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Comment Re:That's the last straw: TRUMP IS A TRAITOR (Score 1) 787

He's said it twice with a straight face, and he's said similarly ridiculous things in complete seriousness before. He's never done deadpan sarcasm before. Does he have to preface it with "This is not a joke, this is my serious face" before we can be sure he's serious?

Comment Re:oh if only... (Score 1) 208

Not going to happen, despite these costs and strictures, media companies still stand to make money so they will play ball. And the US committee is just following the Olympic committee, who have demanded (and gotten) similar injuctions against nasty free-loading IP pirates in previous editions of the Games. SA gave them special IP police. And some details were published from the Bid Book instructions given to the Dutch commission when they were preparing their bid. It had plenty of provisions to very strictly enforce what went on in the stadiums (including tweets), and they even demanded that all neon signs for beers other than the sponsoring brands to be removed from bars in a 3 km radius around all olympic locations. Oh and they wanted highway lanes closed off at set times so the brass could quickly shuttle between locations in their limos.

It's the countries who should tell them to screw it. Sadly they will not do so either, the Games offer prestige and an enormous opportunity for politicians to shine (and have their pals make a bit of cash too). And the Olympic Committee know this, as well as the fact that if you can put something good on the table (or under it), any politician is willing to bargain, no matter how outlandish your demands.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 264

Also it's not that hard to get a big-screen experience at home. With a digital projector and a couple of decent speakers, you can get a screen size that appears similar, BETTER sound, a nice lawn chair which is lightyears ahead of those small tightly-packed and questionably clean theatre seats, plus your selection of snacks and booze (and even other things ;-) ) AND you can pause or rewind the movie any time you like! I do this on the side of the house...only downside of my setup is vulnerability to rain! But if you have a garage with an empty white wall, that works well too.

Comment Re: The Theater Experience (Score 1) 264

I love those, sadly we don't have any left in Rotterdam. But our regular cinemas are decent enough, they are clean, with pretty comfortable seats, good picture and sound, and it's pretty rare for the patrons to be actively disruptive. I make one exception: not to ever visit the cinema during Ramadan; the place will be stacked to the rafters with f'ed-up teens looking for trouble.

Comment Step in a dog turd to dodge a bullet. (Score 0) 151

Vote Hillary for the best chance of not electing a reckless incompetent bigot who will be outsmarted and taken advantage of by the despots he so admires. Voting for Hillary sucks, I know, but she won't fuck things up too badly. Just mildly, like Obama did. Trump will fuck things up beyond repair. And by "things" I mean "every damn thing, especially the US economy."

This is not a practice run, there are no backsies. Remember Brexit.

Comment Frightening change in the last few days (Score 1, Interesting) 787

Since Trump has been officially nominated, popular support for him on Slashdot has skyrocketed, even among individuals who I previously considered to be relatively sane and somewhat intelligent. Seems that all the conservatives have said to themselves "Well Trump is our party's candidate now, like or not, so I guess we better throw all our support behind this dangerous manchild."

I'm sure most of them know that he's by far the more dangerous choice compared to Republican Satan and the responsible, adult thing to do would be to write in a candidate/vote 3rd party and hope for the best or settle for their protest vote at worst, but they advocate for Trump, for the glory of The Party.

Comment Re:Who cares..?? (Score 1) 671

And if enough retards like you do what you are proposing to do, Trump gets elected and appoints ultra conservative justices to The Supreme Court. Do you have any idea how badly that is going to fuck things up for this country?

He should, he's old enough to vote and therefore has seen exactly what it's like to have a supreme court stacked with ultra-conservatives.

Comment Re:Who cares..?? (Score 5, Insightful) 671

No conspiracy necessary. His campaign is over, he didn't get the nomination, now he's recommending that his supporters make the best of a bad situation and elect a ho-hum stay-the-course centrist, the only candidate who can realistically win enough votes to keep a bigoted, inept and childish protofascist from winning the presidency.

If you have to step in a dog turd to dodge a bullet, you do it. It's the smart and sensible choice.

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