pc clone computer. Speech synthesis didn't seem possible, but it was a simple cartrige to plug in on my Color Computer. The same goes for sound and music.
      Things are coming full circle again in the computer industry. Sharing in the open source world has become a vital part of it. This brings us back to the early days of *nix operating systems when code floated free to and from places. This idea of sharing is not just a look, but don't touch idea. It's a here's what I did. You can change it for your needs, but you must make the changes you made to what I gave you available for other make similar changes. The industry seems to go in circles with the only thing changing is the hardware we use int he various models.

  {more later on the realization that you can't do it alone and that you might not be the best}

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Journal Journal: Corp Ethics

The government wants to crack down on all these corporations that have been guilty of illegal activities. I would prefer they inject some morals into corporations first, and some decent amount of humanity. Instead of giving billions (or even trillions) or dollars in a bonuses to one or more people at the top, they should put the money away for times when the revenue stream is dry and in drought conditions. With this stored money, they could keep existing experienced employees longer and aoivd a lot of the ups and downs of hiring and firing employees (with all the problems of having to retrain people to the "way things are done" so they are productive).

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