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Comment Re:License to Private Server (Score 1) 106

I'm not sure I understand the use case here. Is this a multi-player game that they host? If they turn off their game servers, and the game is a multi-player game, then it is essentially dead. (At least for multiplayer). Are you thinking of bnetd here, where you can recreate a multiplayer experience on a local server?

Comment Hate to say it... (Score 4, Interesting) 106

As much as I hate the DMCA and DRM in general, I have to concede that at least some of what the Copyright office has proposed here are reasonable exemptions to DRM. Game authentication, unlocking tablets, etc. Kudos to them for that. I do understand it is a small victory, however, and easily reversible. But still, at least they are putting some thought into it and not just giving all DRM producers carte blanche.

Comment Re:I'm shocked. (Score 2) 191

Jury nullification has a tarnished history here, as it was often used in the South to acquit white men of lynching crimes. While it may be possible for a juror to use it, even mentioning it may be considered grounds for dismissal, or so I've heard. (IANAL)

Comment Dumb question... (Score 1) 69

When the FCC proposed net neutrality regulations earlier, which seemed to actually be net neutrality rules, they were sued and the courts said that they didn't have the power to implement these regulations. The regulations going forward, are these the "fast lane" type regulations? If so, the same companies will clearly not sue, but don't they still lack the power to implement these regulations?

Comment So what happens when there are no more jobs? (Score 4, Insightful) 870

Historically, some have speculated that with automation comes more and more leisure time, people not having to work because all of their needs have been fulfilled. What ends up happening in reality however (as we see now) is that productivity gains do end up with fewer people working but instead of more people working fewer hours, there are fewer people working more hours. What happens when there are not enough jobs to go around at all?

People won't have enough money to pay for goods. Will labor be parcelled out so more people work less? Will there be a perceived "non-need" for so many unemployed people? What happens then? I can't imagine it will be a pretty sight.

Comment One size does not fit all... (Score 5, Interesting) 268

Great, so someone laments the fact that some people may end up more educated than others. Wouldn't it be better if we taught everyone to their potential instead of holding back the more gifted students so everyone is equal? Lowest common denominator is "lowest" for a reason.

Submission + - Justice Department Slaps IBM Over H-1B Hiring Practices 1

Dawn Kawamoto writes: IBM reached a settlement with the Justice Department over allegations it posted discriminatory online job openings, allegedly stating a preference for H-1B and foreign student visa holders for its software and apps developer positions. The job openings were for IT positions that would eventually require the applicant to relocate overseas. IBM agreed to pay $44,400 in civil penalties to the U.S., as well take certain actions in the way it hires within the U.S. The settlement, announced Friday, comes at a time with tech companies are calling for the U.S. to allow more H-1B workers into the country.

Submission + - AMD and DICE Bring Low-Level, High-Performance Graphics API To PCs With "Mantle" (

MojoKid writes: In addition to unveiling a new family of GPUs this week, AMD has also announced Mantle, a “low-level high-performance console-style” graphics API for the PC. Mantle will ostensibly allow developers to work “closer to the metal”, like they do with console GPUs. As it turns out, it's AMD GPUs that will be powering all next generation consoles, so the whole concept flows out of AMD’s experience with both consoles and PCs. AMD’s angle is that PC graphics present several challenges that hamstring both performance and programmability. For instance, you have to support a huge range of hardware, from the slowest to the fastest platforms out there, and the GPU has to be fed workload by the CPU, limiting the full power of a modern GPU in some cases. Essentially, AMD feels that devs can get more performance out of GPUs and tap into their real capabilities better with Mantle. AMD has already partnered with DICE to co-develop Mantle and EA's Frostbite 3 engine will render natively with Mantle as well as make use of standard DX11 rendering on Radeon GPUs.

Comment Re: Yeah, right! (Score 1) 404

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What we have here is a massive data grab that can be mined many ways by who knows how many people. Bush set the infrastructure, & Obama doesn't see any reason not to use it. The head of the IRS has met with Obama more times than every other head of the IRS combined has met with a president. we already know Obama has targeted his political rivals, & the American media does a big yawn at this new scandal!!!!!!!

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