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Comment Re:NK is a real problem (Score 1) 296

Predictions are difficult, especially with regards to the future.

You can also google all the predictions about NK's nukes. They unfortunately eventually panned out.

Getting a means to get their nukes close enough to the US is a much easier problem than to assemble one in the first place.

Comment NK is a real problem (Score 0) 296

No American president can afford to allow NK to have nukes and intercontinental carrier capacities, or the ability to launch nukes from subs.

I don't think Trump should have ever been in the White House, but this is his problem to deal with now, because it looks like within four years NK will almost certainly get there.

Comment Re: Leftisy government (Score -1, Flamebait) 366

Sweden is a runner-up for rapes per capita, fighting with Botswana for the second spot (after South Africa).

Really messes with a statistics if you have a country like Sweden classify consensual sex, with non-consensual condom disappearance, as rape.

They should just call it the Assange sexual offense.

Comment Re:Write software after work (Score 2) 140

Yep. Bootstrapping that's what I've been doing. We've been around for tow years but are just now at a point were we can launch our first product in the cloud, and low and behold now some dude from LA wants to buy a third of our company.

We still have some runway left and I can always do some consulting on the side to keep me afloat, so we are in no hurry to take on seed capital.

Comment Re:As unpopular as it will be to hear... (Score 1) 161

SAS always wanted to kill R, since forever, and Dr. Goodnight hung on to the goal way past the point when it was clear that this was a losing battle.

As somebody who used to work at SAS, I can attest that their older core products are rock solid but the new stuff is often (if not always) over-burdened with issues, and released too early. I used to work with some R&D teams, and my impression was that they are spread to thin, over too many products.

Don't get me wrong, they are committed to fixing things and getting it right. Their customer orientation is a real strong suit of the company, but early adopters nevertheless should expect some pain.

With FOSS you can can get a much better picture, early on, about the maturity of a product. Yes, it's not magic pixy dust, but it is much more transparent what you get yourself into.

Comment Always happy to hear about hardware progress (Score 3, Informative) 42

But nothing report here is particularly new. It has been known for quite some time now that breaking encryption takes a lot of qubits, whereas quantum chemistry can be accelerated with relative modest qubits amounts, assuming they can implement universal QC gate model operations.

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