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Submission + - Microsoft conducts massive botnet takedown action (wsj.com)

h4rm0ny writes: "Yesterday, Microsoft, in co-operation with Federal agents, conducted what the Wall Street Journal described as "sweeping legal attacks" as they enterered facilities in Kansas City, Scranton, Pa, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle and and Columbus, Ohio to seize alleged "command and control" machines for the Rustock botnet — described as the largest source of Spam in the World.

The operation is intended to "decapitate" the botnet, preventing the sezied machines from sending orders to suborned PCs around the world."


Submission + - UAE Considering Banning Blackberries (bbc.co.uk)

h4rm0ny writes: "The BBC reports that the United Arab Emirates, that bastion of privacy and free speech, now wants to ban the Blackberry — very popular in that country — because it can't spy on the emails people send using them. The UAE's telecomm regulatory body (TRA) is threatening to make the Blackberry illegal unless RIM, the company that makes them, hands over encryption keys that would let it spy on Blackberry users. This follows the underhanded attempt by the TRA last year when it sent Blackberry users a text telling them to download an update that would improve performance, which in fact was surveillance software to allow the UAE government to send copies of received messages back to them. This was covered by Slashdot last year.

RIM has yet to comment on this but is unlikely to open up their devices to the UAE government. Not being spied upon is one of the selling points for the Blackberry in that country."

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