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Comment Re:TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! (Score 1) 251

This is what everybody wanted right? right!?

Hmm. I sometimes wonder. Nobody I know admits to voting for him. In the deeply Red state of Alaska.

That's not precisely true. The couple of maniacs that run around with their beat up pickups festooned with NRA and Sarah Palin bumper stickers will still admit to it, but no one else.

I wonder what happened?

Comment Re:Different != more accurate (Score 4, Interesting) 74

Pretty much this. Cardiovascular risk is one of the best studied disease states known. Which is probably why they studied it. Even then, the 'AI' algorithms only improved risk stratification around 5% - nothing to sneeze at but hardly earth shattering.

OK, now, for extra credit lets risk stratify middle age hypertensive diabetics who are depressed.

Like the typical 'real world' patient. I'd just love some help here but the underlying data just doesn't support it. Which is kinda surprising since we've been studying these folks for a while. Simple medical problems are simple. Typical medical problems are not.

Comment Re:NK tech is non-existent (Score 1) 294

Nope. In the early 21st century, ICBMs are a solved problem. Especially when you're using surplus Russian gear. Simple, cheap. More or less effective.

Hell, in the US a single businessman can build modern ICBMs from scratch.

The warheads are a bit more of a problem, but again, it's not like a whole bunch of other people haven't been able to make them. Pakistan is not exactly on the list of Big Deals in the world.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 2) 294

The ONLY deterrent that NK needs - and already has - is massed artillery within range to hit the SK capital in minutes. The only thing that would take out the vast majority of those weapons would be a nuke - right outside the largest city in the country which houses half the population of the country. Oops.

Sure, you can blow NK into tiny little bits, but then you're going to take enormous civilian casualties. Perhaps historians can justify this 100 years hence but not even the Orange Fluff is psychopathic enough to give that particular order.

Comment Re:NK *is* a credible threat (Score 3, Informative) 294

If they want to wait several million more years for the southern part of the Pacific plate to wander over somewhere in the general vicinity of NK;

The North Korean navy is considered a brown water navy and operates mainly within the 50 kilometer exclusion zone. The fleet consists of east and west coast squadrons, which cannot support each other in the event of war with South Korea. The limited range of most of the vessels means that, even in peacetime, it is virtually impossible for a ship on one coast to visit the other coast.

But then they'd only get to annoy Mexico.

Comment Re:This is capitalism (Score 1) 30

There is a lot of regulation in the medical device field. Perhaps more than anything short of commercial aircraft. The problem is that the FDA isn't aggressively pursuing being a regulatory agency. If you don't enforce the regulations, following them becomes less of a priority.

The FDA has been criticized by many for being too lax. Various FDA staffers have criticized Congress for cutting funding (ooh, bad government, no biscuit). Truth is probably somewhere in between - there are likely lots of villains.

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