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Comment Re:None of this solves real world problems (Score 2) 82

Live training is (theoretically) more expensive than sim training. Just saying dump simulators because they aren't true to life means you will probably have more realistic training time but a whole lot less training overall. The people in charge of training should be trained to understand the limitations of all the training measures available and plan training accordingly to provide the largest benefit possible...again theoretically.

Comment Re:DSL is my only option (Score 1) 141

We only had video artifacts during primetime. If it were simple over-compression then shouldn't we have seen a steady rate of artifacts across the day? Towards the end we eventually had to give up watching TV during primetime. We'd have minutes of blockiness or missing audio. During the daytime, the picture never had artifacts.

Comment Re:DSL is my only option (Score 1) 141

I went to DSL and DirecTV at my previous residence because the cable company oversubscribed the street and I would have useful bandwidth anytime except for between 5pm and midnight on weekdays. This not only ruined normal internet use but cause all sorts of digital signal artifacts during primetime TV.

Comment Re:Bing It (Score 2) 256

I've been doing my daily number of required searches for the Bing rewards program for a while. I can usually get fairly helpful answers for everyday things, but when I start diving deep into technical problems it is beyond useless. As for me being the product, what major search engine can I use that isn't mining my searches for profit?

Comment Re:People getting too illiterate for email? (Score 1) 290

Well voice messages fail to convey information properly because you can't gauge emotion without non-verbal cues.
Video messages fails because it is difficult to communicate emotion without emotional feedback from your audience.
Face to face communications fail because human language is not very precise.
My prediction is if she got her way, then they'd sequentially replace their services until they get to the last one and find out in many cases you need written communication with language conventions defined in a fairly precise way. Either that or she is an extrovert and won't even see the failings of her "solution."

Comment fear (Score 1) 290

Well I guess this is correct: "the fear that emails, texts and instant messaging rob conversation of emotional nuance, leading to endless misunderstandings and social blunders." But a bigger fear for me is engaging in verbal communication which absolutely leads to endless misunderstanding and social blunders. Verbal communication can't be endlessly revised to convey actual meaning without sounding like a jarring mess or having to reencode the entire message.

Comment Re:Empty set (Score 4, Interesting) 671

Most bad programming ideas are bad programming ideas because they don't scale. They work fine in a small code base with sufficient documentation. They probably work fine sparingly in a large code base with good documentation. The problem is that if we teach bad programming ideas are routinely OK if we are careful, then we rely on them and when scope grows and we inevitably hit a moment in the project that doesn't allow for solid adherence to good software engineering practices then it blows up in our face spectacularly.

Comment Re:Pft (Score 1) 18

The summary sounded like they were opening up IFTTT for manufacturers to use it internal to their own software. For example, that might mean that if Belkin so chooses, instead of their own scripting rules in the WEMO app they could use IFTTT scripting. It doesn't seem like they are opening up their ecosystem for third party scripting.

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