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Comment And let me recall (Score 1) 626

"I don't care"
"Politicians have been doing this for decades"
"Regan Got away with it"
"So did Cheney"
"We can indict Hilary for her email server right after we finish sentencing Cheney for war crimes".

Seriously. We let monumental crap following the Afghanistan & Iraq wars just slide. Admit it, you just don't like Hilary, and you'll do literally anything to break her. Maybe you've got a good reason. Maybe you don't. But none of those matter. It's about how you _feel_. But hey, don't take my word for it. Listen to John Oliver.

Comment Re:And you shouldn't be.... (Score 1) 179

The "bad guys" will still find that classic abandoned warehouse across the train tracks and plot their evil in the veil of darkness. Perhaps we should require spotlights and mandatory cameras over every square inch of the planet too?

The problem has never been all that hard for the authorities: They have always known that to snag all the bad guys, they only have to monitor the small subset of warehouses that are built on a slanted "Dutch angle".

Comment Re:Sad but unavoidable (Score 1) 150

When you are trying to get the latest chipsets and sensors and screens at the cheapest possible price (because consumers are demanding $99 fully featured smart phones) you don't have that option. When consumers are looking at two options and one has a 4k screen, and the other has a 1080p screen that uses open source drivers, what do you think the choice will be?

Since you obviously know more about this and I, maybe you could let me know what big name smart phones or Android devices are built in this manner. Please make it one that has shipped 100k's of units. Or maybe your point is that while every major vendor is doing it wrong, you know better and really should be running all of these companies?

Comment Re:Possibly it is pay for risk (Score 1) 165

There is a reason though it works. It is because humans are selfish and greedy. It is easier to find greedy smart people who will sell there own mother's than truly altruistic good people.

The problem with your theory is that it only identifies the greedy people. It doesn't identify the smart people.

Comment Re:Sad but unavoidable (Score 1) 150

they could still maintain control over the "overall experience" of the "brand" through OEM Licensing Agreements.

Well good, they already do that.

It's not the brand, or the experience that's the problem. It's the nitty gritty development and testing and patching of the OS against each and every unique device they develop. Someone has to pay for that to happen.

they can again use The Power Of The License to force the OEMs to strongarm the Carriers.

The Android way is to provide options. If you want timely updates, pay $800 for a Samsung device. On the other end of the spectrum is the $99 Moto E. Pray for your updates. Your choice.Personally I'd rather have options than a world where Samsung was the only Android device manufacturer.

Comment Re:Fuck you Motorola/Lenovo (Score 0) 150

This is slashdot. If you think people want updates to get that lovely new software smell then you don't belong here.

Tell me, can you link to any wide-spread loss disturbance caused by an Android security flaw? Not an article written by researchers that did a bunch of stupid shit like rooted their device and installed a random APK they downloaded from the web AND disabled the install from unknown sources block and visited a bunch of sketchy pr0n websites using HTTP.

Of course it's good to get security patches, but this mentality that sky is going to fall if you don't get them day one is silly.

Comment Re:That was one of the details wardriving and late (Score 1) 80

I'm sure that a makeshift homebrew directional antenna could sniff these signals out in a suburban or office park area just fine.

Even in your high-rise case, the signal could be narrowed down to a small subset of all devices. Processing the sum of a few signals to pick out "words" shouldn't be too hard, either.

Not to mention, I said three times the distance to frigging PLUTO. Presumably, attackers could get within 100m of most targets. I don't think you realize how much easier that is.

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