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Comment Re:Only if there was something (Score 2) 143

...and in 20 years when management decides to offshore *all* of its tech work to India (due to bloated contracts with said unions, bloated wages, and a systme where the incompetent could never get fired, let alone done so in a timely manner), we can all sit back and say we at least tried, right?

Comment Re:Natural byproduct (Score 1) 143

Actually, a culture forms whether or not management fosters one. Oftentimes, a culture will form that is decidedly counter to what management wants to foster.

If management is a bunch of cut-throat snakes, the employees adapt and form their own counter-culture of sorts. The result only gets uglier over time, and management usually doesn't find out until the company is rapidly sinking (at which time many of them have either jumped ship or are about to).

Comment Re:this is really getting tiring (Score 2) 143

- We have historical (and current) discrimination to overcome.

"historical" means approximately bupkis - no sane human is in the business of reparations, or of acting on induced guilt for things that they themselves have not done.

"(and current)"? Must not be all that prevalent if it's in parentheses, now is it?

- Different people from different viewpoints are almost invariably GOOD for an organization.

Almost, but...

  • doing so doesn't require "diversity" as the SJW crowd defines it
  • having differing viewpoints just for the sake of having them can be just as detrimental as having a monoculture/bubble/echo-chamber
  • there is a huge difference between having different viewpoints to consider from, and giving all of those differing viewpoints equal influence and/or power in an organization (else you have 'paralysis by analysis')

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 143

Generalization aside, I was actually sort of with you on that until...

They also think they're entitled to power even though they haven't worked hard enough to earn a management position.

That should read "they haven't worked long and/or smart enough to earn a management position."

Entrepreneurs who are successful enough to found their own self-sustaining company are exempt from this, naturally...

Comment Re:Scottish independence (Score 2) 510

Without England, Scotland has nothing to offer the EU except liability.

Scotland is small ,but it has a higher per capita GDP than England, or the entire UK for that matter -- if you count North Sea energy. Scotland as an independent country would be the twelfth largest economy in Europe and almost exactly in the middle of the pack for size in the EU.

Now logically speaking Scottish independence from an independent UK does not necessarily equate to EU membership. Scots could choose independence from the UK on the basis that union with a UK that is not in the EU is not as attractive as union with a UK that is in the EU.

Comment Re:Makes my mind go (Score 1) 64

Like sibling said... there is way more to PTSD than some Hollywood-style flashback thing. Actual PTSD alters behavior, heightens feelings of paranoia and insecurity (often to the point of interference with daily life), alters emotional behavior (and in children, can actually stop emotional development), jacks up one's aversion to risk... and I doubt I've even scratched the surface.

Note that it doesn't just come from war/battle, either. It can happen due to actual trauma (injury), crime (e.g. rape), and similar.

Comment Re: Internet Rape (Score 1) 504

Whatever you think, Trump is either the cure or the symptom. He is not the disease, and he is not part of the problem.

What? Of course he is. He is not the whole disease, but he is part of the disease. Think of THE PROBLEM (greed) like HIV. It attacks the immune system and makes you susceptible to other illnesses (Clinton, Trump, etc.)

Trump is a hypocrite. What more do you really need to know?

Comment Re:My prediction (Score 2) 275

To many ISPs, privacy is a product. Or, rather, privacy is something they would proclaim long and loud whenever some RIAA/MPAA flack tried to subpoena records.

Now some ISPs (*cough*Comcast*cough*) would happily whore out your info for a buck.

That first sentence brings me to a question: Would some IP cartel resort to buying lists, then using it to chase after users who visit certain torrent sites a little too often, or correlate IP addys with names, billing addresses, visits to torrent sites, etc? Wouldn't take much more than a simple SQL query to whip up a list of intimidation (err, litigation) targets.

Comment Re:Simulator...interface is garbage (Score 1) 321

While sims are mostly faithful to their airplane type in the air, on the ground and landing, it isn't the same.

Certainly. Nor at any other time, unless maybe if you've got a very good motion simulator. That's how it is for driving, why would it be fundamentally different for flying?

There are small differences between the sim and the real thing that throw off landings.

Things like tarmac condition? Wind eddies? Windshield smudges? Temperature's effects on tire performance? Presumably, sooner or later the sims will model all these things, as well, and then some. And then it still won't be the same :)

On the other hand, simulator experience seems sufficiently relevant to the current discussion. It's enough fun when the runway is flat and straight, if you ratchet up the inclement conditions. Now make it round and curved in two dimensions and watch the fun begin!

I haven't even flown a sim in ages. I have yoke and pedal controllers, maybe I'll finally desk up so that I can use them.

Comment Re:Only viable if all planes land themselves (Score 1) 321

The runway is banked, and the angle of the bank is proportional to the radius. Anything moving along the runway, at any speed, should naturally stay on the runway. Slower objects will roll towards the inner, flatter area, and faster objects will zip around the high rim.

The word you want is not banked, it is curved. Unless you say it is progressively banked, but that's solely an unnecessarily loquacious means of stating the same precise thing. But that's just another undesirable added complexity. Now if you don't touch down at the correct lateral position for your airspeed, you're going to have to deal with the runway trying to either dump you off the bottom, or squirt you off the top.

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