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Comment Re:I use it because... (Score 2, Informative) 467

My 5 year old niece uses W2007, how hard can it be?

This comment you are replying to is not how hard it is, especially not to a newcomer as you niece, but about familiarity.

One of the key arguments against MS Office alternatives prior to Office2007 was the inconvenience, and possible financial costs, of retraining for people already familiar with Office. It wasn't that the alternatives were harder to use (Office was no paragon of truly intuitive design and neither were the alternatives so the difference in that respect was a close to naught as makes not odds), it was that they were different. Pro MS commenters quietly dropped the argument shortly before Office 2007 arrived and the same argument is now being landed on the newer MS products by promoters of alternatives.

I've not used Office 2007 enough to form a definite opinion though I suspect I won't particularly care either way - if it does the job without being too irritating I'll use what-ever tool I have available. I use Office 2003 those few times I need such a thing at work (I'm a developer/DBa/SysAdmin at a small company so have little time to use office applications even when I would want to (documentation and test plans usually falling to someone else with some guidance and later editing from myself and others in my position, and documentation intended for users and/or trainers is definitely better prepared by people not like me) and OO.o for personal stuff (both on my main home PC and netbook). I have encountered Office 2007 at work, but only briefly. I know people who do use it regularly though and their opinions range from love to hate covering everything between, and there seems to be little correlation (after the initial training/retraining period) between the sort of person (in terms of their overall techie-ness and level of previous experience with such applications) and which end of the spectrum they sit closet to - so I suspect that in the long run it simply comes down to difficult-to-objetify personal preference.

Comment Re:White people suck in space (Score 1) 870

I got the impression that their atmosphere is very different, because humans had to hide behind the transparent mask to breathe properly. Simply high amount of CO2 cannot do that. Even on earth, we have 70-75% inert gas (for our breathing purpose) and we breathe quite fine. Was it mentioned that atmosphere is similar to earth's?

I agree with your statement about seeing electromagnetic radiation because we see best in the wavelength range in which solar radiation filtered by atmosphere reaches best on earth's surface.

But about audio frequencies, even if the atmosphere is similar, it can carry various frequencies. Humans hear well in only a particular frequency range. Even different organisms on earth do not hear/emit sound in the same frequency range: elephants, dogs, bats, snakes all have vastly different audio frequency sensing ability despite living in the same atmosphere.

But having said all that, still the amount of similarity with an independently evolved species is too uncanny for me to digest. 2 eyes, 2 ears, a nose with 2 nostrills, 2 arms with hand like endings, a navel, 2 legs, tendency to hide one's groin, hair like thing on head and rest of the body relatively hairless? Doesn't seem to be realistic.

Comment Re:Copyright Holders Are Winning Control of Our Go (Score 1) 194


(1) "I'm tempted to say your post is troll-like but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and put it down to retarded-like ignorance."

OK - I did not say the post was a troll and reading the above line what I posted was maybe a bit harsh.

(2) Please do not attack my friends and call them "idiots".

(3) "incapable of doing simple arithmetic and understand that more going out than is coming in" - This is fine if your financial situation is straightforward. If you have a family of 2 kids, both parents are working, husband decides to walk away from everything and cease his financial contribution then things get messy very quickly. Believe me the bank is not understanding at all.

(4) What about the businesses that have suffered from banks withdrawing financial support (there are a few legitimate reasons why this is needed) and then hitting them with "unauthorised" fees afterwards?

(5) I can add and subtract - my finances are fine as I am sure my friends can add and subtract too.

I just think you arguments are very simplistic.

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