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Comment Even worse than that (Score 2) 181

Of course they care if net neutrality will kill off 800 startups. The government loves to kill off small corporations, small business, etc. Big corporations lobby for laws which benefit them and harm new players. These 800 startups would have better stayed quiet, because all they've done is just give just one more reason to kill net neutrality.

Only a total cuck dumbfuck could believe that our government supports free trade.

Comment Re:Tone down the trolls? (Score 1) 181

Now might not be the best time to alienate them/us further with "Moscow Donald" remarks and more demonization.

Do you actually think for a second that you and your party affiliation matters one bit for this discussion (don't panic, mine don't matter either). Pai and Trump have exactly one objective here: self-enrichment. Their constituents are rich businesses, and they make that abundantly clear every day.

All those who voted for either Hillary or Trump deserve to be demonized for their crass stupidity. The least qualified third party candidate was far and away better qualified as President than either Trump or Hillary.

Submission + - Neandertal and Denisovan DNA from Pleistocene sediments (

ISayWeOnlyToBePolite writes: The Atlantic reports that Viviane Slon from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and her colleagues have now managed to extract and sequence the DNA of ancient animals from sediment thatâ(TM)s up to 240,000 years old. By creating a molecule that binds to mammal DNA they have been able to sort out Denisovan, Neanderhal, mammoths, woolly rhinos, and cave bears from cave sediments at a previously unprecidented scale. Paywalled science article

Comment Re:Poster does not understand Algebra (Score 1) 354

I mentioned that point, and how it completely ignored the point I was discussing, and how I was going to ignore it in turn. Two people starting out life with different amount of wealth, and the consequences of that on who can lend at interest and who has to borrow at interest even given the otherwise exact same preferences and abilities, has nothing whatsoever to do with "the choice to defer consumption". You're assuming that that is always the cause of differences in wealth, and so justifies the consequences of such differences, when it very obviously is not always or even usually the cause, so arguing whether or not it would justify the consequences if it was the sole cause of them is a moot point. It simply isn't, and there's no sense arguing about what if it were.

Try addressing the actual argument next time.

Tu quoque.

Submission + - NASA officially delays SLS first flight to 2019 (

schwit1 writes: Despite spending almost $19 billion and more than thirteen years of development, NASA today admitted that it will have to delay the first test flight of the SLS rocket from late 2018 to sometime in 2019.

“We agree with the GAO that maintaining a November 2018 launch readiness date is not in the best interest of the program, and we are in the process of establishing a new target in 2019,” wrote William Gerstenmaier, chief of NASA’s human spaceflight program. “Caution should be used in referencing the report on the specific technical issues, but the overall conclusions are valid.”

The competition between the big government SLS/Orion program and private commercial space is downright embarrassing to the government. While SLS continues to be delayed, even after more than a decade of work and billions of wasted dollars, SpaceX is gearing up for the first flight of Falcon Heavy this year. And they will be doing it despite the fact that Congress took money from the commercial private space effort, delaying its progress, in order to throw more money at SLS/Orion.

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