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Journal jmccay's Journal: Wow...What a year it's been

Wow. It's been a over year since I wrote in here. I am proud to say that I did not vote for Obama. I didn't vote for Obama because I looked at what he said, and compared it to what he did while in Illinois politics. I looked at his character, not the public persona he wants you to believe. I looked at who he hung around with and their beliefs. I knew he wasn't qualified for the office of President.

I don't usually watch Glenn Beck, but I did today. He mention some ideas about Obama's health care that got me thinking. One thing he talked about was an example Obama used to illustrate the health care problem. The basic idea was:

Obama says the American health care system is broken. Does he tell us about someone who got poor health care services? Nope. Does he tell us about someone who doesn't have health care? Nope. Well, what example does he use? He tells us how he watched his mother's trouble filling out paper work when she was ill.

I can't remember if Beck mentioned this, but I did have an idea. Why didn't Obama just help out his poor mother? Keep the Government out of our Health Care system. Think it is good? Think you know everything? I doubt it. Did you know that the current estimate for the 1018 page House Health Care bill is about $1 billion per page?

Did you know that there is a provision in the bill that prevents health care providers from taking new customers starting the year that this bill would take effect? Do you know what this means? I do. That means if you lose your job, or change jobs, you will have to enroll in government health care. Don't feel bad, your Democrat representative probably doesn't know this either.

Now that we know we all will eventually be in government health care, let's look at what will happen. If we look to other countries for an example what will happen next, we get a bleak picture. The government will have to make decisions on what care you will get. This means factors like your Age, Sex, Race, and Politically affiliations will be factors in how much and what health care you get! Think I am wrong? Ever hear of affirmative action? That will play a major part in decisions. The old in the nation will get less health care (unless you are on of the Democrat's political elite) because under government run system younger, more productive, people will get the lions share of the money for health care. Think you'll immediately get that life saving procedure? Nope! You'll have to stand in line and wait months!

Even Obama admits that the new Cap & Trade is going to make electricity costs sky rocket. Don't believe me? Take a look here. I think that's the clip. The sound is broken on this computer, so I am not 100% sure if that is the correct clip. Given the fact that energy costs will no sky rocket, we can now assume the cost of everything will go up. Companies pass on the cost of running a business on to the customers. If Obama had any experience running a business, he'd know that this will effect everyone--especially the poor the most!

The government owns big banks! The Government owns GM and gave ownership of Chrysler to the UAW (as a political payback). That means the government now controls 2/3 of the American auto industry. The Government is trying to take over health care. Since when has the government run anything better? Welcome comrade to 1984!

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Wow...What a year it's been

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