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Comment Re:Amazon fire is more locked down (Score 2) 98

And their fire line is far more locked down than Apple could ever dream of, with a small pool of apps.

Locked down what? You can sideload any app you want to any fire device you want. And what's more, you don't even need to plug in a USB cable to do it; They have ES File Explorer in their store. Once you have that installed, you can install anything you want, and uninstall ES if you like afterwards. The latest revision of the launcher on the Fire TV stick finally integrated non-Appstore apps into the app menu, so you don't have to launch them from application settings.

Comment Re:Nothing of value was lost (Score 2) 38

You're missing the bigger picture -- whether Usenet itself is dead or not, the fact that we're replacing open protocols with closed, proprietary web interfaces controlled by a single entity is a huge regression. Replacing Usenet with 8 million different web forums that I have to register with individually and use a different interface to read is not an improvement.

Well the nice things about web forums is that they can set their own terms for registration, moderation, user behavior and so on and if people don't like it they can move to a different one. Newsgroups kinda worked so long as bandwidth was a scarce resource and you wouldn't just waste it needlessly. You had moderated groups but that was very rudimentary and not very popular, but the rest was just open season for spam and trolls and bots. Without changing signup captchas to keep mass signups at bay most forums would be nothing but trash. Same thing about email, once the spammers got hold of it you'd see an endless number of trash emails.

Unfortunately applying the same rules uniformly more or less means you have to have one entity controlling it all, it's no good if I have a strict policy and you allow every rabble in. Same thing with who gets moderator privileges or moderator points, any form of assignment or formula needs someone controlling it. I suppose you could have a somewhat decentralized organization like IRC networks, where some servers belong to the same network and some don't all while running the same protocol, but still. To be honest, I don't think the market wants more protocols since most everything now runs over HTTP, almost totally regardless of what it is. At best maybe you could make some kind of HTTP "API" so you could use different messaging software but I doubt it. Most sites actually like being in control of layout and such.

Comment Re:In a country far far away (Score 4, Insightful) 497

I don't have 6-10 hours a week to mess around with crap not working randomly.

Apparently you do have time and inclination and tolerance to put up with MS advertising to you and preventing you from turning off spyware and other "features".

I also don't want to waste the money I spent.

You need to go read about the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

You offer a half baked solution without understanding the current needs of the populace

Hey, if the populace doesn't mind being spied on and having advertising forced on them right in the OS, then good for them, they can have it. Not me.

Push them to Apple at least.

I don't think all that software you listed will work on MacOSX, so that doesn't seem like a viable alternative to people like you either.

Comment Re:that's (Score 2, Interesting) 108

Why should I give a shit about the President being xenophobic, racist, etc.? The important thing to me is if they're going to start another war like Bush did. There's every indication that Hillary will do just this, probably in Syria. With Trump, who knows. He's been playing the nationalist and isolationist card, and saying some nice things about Putin, so it seems much less likely; more likely, he'll tell Putin to do whateverTF he wants in Syria as long as it results in ISIS being obliterated, as that's the *only* thing I've heard him say in favor of any kind of interventionism. Hillary, by contrast, has a long history of supporting interventionism.

If that means I have to put up with a "xenophobe" in the White House to avoid thousands of Americans being killed in yet another stupid war in the middle east, I'm OK with that.

And if you think Hillary isn't also narcissistic, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Comment Re:that's (Score 3, Insightful) 108

You don't think the RNC is doing the same stuff? They're both corrupt, don't delude yourself.

No, actually, I don't. Or if they are, they're not very effective at it, because if they were, Trump wouldn't be the nominee now. It's been no secret at all that the RNC does not like Trump, and never wanted him to be their nominee. They wanted Jeb! or Little Marco or Lyin' Ted. Blowhard Trump was not at all what they wanted, but because they weren't remotely as effective in rigging things as the DNC, that's what they got.

Trump even used their new winner-takes-all primaries rules against them, which is how he got so many delegates. They only enacted those new rules recently so they could avoid brokered conventions, but it blew up in their faces, with Trump winning the nomination with a minority of votes. It probably didn't help that the media gave so much free air-time to Trump just because he was such a spectacle, and perhaps also because they (correctly) reasoned that with Hillary to be coronated by the DNC, that her only chance of winning the general election was if Trump was the nominee.

So sure, the RNC may be "corrupt" too, but completely inept corruption just isn't a problem the way competent corruption is.

Comment Re:Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score 0) 389

It doesn't absolve the bad deed doer of their bad deeds, but it does make it pretty much impossible (short of a recording) for the "victim" to prove her case, rather than it being a typical he-said-she-said.

If you don't want to be abused, don't willingly put yourself in a situation where you're likely to be abused.

I'm sorry, if some girl complains to me that she decided to jump in bed with some guy she wasn't interested in, and then got groped, I have zero sympathy. She put herself into a bad situation there willingly. Beds are intimate places to share with people; don't share one with someone if you're not on intimate terms with them, or at least reserve it for someone you have absolute trust in (e.g. your guy-friend of 10 years who's always respected your boundaries is probably a safe bet; some guy you barely know and who obviously has a sexual interest in you is definitely not).

Comment Re:Hatchet jobs aside (Score 3, Interesting) 389

Tor is secure. Where people have been located, it was due to bugs on the bundled browser and not following best security practices like disabling Javascript and not using a maximized browser window (to thwart canvas based fingerprinting). But the underlying network itself is secure.

That or share too much information about yourself or your other online activity or download malicious content. It doesn't even have to be malware as such but say an MP3 where your media player tries to download cover art, any kind of functionality that could lead to non-TOR traffic. Or socially engineer you to visit a popular YouTube video in your ordinary browser using a special URL. It could be they have a exploit on core TOR, but in that case I'm guessing it's in the NSA vaults along with the AES backdoor.

People don't understand the power of profiling and combinatorics. For example say you look at my posting history, I've probably casually mentioned my age a few times - let's say you have my birthday pinned down to a month even though I never said when it was. My sex too in some context, I presume. And I've at one point mentioned my country, my hometown (>150k) and that I used to live in the capital (>600k). If you have a post saying "I'm moving back home soon" that's enough to pinpoint me, if you have access to the right registry.

How does that work? Well you have ~145k registered domestic moves. Only ~49k are between different parts of the country. In total there's about ~9k for my hometown, those are all public statistics. So about (49/145)*9k = 3k long-distance moves to my town, for argument we'll assume all are from the capital. If average lifespan is 80, my month is roughly 1/(80*12) of the total population so ~3 moves of people my age and ~1.5 if you add sex. If soon means the coming month you're down to 1.5/12 = ~1/8. Even with some non-uniformity and whatnot it'll probably be one, at most two.

People don't stop to think about these things, particularly when it appears to happen in "private", but services get compromised. Or are honeypots to begin with. And even if you use PGP or some other secure channel, what used to be a buddy today can be compromised tomorrow. And this gets more and more important as we leave more and more "real world" electronic traces, like that concert you were at - were you also tagged on Facebook? In the past it would have been almost useless information, today a few such tidbits of information can easily lead to just having a handful of suspects to investigate closer.

Comment Re:It's a feature (Score 5, Insightful) 300

This is a device that was designed to emit toxic vapours.

Nicotine may be a toxin, but in the amounts in which it's consumed, that's the least concern about the effects upon the body. However, these devices weren't intended to emit other toxic vapors.

It's like saying that fireplaces pose a fire hazard or that an electric outlet carries the risk of electrocution. It's what it's supposed to do.

False. A fire hazard is an uncontrolled fire. A fireplace is designed to control a fire. An electric outlet is not designed to electrocute you. It's designed to deliver power to an appliance. Granted, some of them are not very well designed to explicitly not electrocute you, but that's a separate issue.

The idea of the vaporizer is to deliver as clean a smoking experience as possible. If you put water-based herbal extracts into them, that's what you're doing. What's interesting is that these other things aren't that clean, either. Anyone remember transparent cigarette papers? They were everywhere for a while, I went through a couple of packs myself on the basis that I was already smoking tobacco so who cares, but what was found is that only the center of the cherry is hot enough to burn the combustion byproducts into something harmless, which meant that you were getting a bunch of toxics from them even worse than smoking paper.

Comment Re: Hatchet jobs aside (Score 1) 389

No it isn't useful.

Really? You don't find the specific allegations to be useful?

This is why you are an idiot: that is just links to HTML on the internet. Anyone can put anything on the Internet.

Yes. For example, cowards like you can post stupid comments like yours.

"First hand account" means nothing.

I strongly disagree. On the other hand, a comment left by an anonymous coward does mean nothing.

For example you have been beating your wife for a long time. Why don't you stop? I have multiple first hand accounts of you beating your wife, yet it hasn't stopped. Why don't you stop?

Well for one thing, I'm not married, so it's impossible for me to stop beating my wife. I don't have a wife. For another thing, an anonymous coward like yourself making unfounded claims is very different from a person with a name and an identity making specific allegations.

My question was what the allegations were. The answer was clearly useful, as it linked to specific claims of specifically unacceptable behavior. Nowhere did I state that I accepted the linked statements as fact; what I said was that they were useful in the context of the question, and they were. If you believe otherwise, you are very stupid, and should not be permitted near a keyboard without supervision.

Comment Re: Hatchet jobs aside (Score 1) 389

Thank you, this stuff is actually useful. We could sub out most of the article with your comment and be better for it. And yes, I absolutely consider ignoring a safeword during sex to be rape. When you have negotiated specifically what means stop, you have set up an absolute condition which clearly demonstrates nonconsensuality.

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