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Comment Re:Boeing or not going (Score 3, Insightful) 124

It's not but there are fully autonomous helicopters being used by the military. That said, there is hopefully still some substantive differences between your typical upscale American suburb and the backwoods of Afghanistan. Noise, the acceptance of a half ton of wrecked aluminum in your back yard, more noise - I just don't see it here in the US.

Not to even get into the limited capacity that air corridors have compared to roads. That could possibly change as autonomous flight allows for closer aircraft spacing, but it's not going to happen quickly.

And that noise... If you think the weeny little Phantom-class drones are going to be shotgun targets, wait until this thing tries to land in your neighbor's yard.

Comment Re:Emergency response (Score 2) 124

Did you see the drawing? Large houses, larger lawns. Those aren't the 'masses'. Think Tesla.

Then think again.

Nice try Airbus, but I can't image the local yard Nazis allowing giant mutant bumblebees to knock over the azaleas early in the morning. Those tiny-tiny ducted fans would just shriek.

You think leaf blowers were bad....

Comment Re: Think of it as evolution in action. (Score 2, Informative) 289

Of course, if you had bothered to RTFA, you would have noticed that the antibiotic resistance element in question most likely came from a pig who was fed the drug in it's feed. So you missed the entire point of TFA. It's not even a drug typically used in humans. It's a last ditch drug because of side effects.

Apparently deaf pigs with renal failure aren't a big issue.

Comment Re:Look to history (Score 2, Informative) 289

You apparently don't realize that hospital acquired infections are at the lowest point ever. We've lopped off all of the low hanging fruit and are now cruising into the noise. Still useful work to be done, but you have a pretty weird and completely unsupported notion of Ye Olden Tymes.

Nobody has forgotten quarantine - we call it 'isolation' because it's easier to spell. Hospitals are kept quite clean and iodine is a shitty topical antiseptic (alcohol is fine).

Comment Re: Amazing (Score 3, Insightful) 372

Obamacare wasn't much of an answer to America's medical problems, but it is also not much of a problem. It has helped at the margins. Unfortunately, it has helped the insurance companies more than it should have, but that's called politics.

I eagerly await Mr. Trump and his Republican colleague's attempt at improving things.

Comment Re:Conclusion: (Score 5, Interesting) 372

Nope. Ain't gonna go. I suspect there are a number of different reasons - it's usually complicated.

- Poverty or at least fewer jobs without insurance. Remember folks, most non Medicare / Medicaid insurances in our Glorious Country are based on having a job with a largish employer. Small businesses - which tend to abound in places without lots of people - are famous for not carrying insurance for their employees.
- Aging population. In my little rural town, the average age is older than Miami in the winter time. If it wasn't for the Coast Guard base and the schools we would have damned few kids in town (teachers tend to be younger with kids).
- Poorer access to specialty care. As you age, you start to need the services of various -ologists. Which often means traveling to the Big City. Which often doesn't happen. Quite frequently, it is a conscious decision not to partake of the smorgasbord of potential medical treatments but finances and distance do play a part.
- I'm not sure that lifestyle always plays a part. Here in Alaska we actually have a somewhat lower rate of obesity than in other states, but growing up in the South I was always struck with how many sedentary people spent their lives eating fried everything and smoking. Not too many vegans out here in the bush.
- Education. Doesn't always correlate with health (or happiness) but trying to work your way around the mine field of recommendations these days takes at least an interest in doing so. Again, this is going to vary from place to place but access to above high school education isn't a given in a rural area (see also, poverty).

I'm sure there are other bits to this. It's very likely Bush's fault.

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