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Comment Re:Popcorn time! (Score 1) 1321

Sorry, I didn't mean meet as in gather in one place just in the sense that the US electorate gather on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November to vote (I suppose though if I amtrying to get all factual I should be more precise as well). ;-)

The only thing I was really trying to address is that the Electoral college hasn't actually finalized the election yet (I attached the link so that I didn't have to be exact). :-)

The media starts talking about the electoral results on election night since (so far) the electoral college has always followed the results of the general election.

Comment Re:Too late.... (Score 1) 436

I think you need to rewatch the video you linked. No where in there does Obama say that illegals and non-citizens should go out and vote. He does say that if you are a citizen with an undocumented family member that you should go out and vote because you aren't only voting for yourself but also representing these individuals. He clearly states several times that citizens should get out and vote not that illegals should be voting.
Now you may disagree with citizens of undocumented immigrants voting but that is on you.

Comment Re:How many of those... (Score 3, Insightful) 153

Microsoft is only counting machines that have been turned on (and I assume connected to the Internet) in the last 28 days as active devices. So the number of devices that have Windows 10 installed could be significantly higher than the number stated. If you haven't had your Windows 10 machine on the Internet in the last 28 days it wouldn't have been counted in the 400 million (so all those systems that had Windows 10 installed just to register the machine then returned to a previous version also wouldn't have been counted).

Comment Re:Die, IoT, die! (Score 1) 22

Actually just going to LED street lights eliminates a lot of light pollution. Before our town made the switch to LED street lights I could see the light pollution 10 miles out of town proper any night of the year. With the LED street lights I only see the light pollution produced if there is a low cloud cover or light fog.

Comment Re: Linux. (Score 1) 405

If your looking at games that need dosbox and/or ran fine on Windows XP most likely you are talking about 16bit games. Most Windows 10 machines are going to be running the 64bit version of the OS. Unfortunately, 64bit Windows doesn't run 16bit software anymore. I don't know if this is necessarily a bad thing. After all, how long do we really need to keep things backward compatible (ok, 15 years might not sound all that long but in the tech industry that is an eon)?

Comment Re:classy actions (Score 0) 122

I know cases where people buy new hardware of even take vacation time to play a game. If the game then is updated post-sale with a license that the person don't want to accept then he/she is still screwed.

I think this says more about how messed up peoples priorities are than how bad DRM labeling is. Guess I've just never been that committed to playing a game. 8-P

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