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Comment Re:Bitcoin doesn't make sense as currency (Score 1) 121

Paper being currency really doesn't make sense either. The only reason paper (currency) has value is because it can be exchanged for goods that people want. If it were not for this exchange paper (currency) would be totally worthless.

I would actually argue that precious metals and stocks are currency (stocks maybe not as much but definitely precious metals). The only way this isn't money laundering is that using that currency to purchase stolen goods doesn't really clean the currency (the whole point of money laundering). You are actually using clean money to purchase dirty money in this case.

Comment Re:Outbid for content? (Score 1) 103

I would assume that this is mostly due to the licensing agreements and not any technical reason. If I am negotiating to pay a licensing fee for a particular series it would be in my best interest to pay a bit more for the license if I could gain exclusive access to that programming. With this exclusive deal I could then market my service as the only place to get that particular program and hopefully increase subscriptions from people that want to watch that series.

Comment Re:fun fact (Score 1) 504

Ok so look at it as a balance. If you have ten pounds of sand on each end of a fulcrum point so that the system is balanced. If you add half a pound of sand to one end what happens? It couldn't really be the cause of much since it is 4% added weight right? Also, in the new unbalanced system taking away that extra half pound couldn't possibly re-balance the system since it only accounts for 4% of the total (your situation of "96% of it is naturally occurring, and we couldn't do anything about it if we tried."). Just because humans only contribute a small percentage of the total doesn't mean that that contribution is meaningless.

Comment Re:"Destroy ing innovation" (Score 1) 390

To clarify, a corporation is a particular type of company that is insured by the courts, so that all the other companies that supply and do business with them are on the hook when they run up bad debt that they can't pay off. The investors (the public shareholders) are not held culpable as are the shareholders of any other company. And they are typically ran by people with little or no financial stake in the company, as opposed to private companies which are almost exclusively operated by the primary owners.

Just a slight clarification here. A corporation is any business entity that is incorporated. This could be a public business (one that offers shares to the public) or a private corporation (one that does not offer public shares). So just because your a private company does not mean you aren't also a corporation.

Comment Re:Manufacturing costs also fall (Score 5, Insightful) 270

just like people do.

No actually people don't. Many people aren't in fact sociopaths and are happy to simply earn a normal living and pay taxes in the normal way without attempting to jump through vast hoops with offshore accounts and etc to avoid contributing to society.

Many people actually understand that civilsation is built on taxes and can think beyond MINE MINE MINE MINE.

You're missing the point here. People are those that are rich enough to also hide their money overseas to avoid taxes. The rest of us are just consumers (i.e. not people). 8-)

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