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Journal jmccay's Journal: PIMs - Calenders

I am currently searching for a modern calender program. I looked at Sunbird and Chandler. Both are just okay. Let's start with what I am looking for:
  • Must allow for custom event days. For example, if I have a reoccurring event on just Mondays and Saturdays (or any other combination like the 3rd Saturday), I don't want to have to enter 2+ different events to accomplish this.
  • Selecting multiple events on the calender should be easy--like drawing a selection box around the multiple items.
  • Should be able to copy/cut/paste (and have it working)
  • Exporting should be easy and customizable
  • Sharing/Collaborating multiple events with multiple groups of multiple people should be easy
  • Should be able to disable/enable all imports. For example, if I import holidays, I want to be able to select/deselect the holiday import

Now I will start with Chandler. The ultimate deal killer for me was the first bullet. That is a necessity for me. I hate having to do the same event multiple times because I can't select custom days, and the copy/paste functionality is not working! You can select multiple event with Chandler, but you have to click on each one individually while holding down the control key. As I hinted at before, the copy/paste functionality doesn't seem to be working. Exporting doesn't look that promising either. I never bothered with the sharing aspect of this software. I couldn't see setting it up since I was already annoyed by the time I tried to enter just my work week.
On the plus side. I like the dashboard view of events, but I would prefer a split view with the dashboard view at the top, and the calender view at the bottom. You can select the event categories to enable and disable. This calender has potential, but right now I don't really like it.

Now, for Sunbird. I was not able to copy and paste events. There doesn't seem to be a dashboard view. Selecting multiple events has the same issue. Exporting could use work too. Sharing is non existent. It doesn't seem like you can enable/disable categories of events. That would be nice to have. The one thing Sunbird has going for it, is you can select custom days for events!

I will probably settle with Sunbird for now, but I might be forced to use Chandler for the sharing possibilities. Combining these two projects might create a workable calender.

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PIMs - Calenders

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