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Comment Re:Long done (Score 1) 354

Well, and FWIW, if the OS doesn't insist on calling home, you can run it in a virtual machine for as long as you want. Be sure you have updated backups, though, because the virtual machine partitions are HUGE files, and can become unreadable, or experience undesirable degradation due to actual bit rot. You may also want to forbid Internet access to the virtual machine, to allow for security issues not being fixed.

Comment Re:Handy guide to operating systems (Score 1) 354

Sorry, but the BSD license doesn't say you can't sell it. So BSD is closer to Free as in beer.

Actually the GPL doesn't say you can't sell it, either, but it makes selling it more complicated, so it's closer to free as in speech.

And for MS Windows I would have said "Free as in M.S.", but herpes is a bit clearer, even if M.S. is more immediately damaging. (Not everyone thinks of M.S. as Multiple sclerosis.)

Comment Re:Absurd Pile (Score 1) 1002

OK, there are a lot of strange arguments you've made, but I have to get running soon. So here goes:

This is why I rank Woodrow Wilson as the worst US President of All Time: He really put into practice this idea that "Europe's problems are America's problems", and it's saturated the minds of Americans ever since.

Unfortunately it didn't. We stood by for two years while Hitler took over almost all of Europe, and it took Pearl Harbor to crack through our isolationism.

Your assertion that an Atlantic Wall is enough to protect us also makes me suspect that you're forgetting what happened in WWII.

The Russians are deeply pragmatic. What would they have to gain by annexing the Baltic states?

Russia just invaded Ukraine in 2014. What did they have to gain in that case? I hate to send you to a George Will article but it popped up in my first Google search and I have to go now.

Comment Re: How many of those... (Score 1) 120

> Meanwhile I've owned 3 Mac (1 iMac, 2 Macbooks), 1 pad
> and 2 iPod, and they all turned to shit within 2-3 years.

Ooh yay, I love this game! I currently have and use...
- an original G4 Mac mini (as a server), 11+ years old, always on
- a MacBook Pro from 2007 (for video capturing; battery swelled up but it's otherwise fine.)
- an iPod from 2004 that I don't use but it still holds a charge and will play for 2-3 hours
- an iPod from 2006, I think, that I still use; holds a charge just fine and plays for many hours
- my work MacBook, issued to me Sept. 2012 and still working fine
- my wife's 13" MacBook, used to be my mom's, about 6-7 years old now
- an iPad mini, 3 years old now ... and more. My friend still uses a graphite 733 MHz PowerMac G4 I gave him a few years ago but he's ready for an upgrade. My mom bought a 17" MacBook just before Apple discontinued that size. My aunt's 15" MBP is also coming up on 7 years old -- just checked the other day because she wanted to find out if it'll run OS X 10.10 or 10.11. (Was still on 10.8 for work.) Etc etc etc.

In summary, Apple gear for the most part is only "disposable shit" if you treat it like shit.

Comment Re:How many times... (Score 3, Funny) 55

Don't you worry. After this election we'll eliminate oversized regulatory agencies like the FCC that are full of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who make it harder for small businesses like AT&T to come up with new business models (such as throttling websites that don't pay extortion fees).

Comment WTF?!? (Score 1) 353

Car model: VW Beetle
Car brand: Toyota Corolla

WTF? In both cases, there is a model (Beetle, Corolla) and brand (VW, Toyota).

And everyone always forgets about trucks. Ford had sold 28 million F150s as of eleven years ago.
They sell a couple million per year. Probably well over 40 million by now, maybe close to 50.

Comment Re:Acetaldehyde (Score 1) 302

Acetaldehyde can cause nausea and headache, and is (partly) what gives you a hangover after drinking. Your liver first oxidizes alcohol to acetaldehyde. then to acetic acid. (Weirdly enough, the brain also converts alcohol into acetaldehyde using a different enzyme.) OTOH if you drink methanol the liver converts it into formaldehyde which is extremely toxic because it denatures proteins.

Acrolein is a common smell near an outdoor barbecue, and also frying pans when the oil reaches its smoke point. In dilute form acrolein doesn't smell too unpleasant, but the vapor from pure liquid acrolein irritates and burns the eyes, skin, and throat, and also triggers coughing, severe shortness of breath, and fluid in the lungs.

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