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Comment Re:Why not covered by insurance? (Score 1) 195

> If you smoke and get lung cancer, tough shit. Drink and ruin your liver, same deal. Obesity related medical issues are your own responsibility as well.

this used to be my opinion until i learned that the cigarette tax in UK brings in so much money it can more than cover the cost of the necessary healthcare for smokers. alcohol is taxed similarly.

Submission + - SPAM: Authors of encrypted-messaging app in legal battel with government 1

mi writes: Open Whisper Systems — whose Signal app pioneered the end-to-end encryption technique now used by many messaging services — was subpoenaed for information about one of its users earlier this year, according to legal correspondence released Tuesday. The American Civil Liberties Union, which represented the company, said the small San Francisco firm didn't produce the user's name, address, call logs or other details requested by the government.

“That's not because Signal chose not to provide logs of information,” ACLU lawyer Brett Kaufman said in a telephone interview. “It's just that it couldn't.”

It could not, because it does not collect that information — and can not collect it because of how their software is written.

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Comment Re: Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

i went the other way. after years of struggling with compatibility of printer/scanner drivers for linux (canon, epson, kodak, samsung, xerox), reduced feature sets (on linux) and fiddling with drying ink cartridges, i bought a semi-expensive HP LaserJet and never looked back. the thing is like a tank.

* works over network, INCLUDING scanning
* under linux, it supports everything to the same extent as it does under windows AND some features are even better
* i can print from anywhere in the world by just emailing the document to HP
* if i don't print anything for 2 months, i don't have to deal with dried ink cartridges
* when there was a bug in the driver (binary blob was incompatible with the open driver shipped with ubuntu), i emailed HP and within 2 days they updated the blob the driver downloads

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