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Comment Re:America in one sentence (Score 1) 644

Odds are you will hand your child at 16 a item that they are 4 times as likely to kill someone else with than a firearm. You'll pretend it is fine because it is a necessity of our society, but really it is a social status, convenience, and pleasure thing. Really, it would really be far safer to delay until they were more mature and weren't dealing with the early adulthood hormonal changes, further if we could find a better way it would be even better if we kept everyone from doing it period. You'll also pretend it is fine because you've trained your kid, you've had professionals train your kid, and frankly your kid is just a little better than everyone else. You'll be a little apprehensive of the danger and for a while you will worry every time they are out with it. You're nerves will calm some as they get experience, but you will still warn them until you die to be safe when using it. Don't worry though, we don't have to call it a weapon despite how very likely it is to kill someone, we can call it a vehicle. Also don't worry about your convictions on lethal weapons because it is inconceivable that anyone who would hand their children any other potentially dangerous thing would go through any sort of similar process: tablesaws, lawnmowers, firearms, clorox, etc.

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