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Comment Re: Absolute insanity. (Score 2) 185

be fair... today firefox is the browser that uses less ram and chrome the one that uses more...
they have put lot of work to improve that. If you still have memory leaks, check the about:memory and check what is using it... most of the times is broken add-on, broken javascripts and (still a problem in firefox) animated gifs

Comment Re:What about at night? (Score 2) 504

In Portugal, the excess energy from solar (during day) or wind (usually during night) is used to pump water upstream back to hydroelectric dams reservoirs, back to potential energy, to be used later, when there is no enough wind or solar energy. Of course, like any solution, it have its limits and all countries know that they have to have several energy sources in parallel, so when one is weak, the remaining ones should fill the gap... Even coal, if for some reason the a boiler stop working, you have to fetch energy from other places

Comment Re:Parliament? (Score 1) 637

That happens because politics are stupid and blind... instead of joining hands with the main opposition party, that are usually, they go to other side, joining hands with radicals.

Also, in Europe, several countries where ruled by victory party with parliamentary minority... it is harder, because the ruling party have to negotiate everything and can not force their decisions... but that is how democracy should work, having people to agree, not imposing what "i" think it is correct, because "i" 'm never wrong (too much of this line of thinking will generate dictators)

Comment HELL NO!! (Score 1) 403

Please go monkey dance "developers!" to your visualbasic developers instead!
Even if we can run linux tools on windows kernel, the system is still to heavy, outside our control... and have a still shitty company behind, just look to all the user tracking MS added to it and "edge is safer than firefox and chrome" bullshit... not, MS is still a shitty company

on the good side... MS is clearly jumping to the "then you win" step from the First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1028

Because USA started first by installing "anti-missile" system near Russia borders with the excuse to protect from Iran, when everybody knows that is to push Russia to a less powerful position and to protect from Iran, they would be located near its borders (like Iraq, Turkey, Israel)
The USA pick a fight by doing that (your missile are useless now) , they are just responding with this move (then try to intercept this brand new missile)

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