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Comment Re:Does not matter. (Score 1) 85

Since the advent and maturation of the virtual machine, the base OS ju7st has not mattered. You can change OS as easily as drinking a coke - unless you are using the MS hypervisor Hyper V. What will keep MS in the running is Adobe products. There are no near Linux/OSX/Chrome equivalents. Eventually Adobe will port to Linux; but the market is not there yet.

As far as MS cutting employees, one question that intrudes on my mind is how many of those soon to be dismissed employees are H-1B's. I put my money on none/zero/zilch. This becomes important because every year MS is screaming for more H-1B's; yet in this round of cut employees there are up to 700 qualified employees.

What? Where are you?

The lovely and always happy-to-phone-home 'Creative Suite' runs just as poorly on OS X as it does on Windows.

Further, you might be surprised about all of the high end creative software that runs on Linux. Interestingly, that stuff is so high end that if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 3, Insightful) 1359

People who want to assassinate trump are absolutely out of their minds on many different levels. If he dies, we get Pence. Anyone who ever objected to Trump about anything at all should be very, very afraid of Pence.

Let the clown reign, he was lawfully elected, whether we like it or not. At least with him he might throw a temper tantrum in your favor.

Comment Uber caught lying? (Score 5, Interesting) 70

Why should we not be surprised? This is the same company which claims it's a "ride sharing" company, not a taxi company, yet as far as I know, not a single one of their drivers is picking up people who want to go the same direction as the driver.

Instead, the people contact some random Uber driver to pick them up at a specific location then be driven to the location of their choice, all for a fee.

That certainly is an interesting definition of "ride sharing" especially in one of the more recent incidents where an Uber driver drove someone from Virginia to New York and back. I highly doubt the driver was already going that route.

That Uber should now be found guilty of duping people into believing they could make X dollars a year by driving for them (isn't that the way a cab driver works, they drive for a company?), or that Uber was deliberately fudging numbers on the costs involved to lease a vehicle from them shouldn't surprise anyone, especially when this company, despite all the money they're bilking from people, still can't turn a profit.

Comment Re:Take a note of who is doing the requesting (Score 1) 67

Real security people don't expose themselves to the public, much less talk to the press.

Are you kidding? Nobody listens to you if your name doesn't ring bells. Publish or perish IS pretty much what makes or breaks your career as a security expert these days. You think any of them have a problem getting a speaker slot at any security conference if they so please? Or get any contract they'd want?

It's sad, but yes, security has become a spectacle. Welcome to the show, watch our CSI-esque presentation of how we penetrate your defenses with style...

Comment Re:Take a note of who is doing the requesting (Score 3, Insightful) 67

Yes, but even in the area of science you'll notice that who says something still has some meaning.

If I say that at the center of every black hole there is a little pink teapot, you'll call me a crackpot and be done with it.
If Stephen Hawking made this claim, I bet you would want to know his reasoning.

At the very least this meant for me that I would want to see why Bruce considers it a non-issue.

Comment Re:Take a note of who is doing the requesting (Score 4, Interesting) 67

Dude, take a look at what's happening here.

The "security hole" in question here is basically the same deal as you have with every other service where you can transfer your service to a new device. You know, you buy a new phone, then want to continue using your IM or whatever on the new phone... but with the new phone you'd also get to negotiate new encryption keys. And that means that all messages still in the queue would be lost, because they have been encrypted with your old key.

That's the whole "exploit" here.

There's plenty of reasons to distrust WhatsApp and even more reasons to avoid it like the plague, not the least of which being that it hands all data over to FB despite first claiming and vowing that it would never do that.

If THIS is your reason to distrust WhatsApp, you have bigger problems.

Comment Re:Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Score 1) 304

In my parents' case, they had high, solidly middle class or even upper middle class incomes but got into credit card and tax trouble related to doing outside contracting. This all happened right around the same time that I went to college, so it was very bad timing. The IRS fines really add up quickly, and credit card trouble is bad news, and was even worse in the late 80s with high interest rates.

Comment Re:Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Score 1) 304

When you say "financial aid", I suspect you are not including loans. I think that is why it seems like we are talking past one another. I don't doubt that you make too much to qualify for certain need-based grants and scholarships. You almost certainly qualify for public loans and tax credits.

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