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Comment Re:"the faster it will seem" ? (Score 1) 570

Seems faster? In my experience it has been more than "seems", Chrome actually is faster.

Chrome is faster in benchmarks, but that doesn't translate into a real world performance difference on typical web pages.

Every time there is a post about "OMG Chrome is so much faster", I say, show me the money, give me the links to visit that demonstrate this so I can put chrome and FF side by side and feel/see a difference. So far no one has responded.

Bear in mind that both browsers have kept improving, FF is faster now than when Chrome first showed up as the "OMG that is fast" browser. They both obliterate IE which most people still use.

Speed isn't really an issue(though faster launch would be nice), so FF remains my main browser because it is Much more configurable (about:config), it has more plugins and the plugins are of higher quality.


Submission + - New Tool Automates Webmail Account Hijacks (

An anonymous reader writes: A pair of software tools demonstrated at the Black Hat security conference today automate the interception of cookie files transmitted over a wireless network that allow attackers to hijack accounts for Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook and a number of other Web 2.0 services,'s Security Fix reports. From the story: "the attack works even if victims subsequently change their passwords, or actively sign out of their accounts. However, attackers would be unable to change the victim's password, as all of the above-named services force the user to reenter the current password before changing it to a new one."

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