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Submission + - Best practices to catalog facebook page changes?

irreverant writes: "I work in the IT field and am increasing the number of accounts I'm managing for my company and the other companies I consult for. I'm aware that there are CMS (Component Management Systems) and AMS (Asset Management Systems) but I'm having trouble finding something that streamlines and catalogs the updates I make to facebook pages and associated social networking sites. So far I'm using excel since it's the most straight forward. Can anyone recommend some of their practices they've adopted or some software that may do it for you? Here is the a data sample "20110522 Page:xxxxxx Notes: Updated the info, added pictures, responded to questions. History: $print (c9-d20) . That way I can show my clients all the modifications being made."
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - As Macs make their way into the enterprise, IT nee (infoworld.com)

irreverant writes: Many IT and security managers who have focused on securing Windows need to turn their attention to the Mac OS, as these six Mac security flaws attest. And with Macs increasingly making their way into the enterprise, they shouldn't wait: According to a recent Yankee Group study, 80 percent of senior managers at 700 companies had Macs in house, with 21 percent boasting 50 or more Macs in use.

Submission + - Words from an Arizona resident - me

irreverant writes: but only hear noise. There is a lot of speculation from slashdot users. Which i'm one of, but more importantly I believe I have a unique perspective on the situation. I actually live in Arizona, more importantly I lived on the border ( look at google maps for Douglas, Az then street view for 1st street, pick any corner and you will see how far I lived from the border, I could spit across it). I lived in Douglas for more than a decade in my youth, and currently reside in Tucson. The rancher that was killed, we knew his family personally. It's easy to point fingers and take a position and speculate on what should be done when you don't live any where near where it's happening. This is a complicated situation, i'm on the fence about it. I want to protect my country and it's citizens but not at the price of sacrificing our personal liberties and civil rights. Also, imagine what the foreign nationals must be thinking to consider crossing the border which could take 5 days or more without water, in 120 degree blistering heat with children less than 5 years old. It's basically a suicide march, and yet they chose to do it because conditions in their home country are far worse — the rancher that was killed (a family friend), he always helped immigrants with giving them food and water, which is illegal if you didn't know, and it shouldn't be, their human and it should never be illegal helping a dieing man, woman, or child. However, in the same train of thought, some of these illegals aren't searching for a better life, some of them are only crossing the border to leave drugs or other illegal items, then they return back across the border or allow themselves to be caught to be returned back to their country of origin for free by our Customs Border and Protection agency. Also, DON'T be IGNORANT and think all illegal immigrants are MEXICAN, their not, there from china and pakistan and russia and south american countries. This is the reason why were trying to protect our border.

Submission + - School and Progressive Technological Thinking (nytimes.com)

irreverant writes: Well, I currently reside in Tucson, Az and as a father when I came across this story; I was encouraged by the direction some school districts have chosen to take. The Vail school district which is area just southeast of metro Tucson, decided to enable one of their school-bus with a wifi router. This increased productivity and reduced aggressive and boisterous behavior. Chalk one up to progressive thinking. Here is also a link to the technology their using — http://www.autonetmobile.com/about/

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