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Comment Zero sum (Score 1) 611

Of course in theory we should then get that back in lower prices of consumer goods, since the manufacturers will of course pass the lower marketing costs from not having to buy advertising everywhere on to us. In practice of course they will keep the money, which is why I say fuck 'em and I refuse to play their game and look at their ads.

Comment Bad headline (Score 2) 337

The headline is up to Slashdot's usual standards I see. They are talking about quality-of-service, which is a common and uncontroversial measure to prioritise traffic which needs low latencies over traffic for which that is less important. They aren't talking about prioritising Comcast's video streams over Netflix' video streams! This has nothing to do with "opposing net neutrality", it's just bad, sensationalistic reporting.

Comment Re:stable magnetic field (Score 1) 298

This measures the atoms passing through lines of magnetic flux.

Remember that "lines of magnetic flux" don't actually exist. Field lines are just an aid for visualising the direction of the field, in reality the field is smooth and continuously variable. It's unclear what's actually going on here, but perhaps they are measuring the direction of the magnetic field very accurately or something like that.

Comment Light on facts (Score 4, Insightful) 298

The article is very unclear about how exactly these supercooled atomic particles tell them where they are on the globe. The impression I get is that it's just a more accurate form of inertial navigation. Or perhaps it compares the local magnetic and gravitational fields against some map of the Earth? I don't see how that would be immune to interference though, especially the magnetic part. And it would rely on an extremely accurate magnetic/gravitational map of the entire planet, which would have to be kept up to date as well as both those fields are constantly changing. Sounds very unpractical.

I'll be very interested to see if something comes of this or if it will just turn out to be hot air and/or inaccurate reporting...

Comment Re:Just leave - So those are the choices... (Score 1) 341 ruled from Brussels or join the USA?

No, I admit that I was wrong. Just leave the EU, I don't really give a fuck what you do next. But stop trying to get all of the benefits and none of the burdens by carving out exception after exception for yourself, and pushing your prudish morals on all of Europe by sabotaging a crucial Internet freedom law just so you can stop citizens from looking at titties.

Comment Accountability (Score 1) 180

If a robot killed arbitrarily, it would be difficult to hold anyone accountable.

Whereas currently there is no indiscriminate killing with drones going on without any accountability whatsoever? What's the current body count for innocent civilians murdered by the US and its allies in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.? A few tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands?

I doubt it would make much difference in practice...

Comment Keyless entry and start is awesome! (Score 1) 865

I'm genuinely baffled why a) this has not already happened and b) that it's generating so many comments and so much negativity. My ten year old car (a Renault Mégane CC) has keyless entry and start. It's awesome; I just walk up to the car and grip the handle: it unlocks. I get in and press the start button: it starts. It's very convenient and works perfectly. It's much better in every respect than the old fashioned mechanical lock and switch. To lock the doors I just press a button on the handle. All of this obviously only works if I have the keycard on me. It's even clever enough not to let me lock the doors from the outside if the keycard is still inside the car.

It does have a backup system in case it ever should fail, which I agree should always exist. For unlocking the door the driver's side door actually has a mechanical lock hidden behind a cover in the handle which you can pop off with the emergency key, which is hidden inside in the keycard. And for starting the car you can insert the keycard in a slot in the dashboard. There's no old fashioned ignition switch.

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