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Comment Re:So Assange has overstayed his welcome. (Score 1) 315

I doubt they are keeping him from doing more damage and I doubt they really want to be on the good side of Obama / Clinton. Ecuador goes out of it's way to stick it's thumb in the US's eye every chance it gets--there will be no return for this. Again, reference how it is unlikely to work. Add in how it adds to the mystique of Assange.

Comment Re:50,000 * 30 (Score 1) 377

If you ran a campaign you wouldn't keep lists of friendly journalists? Do you know who Bob Woodward is? He has been given incredible access to Republicans forever and they have been treated kindly for he favor. It's not surprising, but I don't read his books because I know they keep him around mainly because he is useful, not because he is good.

Comment Re: Misleading headline; incentivized reviews cont (Score 2) 77

I go to amazon largely because it has reviews that are not curated by the OEM. The free products were breaking that. This brings it back.

Amazon doesn't want to sell you crap, they want to sell you something in the product category that you are looking for. They are best off if you know what you are in for when you buy (so you won't return) and get the best one so you are happy with amazon.

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