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Comment Re: "Of course it can," says government (Score 1) 259

thermals are actually quite easy to shield from, anything high in boron will do it. It's the high energy ones that you can't (economically) shield from.The issue with high energy neutrons is that what people use as gamma shields tend to make more neutrons. Basically, you need a swimming pool over your computer to shield from them.

Comment Re:It's not office. (Score 1) 557

There is also all the second guessing MS imposes on you.

Me: I want to save this in a new location, also called 'save as ...'
MS: OK, I've made a new dialog that asks what folder you want to put that in before you get to the dialog that asks you what folder you want to put that in.
Me: Can I please just save this file now
MS: nope, you're stuck clicking and clicking for the simplest tasks

It's also just sad how far behind the Mac OS they are in terms of what happens after a restart. On my Mac there is almost no reason to save anything because everything just relaunches to an identical state.

On windows it can take 10-20 minutes to get things going after a crash.

Comment Re:Skeptic (Score 1) 399

Wrong. There is almost no evidence that people change their labor market supply in response to taxes. They will move money around if you change the tax system (e.g. owners will pay themselves more this year if taxes go up next year) but they don't change their actual work.

Admittedly, at 100% taxes you have problems. But when taxes were 92% prior to Kennedy the ultra rich were asked if they would work more or less if taxes were increased (yes, increased from 92%) and they answered more. So, we've got some headroom.

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