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Comment Re:Compact Florescents would like a word (Score 2) 116

Fuck knows what shit it is that you're buying, but there's a CF replacement bulb in every socket in my house and I've literally never changed one.

The outdoors one is on from dusk to 11pm all year round and is a CF. Still going.

In fact, all that's happened is that I've started replacing the CFs with LED lights - and same thing there. Not one in the bin yet. In fact I've still got a box of 20 LED bulbs which are just waiting for the CFs to die but I don't get up on a chair to change them unless they do and NOT ONE has. In the same time, I've replaced 12 halogens and about 7 incandescents.

And I'm using the cheapest thing on Amazon that I can buy in bulk and is supplied in a direct-replacement for an existing bulb-shape.

Hell, I even replaced all the tiny little high-power halogens that were popular in light fittings with bigger-but-same-output LEDs that take 1/50th the power.

I honestly don't know what junk you're using or what's wrong with your house electrics, but CF's do what they claim, and so do LEDs.

Comment Re:progressive thinking (Score 1) 69

as owners of the land that the pipeline runs over, the government is naturally the institution demanding safety. What makes government "evil" is that it usually acquires property by force, gives it away to powerful special interests, and does a piss poor job managing and preserving it.

That is, if this land (and the Indian territory) actually was private property and managed as private property, then there would be nothing to riot and protest about.

Wait, is it evil to acquire property by force, or not? Because... how do you think the government got the land this nation is based upon?

Comment Weather (Score 1) 125

Little better than random chance, then.

Pisses me off that the biggest IT investments and supercomputers exist for meteorogical purposes that perform little better than chance.

Though important, for shipping, air travel, etc. it's not THAT important to get a tiny little percentage over just looking around and thinking it's going to piss down in a moment, or sticking a box in the North that lets you guess how long until the same weather hits the South.

Just seems one enormous waste of money to me. And who exactly PAYS for their weather forecasts? Are airlines really paying millions of pounds a year to find out if the skies are going to be a bit rough?

Comment So what percentage does eBay handle? (Score 1) 61

I do buy a fair amount of stuff from Amazon, but I'm at least as likely to go to eBay when I want something. If I'm shocked and appalled by the prices I find in both places, then I will start googling. Often, I just go ahead and check them both right away, both for the price comparison and because their searches sometimes turn up substantially different results for the same keywords.

Comment Re:Hold down power button and ... (Score 1) 362

Let's take this backwards.

Real abuse comes from congress and the supreme court as brought to you by [corporation].


Lack of power.

The President has a certain amount of power to do things or not do things, and that power can be wielded on behalf of corporations — especially when done in concert with [corporate stooges in] congress [but I repeat myself].

Comment Re:Needs improvement (Score 3, Insightful) 58

I'd be MUCH more worried if said audit produced nothing at all.

The fact that the flaws are mostly in the new bootloader code - new, untested, complicated - is EXACTLY right. You don't need to use that bootloader, and TrueCrypt NEVER had that kind of bootloader (so the choice is nothing or VeraCrypt in that instance).

There is nothing to suggest that the people behind TrueCrypt were any better - their audit turned up stuff too, and that was YEARS and YEARS after their first releases. VeraCrypt code hasn't had even have that amount of time to catch up.

So I don't see a problem. I've used both. TrueCrypt is going to stop working eventually - whether that's because UEFI bootloaders become ubiquitous, which is what MS are pushing for, or some other reason.

Where security is concerned, better a project that people are actively working on (i.e. looking for, and fixing, flaws) than something that was once secure stagnating because nobody is coding on it. Take OpenSSL and OpenOffice as the prime examples of this lately.

Comment Re:Showmanship (Howard Stern, Lady Gaga) vs sociop (Score 1) 146

While Trump is most assuredly a clown, Hillary is very likely a sociopath, so "the only sane one" would have to go to the clown, Trump.

What color is the sky in a world in which running a visa mill, bragging about having sexually abused many women, raping at least one woman, and Trump's typical deliberate corporate malfeasance are not sociopathic behavior? Does photosynthesis work on your planet?

Comment Re:progressive thinking (Score 4, Insightful) 69

But heaven forbid people want to build an oil pipeline, something that actually makes roads safer and actually saves energy: then progressives are up in arms and start protesting and rioting, and they are not above using Native Americans as props in their political theater.

Until you start using the most primitive of available technologies to make oil pipelines safe, like double-walled pipes with interstitial leak monitors, you can stick those oil pipelines up your ass.

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 2) 162

That would be fine if the self-guided drones and weapons only used GPS, they don't. Often they use a multitude of things, from GPS, to visual, to laser pinpointing, to other things we don't even know about.

It's not a perfect defense, but it will stop casual attackers using toy technology. On the other hand, the reason all the ATM skimmers come from Russia is that they spent a lot of money on mathematics education. If there's any hackers in the world ready to make their drones finish a journey on dead reckoning when the GPS goes funny, it's probably Russian ones.

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