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Comment Re:I know that I'm atypical here... (Score 1) 109

Same here. I quite enjoyed the movie. It did a better job showing a calculating dark batman and a morally struggling superman of the old days (like WWII) than any movie in the past 2 decades. Not an amazing movie with WW, Lois, and Luther being flat plug in characters; but good enough overall.

Having said that, the director needs to grow up. If RT is having that much of an impact on Hollywood, then that points to more about how little faith people have of professional movie critics. These days, I think pretty much everyone has gotten on to the game that Critics & Awards are just a different department within Hollywood Inc. There is no trust, nor is one worked on to built up. Critics & Awards used to have prestige and a "trusted" name or brand. Now they are ignored by everyone outside Hollywood Inc. Same is happening in the Gaming industry.

And if RT is hurting sales, GREAT, maybe just maybe we will start getting some good movies rather than reruns. More likely, Hollywood will get rid of critics to save money, game RT, and/or whine like the above.

Comment Re:Silly.... (Score 1) 196

Getting mad at Google when you've decided to use their automated tools to place your ads is kinda stupid. Place your ads intentionally instead of automatically and you won't have this problem.

AFAIK Google doesn't allow this...

YouTube's terms of service strictly prohibits burning visual ads into uploaded videos (other than title cards) and Advertisers cannot specify which videos where Ads are placed (other than by general demographics) except for high volume partnership relationships on sponsored channels.

Apparently, the only way to win is not to play the game which is what these advertisers seem to be doing now.

Comment Re:It's sooo easy! (Score 1) 124

Didn't matter a lot. Maybe it was a honeypot, maybe it checked a whole bunch of sites in a man in the middle attack- but I DIDN'T type in my username, so they would have had to check all the lists of millions of entries and do it very quickly, so I don't think so. And it listed out which breach it was, and it matched up. And I think it used a rainbow table for checking it, so they (allegedly) weren't sending my password in the clear.

It makes little difference, I didn't give a shit about any of the accounts, and I changed them all using LastPass to random 16 mixed character passwords.

Comment Re:3 articles referencing the same statement, misu (Score 1) 124

> You have to always assume your pc has been hacked.

LOL. You can't polish a turd. If your PC is hacked they can grab your password as you type it in anyway, so using an online password storage makes no material difference to security as opposed to using your brain, but the online security is much more convenient, and the online stored passwords are much longer and more random, whereas you've admitted that your passwords are total shit.

Comment Re:It's sooo easy! (Score 1) 124

You know what? You're not nearly as smart as you think you are. I first typed in random 'passwords' that weren't my LOW security password, and it said that those hadn't been hacked. And I didn't type in any of my high security passwords, and those are different on each site anyway, so there wouldn't be any point.

"Use a few passwords and variations of those. add caps and exchange letters for numbers aka "l33t"

Hahaha. Don't do that, moron.

Comment Re:3500 degrees (Score 1) 118

To answer my own question, the reason is that the amount of energy that can be captured is based on the temperature differences. So, if you could increase the temperature difference you could make energy.

As for the demon, just like Maxwell's, it would decrease entropy and, in doing so, increase the amount of energy available.

Comment Re:3500 degrees (Score 1) 118

This is just another in an example of XKCD falling down on explaining to me. I don't get the thermodynamics argument at all. My model is that I can take photons and put them where I want to by having a demon move around a mirror and shot them all at one spot (kind of like Maxwell's demon, but this one has a mirror). Yes, this creates a super hot spot, but it didn't use any energy that didn't already exist. It just put it all in one place.

Comment Re: Want good Internet? Move to a city. (Score 1) 168

Excluding that single category, Per capita Federal funding: Metro $8,171, Nonmetro $6,773.

Of course, that's only the spending side. Urban household income is $71k, where rural household income is just $50k (2015). Federal taxes for a family of 4 on $70k is about $5400 and on $50k roughly $2300. So, your average metro denizen "gets" maybe 6x his federal taxes back, where the average non-metro "gets" about 12x.

Obviously, because of the progressive income tax, averages aren't going to add up. The fact is that there are more humans living in cities. Those city dwellers earn more money and pay more taxes than rural residents. Money is going to flow from cities to the country.

Comment Re:DRM is necessary to stop piracy (Score 2) 217

Quite true; Digital Restrictions Management (contrary to what another poster said, smart people do realize and don't allow the reframing of the language away from how most people experience DRM) doesn't affect those who get their copies stripped of the restrictions as is commonplace amongst those who share. DRM chiefly adversely affects those who participate in the process (whether they spend their own money to do it or are given it gratis).

DRM is the excuse publishers use to justify the ongoing control over one's computer, spying regime modern-day DRM schemes make possible and use, and thus pose genuine risks to everyday computer users. This is not about "balancing" rights as another poster said, this is about copyright holders and their business partners using a mechanism to get more control over your devices, your privacy, and your life than they ought to have. To publishers who claim they wouldn't engage in the process without DRM, I say that's fine but I want to see proof and lots of it; please don't publish without DRM controls you couldn't have a few short years ago (remember that DRM schemes always become more onerous over time and publishers always try to convince the public they can't get by without the higher degree of control). Let your competition distribute their work at whatever price they think they can get DRM-free and do with the reduced competition. The publisher's threat is (taken on the whole) an empty threat and everyone knows it.

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