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Comment Re:massive parallel processing=limited application (Score 1) 74

Or you can fake it with really good scheduling and context switching. Why is it that I was able to simultaneously watch a realplayer video in Netscape 4.x while editing a doc in OpenOffice with NO lag or skips or jitters, on a 200mHz box with 1 gig of ram in 1998, but I can't do that now with 2.6 gHz and 4 gigs? This is starting to really bug me, like where the FUCV is all that horsepower going???
NOTE all of this is on Linux, various flavors. My Time-Warner cable is easily able to saturate the box during off-peak hours.

Comment Re:"A Russian cyberattack that targeted Democratic (Score 1) 285

There is a reason why the Left (as opposed to the Democrats or the Liberals) refers to the NYT as "Pravda on the Hudson". Lately, the Washington Post is the same way -- just check their headlines. If you are paying any atttention at all, you will notice that Hillary is running to the right of everyone on policy and on her actual history in office. Notice lately how they cranked it up to 11 regarding what Trump *might* do, while completely ignoring what Hillary actually *has* done.... meanwhile the media is acting all innocent as if they are governed by a bunch of angels. When in fact, they need to be punched in the face and hard.

Submission + - Linux 4.8 Prepares NVIDIA Pascal & Raspberry Pi 3 SoC Support, AMD Overclock (

An anonymous reader writes: The Linux 4.8 feature merge window was open the past two weeks and it culminated with this evening's release of Linux 4.8-rc1. Now that the merge window is over, it's easy to grasp a good look at the Linux 4.8 features. Coming to the Linux 4.8 kernel is initial NVIDIA Pascal support via the open-source Nouveau driver, initial support for the Broadcom SoC found in the Raspberry Pi 3, AMD GPU overclocking support for the open-source driver, multiple new security safeguards, file-system improvements, and more.

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