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Comment This is insanely obvious (Score 1) 259

Manning should get a full pardon and a medal of honour. S/he has done more for this country than Biden ever did, and that was after getting a forcible deployment against regimental doctor's orders.

The worst Manning is truly guilty of is exploiting severe violations of DoD regulations by the unit s/he was in. Those violations, and not her actions,compromised national security, as did Manning's superior officer. Those people were under strict orders on not deploying the severely mentally ill into Iraq and to withdraw clearance from such folk, but violated those orders in order to look pretty. That is a serious crime. A crime they, not Chelsea, are guilty of.

Under DoD regulations, computers holding top secret information may NOT be secured by just a password and may NOT support USB devices. I was working for the military when they did the cutover from passwords to passwords plus Class III digital certificate on a smartcard. The USB restriction has been there more-or-less from the introduction of USB, as it violates Rainbow Book standards requiring enforceable multi-level security.

I should not have to point this out on Slashdot, half the three digit IDers were probably involved in writing the standards! And the rest know all this because we had to look the bloody stuff up to get the NSA's SELinux working!

She was also under orders, remember, to ensure that no war crime was concealed by the military. Concealing a war crime, even if that's your sole involvement, is a firing squad offence under international law. Has been since the Nuremberg Trials. Nor is it acceptable to be ordered to carry out such a cover-up. You are forbidden from obeying such orders on pain of death.

Those are the rules. The U.S. military's sole defence is that nobody is big enough to enforce them. If someone did, the U.S. population would be noticeably smaller afterwards. We know that because of Manning.

But Manning's service doesn't end there. Military philosophers, tacticians and strategists will be poring over those notes for decades, running simulations to see when, where and how the U.S. was eventually defeated in Afghanistan and Iraq. They will compare actions carried out with the military philosophies the U.S. officially abandoned in favour of modern theories. They will search for ways in which the new approaches worked and where they should have stuck with the traditional.

Because modern computers can run millions, even billions, of tactical simulations in just a few hours, it is certain that, inside of a decade, someone will have done this and published a book on where the military went wrong and where the Taliban and Iraqi army went wrong as well. This core material allows for that.

These wars may turn out to be our Sun Tzu Moment, when through cataclysmic defeats at the hands of, essentially, barbarians (and make no mistake, they're defeats), a systematic analysis of all that went wrong will be conducted in order to produce a guide on how to have things guaranteed to go right.

Without Manning's data, this couldn't happen. Direct footage, real-time tactical information, logistics, international political interactions, there's enough there to actually do that.

I'd prefer it to be us, because nothing stops the next terror group to form from performing the same study. Historically, it has been shown that a smart army can defeat a confident opponent with superior technology and ten times the numbers, or with inferior technology and a hundred times the numbers. No reason to assume these are hard limits.

If it is us that figures it out, the Pentagon (still fixated on Admiral Poyndexter and his psychic warriors) won't be involved, it'll be people on the outside with more nous and fewer yes-men. And for that, Manning deserves the highest reward.

Besides, it'll annoy the neoconservatives and that's worth their weight in gold-plated latium.

Comment Re: Bradley Manning needs a HOSTS file (Score 1) 259

Define "male". Not in terms of social norms - those vary between societies. And, since you didn't accept the suggestion of a genetics test, you don't get to use that either. Historical records are of no interest, you weren't there when they were made so you can't vouch for them. Besides, plenty of species have individuals change gender. History proves nothing.

You could try a neurological test, but I'll wager you that it shows Manning to be female. The feelings come from the brain, there's no such thing as a spirit outside of hard liquor.

So what have you got to offer?

Comment Re:Slashdot "experts" who were wrong. (Score 2) 161

I don't think scores need to be changed, but it is definitely annoying when idiots get to vote in numbers and "win" in ways that contradict provable facts just because there are more loud idiots than quiet smart people.* I lost a point (from +2 to +1) for taking the radical position of "[If] the results are inconsistent and non-repeatable... they should be tossed out until the root problem is discovered, regardless of if the fault is theirs or Apple's."

But no, CR would rather have CLICKSCLICKSCLICKSRIGHTNOW than calmly wait and post the truth once -- FIRST -- after all the facts are known. Sad. They used to be above that.

* Luckily, that is not a problem ANYWHERE outside of this site. :-/

Comment Re:*facepalm* (Score 1) 130

Tim Cook, 2014: Hardware sales are going well, but OBVIOUSLY they won't continue to climb FOREVER. We should think of some other things so we can keep making money once THE INEVITABLE happens. Maybe we can get into content. People will ALWAYS need content. And it takes time. You can't just build a substantial amount overnight. We'd better start thinking about this now.
The Market, 2016: Hardware sales slump.
The Internet, 2017: Shits itself writing about how Apple is doomed.

Comment Re:LOLgasm (Score 1) 562

Bah. Meant to fix a couple points above -- the report is about the "holiday season 2016" and some of my other numbers are for whole years. Still, we're in the ballpark. Assuming sales went UP -- drastically -- during the holidays, we're probably looking at 20k sales in the year. More likely something like 15k. If they're uninfluenced by the holidays and it was a typical quarter, that's still ~50k in the year. Still a ways to go to 250 billion. Hell, that's still less than 1/5th of 274,000.

Comment LOLgasm (Score 1) 562

O M F G. I clicked through to the report (warning: PDF) (more dire warnings: crappy infographic style; pages are portrait orientation) and it's even more hysterical than I thought. "Booming", you say?

There were 11,489 cassettes purchased during the Holiday Season (an increase of 140% over 2015).

Compare that to

AUDIO STREAMS reached a new record high of 250.7 BILLION, up 82.6% over 2015.

To an ant, a firecracker looks like an atomic bomb. There were TWENTY-TWO MILLION times more streams than cassettes sold. Even if you call 1 stream = 1 song and figure a cassette has 10 songs, that's still TWO MILLION to ONE.

Two words: statistically insignificant.

From Wikipedia: "Sales of pre-recorded music cassettes in the U.S. dropped from 442 million in 1990 to 274,000 by 2007." So 2016 saw ONE TWENTY-FOURTH of what was sold in disamal 2007, which was 1/1613 the size of the market in 1990. "Booming", indeed.

Fucking A. The numbers are fine but the "story" is BULLSHIT. What a complete waste of (virtual) ink.

In a related story, my sex life is booming -- there was a 100% increase from 2015 to 2016. (Got some twice last year, versus once the year before.)

Comment Re:Totally false (Score 1) 252

There is bias voltage available on the second ring of a TRRS connector, as it is necessary for the condenser microphone used for wired headsets.

It's not much in terms of voltage or current availability, but it's plenty for numerous companies to have manufactured credit card readers with active electronics that are powered entirely by it.

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