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Comment Re:Constitution is for losers. (Score 1) 343

If gun owners would accept any accountability at all, I'd agree that there were some issues, but there is absolutely no acceptance that guns are a problem. You probably can't even admit that a pistol grip makes killing lots of people easier (there is a reason the militaries developed this grip--and it wasn't for show). You probably also deny what I've seen war surgeons report over and over: high power assault rifles are much worse. High speed rounds will absolutely pulverize a whole regions of the body.

I also don't see why gun owner ship should be easier than car ownership. Why not prove proficiency, residence, and insurance? If there were some accountability it would be different. But there isn't. Especially with legally purchased fire arms being used in crimes so often it's not even real that this isn't required. Look at Bloomberg's work on this on trying to keep guns out of the hands of criminals in NYC only to have other states sell them to criminals. Look at the fast and furious sting where they had to let guns walk because there was no law that they would bring them in under. It's just outrageous that we literally have laws designed to keep Mexican drug cartels supplied with arms because it makes the gun makers so much money.

I also fail to see the purpose of the AR-15 type high power assault rifles outside of a war zone. I'm not alone in this. Professionals (retired military generals) agree that the M-4/M-16 knockoffs have no place outside the military. I agree with them. I don't want to live in a war zone.

Comment Re:The man is a traitor and should be shot (Score 1) 343

One more, "trials that take years to start which are certainly not 'speedy'." IANAL but if your case takes over 60 days to start the judge will let you off. That is, unless the Republicans have stopped the President from appointing judges in your district. Then it can be extended to up to a year.

If you are talking about civil cases, the constitution doesn't mention them. No guarentee there.

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