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Comment Re:Makes more sense (Score 1) 222

If the pipes you have are made to serve 1000 people and you have 100000 customers, there's something wrong.
As you said peak hour is peak hour nothing ca be done about ti the usage is not really elastic, so if congestion is a possibility then congestion there will be.
off peak the guy watering his rice fields is not bothering anyone since the pipes are there and filled with water no matter the usage. Besides that guy has an upper limit on how much water he can draw per second, a limit he cannot go over no matter what (removing caps on modems is ground for service termination at the minimum).
caps is having the cake and eating it too. plain and simple.
Some ISP do impose caps (account for usage) during peak hours and have reasonable limits (around 300GB) off peak hours (during night usually) download/upload to your heart's content. Still asinine but reasonable to some extent !

Comment Re:The big advantage of XOR (Score 1) 277

thanks, for those explanations. it's nice to know that custom signing keys for system images might make to nexus devices someday.
The only, sad thing is that if a device is dropped, even if it s capable of all the new and shinny things, no one would be able to bring it up to speed.
I still have that bitter after taste after support for galaxy nexus was dropped, althought it was -and still-- very much a capable device. it even had the hardware https://android.googlesource.c... /rant
again thanks for the info :)

Comment Re:The big advantage of XOR (Score 1) 277

I always deplored the absence of the possibility to replace bootloader signing/verification keys with my own (that way I don;t have to unlock/relock every time I need to do something). I do have a nexus 5, and I don't like new nexus line, so I guess I'm out of luck, since hammerhead will be dropped soonish :'(.

Comment Re:Sooo .. (Score 1) 127

there's an app I saw on F-droid, that checks the device's accelerometer and locks it if it detects a sudden violent movement (snatched, falling ... etc) and locks it right away. It is availabale of course in google's play store. Pluck Lock (there are plenty others
with that said this smart lock thing is very very bad -IMHO which is why I deactivated it completely-, it makes locking the phone a joke.

Comment Re:Bulls... since when will self driving cars have (Score 1) 451

same could be said about pedestrians (I say that as both, a driver and a pedestrian).
One as, I was trying to cross a street a a swarm of said pedestrians (for which the light was RED) prevented me and a bunch of other people (cars included) from doing just that, because they wen't paying any attention (and I'm fairly certain that it is not an exception at that particular intersection).
Another time, a drone forced me and a whoever was behind, to come to a COMPLETE STOP in an intersection when the light was GREEN because whatever he was doing on his phone was more important that his or others's people life.

Comment Re:Speed penalty of encryption (Score 1) 124

sorry, I made a mistake : if the file: "/data/misc/adb/adb_keys" can't be open for any reason at all (fopen returns NULL), "ade.secure" is not set and it will accept connections from any computer (with root privileges no less). if it can be open , it is copied to / (in recovery) and "adb.secure" is set.

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