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Comment Re:uhm, no.... (Score 1) 159

I'd imagine people like me throw off the numbers as well. It is easy to add and drop streaming month to month, it is more difficult to do that with cable/satellite. I drop streaming for Spring and Fall TV seasons, but I don't drop satellite during summer. That drives up the per hour cost of traditional TV, but since I'm maximizing value out of Netflix by catching up on everything during the summer that drives down the per hour cost of Netflix.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 2, Insightful) 655

To be fair, the Republicans managed to toss the Democrats the most easily defeatable opponent ever in someone who is consistently offensive to nearly everyone including most of the party he is nominated for and the Democrats still couldn't actually field someone who could soundly beat him.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 129

Seems like they struggle a lot from a price point. A lot of consumers aren't going to spend as much on a smartphone accessory as they did on the smartphone, but when you start making the smartwatch do stand-alone things you are having to replicate a lot of phone functionality in a smaller form factor driving the price towards the phone price.

Comment Re:The mighty data (Score 1) 325

One of the goals of medical organizations are to keep treatment reasonably consistent across practices. Certainly it is a real world system with real world flaws, but if they are regularly meeting that goal and you don't have either abnormal problems or abnormal side effects from the standard procedures, the vast majority of patients should experience similar quality of treatment and medical outcomes if they visit the vast majority of practices. That shouldn't really have to come up in a review.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 983

By the time we get to the polls it will be the other party's fault that we didn't really get what we "wanted" from the terrible law we demanded right now. Totally not our fault for going off half cocked and demanding action before anyone could possibly know anything much less formulate a realistic and practical solution.

Comment Re:Double Standard (Score 1) 765

We had a great employee just leave us for Google. Her two weeks was enough time for management to shift her work to other in-team developers, for her to get them up to speed on the projects, and for her to close out some open issues she was working. It certainly wouldn't be time to hire and retain a "replacement," but it is a decent enough balance between respect for the outgoing employee and pivoting a well-managed team to compensate for the period they are down a developer. But like any rule of thumb, exceptions are frequent.

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