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Comment Re:Stadiums: No. Emergencies: Yes (Score 1) 114

Hmmm, how to handle large crowds at large, permanent venues? Drones?! Why not just install more permanent hardware?

It makes sense for emergencies where you have a temporary need though.

Not really. Drones, except the million dollar a pop military type, have limited flight duration. When you want a bit of emergency communications, you probably want it for something on the order of a least multiple hours. Besides, ATT already has mobile cell towers on trailers. Complete with a generator and a week's supply of diesel. If you need some elevation, put the damned wire on a balloon like a dozen other posters have already mentioned.

Hell, ATT, do we have to do all of the work for you?

Comment Re:Science is still vague and unsettled (Score 1) 609

Yet. Still, you'll note that choosing mates tends to bias heavily towards the successful, strong, healthy, and intelligent in various combinations.

Oh. Right. I suppose if you really stress the concept of 'various combinations' you might have a point, but this silly statement is exactly why Tyson's idea of rationality doesn't work. Hormones aren't especially rational.

"Man is not a rational animal, he is a rationalizing animal." - RAH.

Comment Re:Compiling toothbrush code with GCC (Score 2) 348

According to TFA, the electric toothbrush reference design is also suitable for 'personal care items'.

Never in a thousand years would I have thought such a stodgy outfit as TI would have ever created a reference design for a vibrator.

Not to mention the sad state of affairs when said vibrator needs a microprocessor. Now you have no idea with the thing is really doing when you turn it on. This is a really fucking weird world.

Comment Re:He is lucky he did not get shot on the spot (Score 2) 235

Question 2: How many here have ever been confused as to which state they're in? I drive all over the country, and I've never found myself thinking, "Am I in Texas or Oregon? I can't tell."

Come on. It's easy in the American NE. You can sneeze twice and go entirely through Rhode Island.

Comment Hahahaha Social Media (Score 1, Troll) 73

the publication reports that three websites owned by Penton Technology --,, and -- have been compromised and their databases are now being sold on the Darknet. While nothing is confirmed, there is a possibility that some of the rumored 40M compromised Apple ID credentials may have come from these forums, or from LinkedIn's recent hack.

People who post info on social media are fools!

Oh. Wait.

Comment Re:The irony.. (Score 1) 221

You say this because you don't do anything important. You don't deal with information that can never be trusted to a third party (e.g. cloud). You don't travel for work. You don't work in areas without Wifi since you probably only go from your fiberoptic wired home to your fiberoptic wired cubicle farm. You also undoubtedly have no concern about governments going out of control and spying on you while wiping their ass with the Constitution. I'm sure that you probably know all about Star Wars and dress up like them too. At some point you have to grow up, be a responsible citizen, and see that your viewpoint is very limited. You really need to expand your knowledge of the world.

Yep. He says this like a perfectly normal person.

You, on the other hand, not so much.

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