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Comment Re:rotten at the top (Score 1) 341

You must embrace mediocrity. These were mediocre people doing what mediocre people do. Following orders. If I as a manager and leader created an environment that caused my subordinates to do something like this I would, by simple default, have to take responsibility for what happened. However, admitting fault in this case can result in jail time so I would not expect anyone to do that either. It is what it is. Hopefully someone learned from this.

Comment Re:rotten at the top (Score 1) 341

This has happened to me several times with Verizon where the agent didn't want to get docked for being the one to downgrade or cancel an account so they just didn't do it though they said they did. Now I just wait on the phone hitting refresh on the website until I see the account details update.

Comment Re:Completely wrong.... (Score 1) 618

I think that is the point they are going for...it isnt so much the taxes that go away as the money itself being shipped over seas or whatever. The impact of losing the local economy is much more of an impact than losing tax revenue. I would argue that all of this is OK in the light of effieciency but offshore is not more efficient. If they dont really have much need for strong, agile IT resources then offshore is fine. If IT is your differentiator you have have to keep offshore to a minimum.

Comment Re:How about (Score 1) 369

The last thing we need in IT are more pedants. User advocates and others who understand how to build productivity-enhancing, usable systems while adding value to a business or other organization are far too rare. IT is now just a sea of point-and-clickers and glue code monkeys...you can't build impressive and productive systems like that.

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