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Comment Re:Problem is a matter of Fraud. Rent vs Sell (Score 3, Insightful) 202

You have a solid point. To add to what you say:

A) Patents are anti-capitalism. And so are similar IP issues, such as copyrights. Patents were created under mercantilism, and they were not for inventors, but for friends of the king. Later when capitalism came along, we needed some way to encourage invention in a free market society where competition was essential. They could have set up a simple 10% fee structure, but instead went for an unlimited patent system. Big mistake. But capitalism was strong enough to handle it in most of the early cases. But in time the patent holders expanded their power, particularly in life or death situations (pay what we demand if you want this life saving medicine - or die).

B) The world has changed significantly since those IP deals were created, speeding up. What used to take 10 years now takes 1. The real time that would be appropiate for those licenses is measured in more like 5 years, not 50. I.E. most of the honest profit is made in the first 5 years, after that it's dishonest prevention of innovation.

Comment Problem is a matter of Fraud. Rent vs Sell (Score 5, Interesting) 202

Look, if I offered to sell you a home, but after putting down a downpayment you read the contract and it turned out to be a hundred year lease, you would be damn upset.

But that's what the software people do. They are actually renting licenses with all sorts of secret provisions while the salesmen are using the word 'buy' or 'sell'.

Every time you 'buy a license', it is you RENTING a license. It may be a 'lifetime' license, but that is what it is.

The only people that actually 'buy' software or music are the people that buy the copyrights.

We need a simple law that clarifies this point. Out law the use of the words 'buy' or 'sell' when dealing with a license - including physical products that include a necessary license, such as those evil John Deere Tractors.

Then when some shmuck tries to sell a John Deere tractor, arrest them for fraud, as they are actually renting it to you for an unspecified amount of time. If they want to use the words 'buy' or sell', they have to include free-as-in-speech software on it. Otherwise, it is fraud, punishable by a fine.

Comment Need a comparison (Score 1) 372

1) When ever talking about numbers you need several points of comparison.
For example, let's say a college education really does end up costing $500,000 in 18 years - but the average salary for a high school teacher is $400,000. It's called inflation, and you need to account for it.

2) The rate fo growth is currently high in part because of the attempt to raise stated prices in order to pay for discounted admissions for more students. The basic idea is to charge the wealthier people as much as the market will bear and still allow poorer people to attend. It will not continue to rise at the same rate,

Comment Re:etherkiller (Score 1) 93

1) It's not an either/or situation. Encrypt it as well

2) You ever build encryption software yourself? It's far more complicated. The only reason you think otherwise is that you buy off the shelf . My USB self-destructor can be built and sold rather easily. Then your only problem is 'authorities' getting wise to the appearance, which you can change every month.

Comment Re:Yes we can, but we won't (Score 1) 124

First you have to fix it. If you don't, then you don't deserve to send out email. Because right now, many criminals take over computers and use them to send out spam and the computer's owner does not fix it.

Second, you have to drop that email account and use another one. Not that hard, they are free from gmail, prrotonmail, outlook, yahoo etc. If your entire email server is pawned, then you have to change the domain. Consider it the appropriate punishment for failing to maintain proper security - it's a lot cheaper than paying to deal with ID theft that typically happens when someone hacks your computer.

Comment Yes we can, but we won't (Score 1) 124

Human caused problems generally are easy to solve but are not because established interests prevent them.

Email spam is entirely due to the total absence of sender verification. Require some form of sender verification with the ability to complain (and block those with excessive complaints) and you solve the issue.

Comment Human level processing power, NOT intelligence (Score 3) 161

People always mistake processing power for intelligence. They are NOT the same, anymore than memory = intelligence.

The ability to remember more facts than the human mind can does not make your smarter than a human. Nor does the ability to do math calculations faster mean anything either.

Intelligence is an entirely different thing than either memory or math (math includes logic and pattern recognition).

Robots are no where near being actually intelligent. None of our attempts to create it have come anywhere near close, we are qualittaively unable to create the smallest amount of real intelligence.

  There is the CHANCE that as they are given enough processing power and enough memory that we might make a breakthrough - or more likely they could spontaneously develop intelligence.

But the statement that it will happen is patently ignorant of the issues involved and the current state of the science.

Comment Re:etherkiller (Score 5, Informative) 93

You are missing the point.

Etherkillers (and their ilk) have three prong plugs that you have to plug into an outlet with surge protection in addition to the port plugging into the computer.

As such, it is clearly and obviously a device designed to destroy computers, and can not be mistaken for a run of the mill, safe thing to plug into your computer.

No one - not event he stupidest cop that confiscates your device is going to make the mistake of destroying their own computer using it.

The USB killer is in a class by itself - it can easily be used as protection against someone else viewing your data.

The real advantage of such a device is combining it with a real, hidden USB drive, that destroy's the real data on the real memory chip when you use the obvious USB port, rather than the hidden one. Perfect to store stuff you don't want the enemy to see.

Comment Re:Pedophiles should be put down (Score 2) 57

So speaks ignorance. Pedophiles have a lower recidivism rate than most other crimes i.e. not only CAN they be reformed, if not cured, but we are better at doing it than for most other crimes.

People convicted of sex crimes against children and released have less than 4% chance of being arrested again for sex crimes against children - but over 40% chance of being arrested again for any crime. And yes, they check the computer when they arrest them for littering.

In other words, the cops go after them, but most never re-offend against children.

There are several reasons for this, including a relatively high death rate in prison (child molesters are targetted), long prison sentences (if you get arrested at 40 and released at 60, your sex drive has faded), and also mandatory counseling.

Basically, you are just an ignorant person repeating an old meme that has been repeatably proven wrong.

Numbers from the 1994 government study (

Comment Re:Real problem is demonization of sex crimes (Score 1) 227

Do your research, don't simply tell other people that I am wrong without CHECKING. You want proof? Here:

1) Sex criminals less likely (do a simple google search):
And many others.

2) If you do any of the following, it is a sex crime and most people will not consider you a 'pervert'.
a) Get caught peeing in public (arrested for exposure)
b) Being 21 and have sex with a woman that SAID she was 18, but was 15, (we all know how women never lie about their age).,
c) Get drunk and have sex with a woman that is asleep. Congratulations, you are now a date rapist. But almost no one I know would consider you a pervert. If you are one, so is half the college students.

3) Sex crimes are INCREDIBALY subjectively prosecuted. Much more so than regular crime. Mainly because sex crimes are all about motive and mentality. It's a crime that occures in the mind, where everything is subjective.

Have naked pictures of your 5 year old child a bath tub? If you convince the prosecutor they are 'innocent' you have no trouble. If the prosecutor believes the pictures are 'lascivious', you go to jail.

Comment Too True (Score 1) 147

We can fix it, it just takes some guts - and regulations.

The following laws would work:

1) Any service that tracks private information, must, by law offer a more expensive version that does not retain said information beyond minimum neccessary billing information. They can price it however they like - as long as at least 10% of their customers agree to pay that price. Should they mistakenly track said information, they owe their victims ten times whatever they were charged, dating from the time they began tracking to the time they cut the check. This includes social networking sites.

2) If you pay for no tracking, then the company can not give out ANY information to a government or other official without a warrant (note warrant, not subpoena). We have the right to privacy from the government unless they can demonstrate a valid need to a judge.

3) By law, no information inputed electronically that is not essential to the service, can be 'mandatory'. No requiring people to give you their phone number unless your service needs to call them. No gender request unless it is a dating app, no address unless you are mailing them something. You can ask, but you can not require. People leave information blank on paper all the time, deal with empty fields.

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