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Comment UNIX Power Tools (Score 1) 175

UNIX Power Tools by JPeek et al from O'Reilly. This ought to be the bible, the required reading, for anyone into UNIX or similar systems, just IMHO. I have a very worn and dog-eared copy of the 2nd edition and I still use it 16 yrs later... its that good. Absolutely timeless classic of the genre.

Submission + - NVidia GeForce now requires mandatory registration ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: With the newly released GeForce Experience 3.0 software, Nvidia might irk some users. While you will still be able to download the drivers from their web site sans registration, you will now be required to register in order to use the GeForce Experience software While the Experience software does add some powerful streaming features for games and is "three times faster and consumes 50 percent less memory than the old GeForce Experience", it might seem like a bit of overkill for those users that only used the software to keep their drivers up to date.

Submission + - DNA confirms cause of 1665 London's Great Plague

JThaddeus writes: The BBC reports that a 17th Century mass grave uncovered in London confirms the identity of the bacteria responsible for the Great Plague of 1665-1666. "Testing in Germany confirmed the presence of DNA from the Yersinia pestis bacterium — the agent that causes bubonic plague — rather than another pathogen." The grave contains approximately 3,500 skeletons. Teeth were removed from some of the skulls, and their pulp tested at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Positive results were found in 5 of 20 individuals tested. It is estimated that the Great Plague killed nearly one quarter of London's population (then about 350,000). The article also adds, "To reassure anyone worried whether plague bacterium was released from the excavation work or scientific analysis, it doesn't survive in the ground."

Submission + - Time Warner cable merger approved

inode_buddha writes: My Cable provider is Time Warner. I've been with them since they were Adelphia, and I listened in on the debates when the town was deciding to let them put their cables back in the 80's. Now it seems they've approved the merger with Bright House networks and Charter communications. I'm getting close to cancelling the TV package and keeping only the internet. What is your experience with these companies? What can I expect in the next year?

Submission + - Analog: The Last Defense Against DRM (

alternative_right writes: By switching from an analog signal to a digital one, Apple has potentially given itself more control than ever over what people can do with music or other audio content on an iPhone. We hope that Apple isn’t unwittingly opening the door to new pressures to take advantage of that power.

Submission + - iPhones Are Now Faster than Macs (

An anonymous reader writes: It’s official—well at least according to reported Geekbench scores spotted in the wild! iPhones are now faster than Macs! The latest, and most recently updated, 2016 12” MacBook is slower than the iPhone 7 Plus.

Comment Re: All these pharma/insurance stories (Score 2) 396

Bill shot and fud. Tell me why the Scandinavian countries and the Germans have probably better outcomes for less, with none of the scare points you're so sure of. Yo do realize that everyone can get paid just fine working at a non profit right? And no, Obamacare isnt even close to universal healthcare unless you're a tool of Fox news. Do you really believe Obama is socialist or something? His whole healthcare plan was a right wing gimme be cause he is fundamentally right wing regardless of the D after the name.

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