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Comment If only EA would be this apologetic! (Score 1) 171

It makes me wonder when certain game companies can be honest enough with the gamer and themselves to apologize; should ALL game companies be this way? The answer is YES! Especially EA! I wish there was a way to directly contact EA and their botched game BF4; it was awful but I played anyways cause what else was I going to do! Maybe a slashdot reader can help me organize and create a website where we can really get our voices heard to get game companies to listen!

Submission + - Best practices to catalog facebook page changes?

irreverant writes: "I work in the IT field and am increasing the number of accounts I'm managing for my company and the other companies I consult for. I'm aware that there are CMS (Component Management Systems) and AMS (Asset Management Systems) but I'm having trouble finding something that streamlines and catalogs the updates I make to facebook pages and associated social networking sites. So far I'm using excel since it's the most straight forward. Can anyone recommend some of their practices they've adopted or some software that may do it for you? Here is the a data sample "20110522 Page:xxxxxx Notes: Updated the info, added pictures, responded to questions. History: $print (c9-d20) . That way I can show my clients all the modifications being made."

Submission + - Learn How To Capture Text Messages (learnhowtocapturetextmessages)

delbertweave718 writes: If you want to track cell phone activity of someone then there are a lot of software that you can download on the internet that are designed to meet your needs. Some software will send you an alert to your own mobile phone if there is a new phone call, e-mail or text message that was sent to the mobile phone being tracked. If you think that there might be a problem in tracking the phone because the owner of the mobile phone being diligent in deleting their text messages as well as their call history on a regular basis, then do not worry.

There are many ways how you can use software to track cell phone activity. First, there are two types of the most common. The first one is the kind of software that is installed to the phone. There will be a web page installed in the cell phone where you can edit or delete content. This is very helpful especially to parents that want to monitor the activity of their children in order to protect them from predators (learn more about this here How To Download CellPhone Text Messages, How You Can Capture Someone's Cell Phone Text Messages). The parents can also block or have password protection guarding the instant-messaging capabilities as well as the web browser activities on the cell phone of the child.

Next are websites online that can track the cell phone usage via a downloadable software that can be installed on the phone. It will then forward the information being gathered to your own user account online where you can review the information. When you visit the website, you will find that you can see both local and long distance calls that are made from that specific cell phone number. This is typically only one monthÃÂÂ(TM)s worth of phone calls. You can also see the duration of each and every call. This includes the time and date that the call was made. When you use this kind of software, you will receive an e-mail within three days usually of added activity. Some offer other tracking, like GPS, email, chat, text, etc. and real time stats. The good thing about this is that the person whose cell phone you are trying to track remains clueless that itÃÂÂ(TM)s being tracked. You have to remember that this kind of service can sometimes cost a lot of money and can vary between what tracking options are available. But this will be cheaper and more affordable than hiring a private investigator to look into the activities of the person.

Although many cell phone plan carriers offer basic forms of tracking cell phone activity, itÃÂÂ(TM)s usually in the best interest of someone looking for more tracking capabilities to consider using third party software for more advanced options. There are many new mobile tracking software available that allow you to do even more advanced tracking and are extremely affordable compared to others with limited features.

Comment ITT Tech & DeVry (Score 1) 557

I went to ITT Technical Institute to get my Associate of Applied Sciences and am going to DeVry University for a Bachelors in computer science. So take it from someone that went there - First, the cost is extremely expensive; even for an AAS which I could have received from Pima Community College. The difference is that my AAS is specialized. I didn't have to take a humanities course or a psychology course, this was a huge benefit to me. I had already had experience in the small-form factor computing industry not to mention experience with servers, routers and enterprise level network infrastructure. The degree allowed me to refine my skill set and my computer practices. Second, the people that feel their getting shafted are the same type of people that would feel they get shafted from their educators at a public institution. They chose to go into computer science because they figure, "...hey it's computers, i use them everyday and I figure they should be easy to learn about." That's a quote from one of my fellow ex-students. They don't realize that computers like any skill set requires some type of training whether it be private self taught training or through a get-to-know-your-computer-class training. They start taking the classes which are intermediate to advanced level class concepts and are completely lost. These are also the type of people that don't put much effort into their education so conversely, they don't get much out of their education. Third, there is a misconception that public universities such as U of A and ASU and Caltech are not for profit institutions. Their out there to get your dollar just the same way the for-profit institutions are. What it depends on is what your looking for in a program, institution, and education. Some people don't want to spend credit hours on a degree that has you take humanities and sociology courses. I needed an advanced program that would allow me to get into my field faster. Just so happens I started my own company. Finally, It falls on the individual to have due-diligence to look into what's offered at their ITT/DeVry/U of Phoenix to make sure it's a good fit for them. Don't go into something without doing to research first. That's just reckless decision making.

Submission + - DOS Batch files in 2010? 2

An anonymous reader writes: I am working on a project that would allow our customers to test our sending different PCL commands to LAN printers. My initial thought was that a DOS batch file will allow users to select some simple options, send the tests to printers, and even generate a small web page which, when launched from the batch file, will provide email feedback on the tool. This all worked. To spice it up I added some ANSI color commands to the menus, though the implementation of that may prove tricky without resorting to .COM files or forcing the load of the ansi.sys via the shortcut. And this implementation goes against my initial idea that I want the entire thing to be contained in a standalone batch file.

My questions are: Is there a better option for this? Are DOS Batch files too 1990's to be taken seriously in 2010? The application need to (1) be simple (2) be easy to update (3) be able to send PCL commands to LAN attached printers and (4) allow email feedback. I don't know what other programming language would allow this and be as simple.

I tend to think that I have found the best tool for the job but if you have another idea let me know. Call me crazy but I love DOS.

Submission + - Lifelock Worries After Employee Data Leaked to Web ( 2

itwbennett writes: Last week, Phoenix New Times reporter Ray Stein revealed that LifeLock CEO Todd Davis (who famously published his Social Security number in LifeLock ads) had been the victim of identity theft, at least 13 times. This week, LifeLock made it clear that they're not so cavalier with their employees' personal data. The company asked the New Times to remove from its Web site a police report containing a redacted Social Security number, date of birth, address, and phone number of Lifelock employee Tamika Jones. In an interview, Stein said that the fact that LifeLock had to call and ask for the document to be removed reflected badly on Lifelock's service. 'I think this shows clearly that they know that it's got potential problems.'

Submission + - Researchers Create 4nm Transistor with 7 Atoms (

EmagGeek writes: "University researchers have created a transistor by replacing just seven atoms of silicon with phosphorous. The seven-atom transistor has very hopeful implications for the future of quantum cryptography, nuclear and weather modeling, and other applications.

"The significance of this achievement is that we are not just moving atoms around or looking at them through a microscope," says Professor Michelle Simmons, a co-author of a paper on the subject that is being published by Nature Nanotechnology. The paper is entitled "Spectroscopy of Few-Electron Single-Crystal Silicon Quantum Dots".

"We are manipulating individual atoms and placing them with atomic precision, in order to make a working electronic device," elaborated Simmons. "We have replaced just seven individual silicon atoms with phosphorus atoms. That is amazing exactness"."


Submission + - Microsoft wants to make your house a Hohm (

crimeandpunishment writes: Microsoft is trying to turn our home energy savings into more income for them. The company is beefing up Microsoft Hohm, a Web site it launched last summer aimed at helping people cut energy costs. Starting today, Microsoft is adding real estate data to the site's calculators....which already use household utility enable users to compare their homes to a neighbor's, or one they're considering buying. Eventually Microsoft hopes to feed data to utility companies, to help them predict usage and control costs.

Submission + - First Human-Computer Virus Attack Vector ( 2

analysethis writes: Dr Mark Gasson observed a microchip implant — ostensibly used to activate security doors — that he deliberately infected with a virus successfully spread the infection to 'external control systems'. This has important implications if the trend for increasingly sophisticated medical devices such as pacemakers continues. In a networked world the nightmare scenario of digital virii shutting down life-critical systems becomes imaginable.

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