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Comment It's immature... (Score 1) 195

We have had a century to figure out the "unplugged" car interface, and it is simpler: dials for speed and tachometer, nothing else. Drivers train from an early age to drive with this sort of instrumentation.

The lack of safety with these HUD's is likely a consequence of inexperience both on the part of the HUD designers and the drivers. Once the interfaces themselves iterate a few times, and then drivers get experienced with them, I imagine they'll be much safer.

Comment Re:Are "innovations" in Windows even relevant anym (Score 1) 138

"Trying to do what they have been doing for years" also means "running some software without needing or wanting anything from the OS rather than a window manager, device drivers, a filesystem, and a networking stack". Just because the "platform" isn't "innovating" doesn't mean that people don't run nifty software on it.

Most of the frustration with Windows comes from trying to get the Microsoft marketing bullshit to fuck off so we can use computers for what computers are for: running software.

Comment Re:how much it took (Score 3, Interesting) 274

It took "mere seconds" to burn through the engine manifold.

Paint it white (specifically, something with high albedo in whatever frequency range the attacker favors) and you can probably increase that time by a factor of ten. Paint it with that retroreflective paint that they make street markings out of and you've blinded anyone near the firing station.

Laser weapons look effective now because nobody's taking rudimentary countermeasures against them (because they don't need to). But if these things start appearing on battlefields, there are some simple countermeasures that will make their life a lot more difficult.

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