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Comment Can we stop this ? (Score 4, Insightful) 155

Let's go back to the moon and stay in high orbit.

Let's stop pretending humans can survive in deep space or or Mars.
It doesn't take a week of reading articles @ JPL to realize we're not built for longterm weightlessness or different gravities.
Let's send remote devices that can do our bidding now.

Maybe one day when we start either manipulating our DNA or build ships with artificial gravity....but landfall is going to be unhealthy
and not in anyone's lifetime that can even see this page. It's all a con.

Comment Re: Now that's just evil (Score 1) 515

" get used to fighting with settings to turn it all off"

Yeah, we call that "Locking down the OS" and I don't want to be on the team that will have to do that here.
No, this Gov Shop is full of seasoned techs that would love to see everything go Linux and open profits, just upgrading costs.
Saving the day ? We can't even get enough people to look at Politician's Platforms in an intelligent manner pre-voting, how the hell
are you going to get that many people to look at their processes in task manager once in a while, or understand they're being lead
astray into 1984 with this ?

Comment Public Fail (Score 1) 193

They've been trying to get us back onto Terminals for two decades, looks like they might win this time.
If the public buys into a service versus a product, we can wave the white flag on any privacy we had left, and censorship
will be just another feature down the road (everyone forgot about the AOL browser I guess).

The rest of us will continue on linux and have 10/8/7 on secondaries to support our Clients, but hell if we don't crap
on it at every turn for being a Trojan Horse OS.

In Windows 10, OS Trojans you !

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