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Comment Re:waah waah i oversold my product (Score 1) 269

Nobody thought? Why was someone watching a bad movie on an outdated media while "driving" then ?

Those who are in charge of communication for safety, are considered to have failed, when someone misunderstands. Professionals in safety critical fields don't hide behind pages of boring text - a fireman rescuing you from a burning building won't spell out the limitations and capabilities of the wall that is about to fall on your head, he'll order to get out of it or pull you out.

And statistical case doesn't have to be made to say it is unsafe. Burden of proof is Musk's.

Comment Re:Live by the media hype die by the media hype. (Score 1) 269

No, Google has done nothing of the sort. Any update to the software invalidates all testing done till then - period. If it depends on the server side, server side code/data change also invalidates the tests. Now count the valid tests from Google and it turns out to be insignificant at any given moment.

Also, any manufacturer's cars are not sufficient in numbers right now to present an enticing target to hackers. Google has proved nothing in this regard - the hackability of the cars or the lack thereof.

Comment Re:Your car is not your car (Score 1) 305

Taxes, most taxes, are not in exchange of anything in particular. Specifically property taxes - You owe the tax, whether you use the land/house or not, whether you are in the country at the time or not, whether the municipal area does any work or not.

Similarly income taxes are not in exchange of anything - not of letting you use your money, not of allowing you to work, they just are owed whether you like it or not. Because they have a bigger stick than you, because most people support it, because they can, I would even say because it is good for all people.

Justification of taxes is the development of the surrounding area, amenities the government provides etc. but that is not what a tax is in exchange of.

Comment Re:Basic Scrutiny (Score 1) 898

No, because it fails for man of the the _SAME_ reason's as Welfare yet is claimed to replace welfare to give all people a living wage for doing nothing

The semi-coherent interpretation I could form is :

No, because it fails for many of the the _SAME_ reasons as welfare, yet is claimed to replace welfare to give all people a living wage for doing nothing

But even in this semi-coherent interpretation, the "yet" is misplaced - all the same reasons actually argue for replaceability of welfare by UBI, not against.

Consider : Is one of the reasons UBI fails for is that under that scheme there is no assurance of beneficiaries using the UBI for basic needs? That is not a valid reason it cannot replace welfare, because a lot of welfare has the exact same problem - that there is no assurance the welfare is being used for one's basic needs.

How can the same lack of assurance in welfare as well as in UBI cause UBI to be unable to replace welfare?

Put in one more way : Since UBI and welfare are equivalent in the lack of assurance department, one cannot be said to be unable to replace the other for this factor at least.

Comment Re:Some more nominations (Score 1) 171

Ok, I don't understand you. Do you know the people talking in the videos? Why do you think they are talking about things that no one is supposed to know? Stupidity? Or they are working for opposite purposes than they are claiming to work for?

In at least one place the video is dishonest - they introduced a person by prefacing it by his tax fraud conviction - I didn't see how it was relevant except to prejudice people. This part was in both the videos. But he doesn't introduce himself with his misdemeanor. Do you know why ?

Comment Re:Economic malthusianism (Score 1) 898

This is what you think you will do, and it doesn't even matter what you do. What matters is what "most people" do, especially those born and raised in this UBI environment.

When I see the children of rich/successful people, I am not filled with hope for this UBI world. Though a very extreme environment is needed to really AB test what people growing up in UBI world would do. Do you have any evidence about what "most people" would do?

Comment Re:Basic Scrutiny (Score 1) 898

There is no assurances that they will use BI for food, utilities, housing, or any other purpose one claims BI is for

These welfare systems also don't assure anything. Food stamps give you food, but there is no assurances that you will eat the food. Shelter schemes give you home, but there is no assurances that you will live in the shelters thus obtained. Out-patient healthcare can give you diagnosis and medicine without assuring anyone that you will consume the medicine.

Asylums , in-patient healthcare and madhouses are the main welfare required after UBI.

Comment Re:Don't be surprised ... Watch this video any you (Score 1) 315

Do you know these guys who are talking in the video ? Are they stupid enough to tell people about things that no one is supposed to know? Don't you suspect they are working for the opposite cause than they admit to - or just spewing FUD ?

Like, hey man - you cannot trust anyone, you just might as well trust me than actually smart people!

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 1) 365

You misunderstand. The battle won't be fought in courts - it will be in legislative sessions, by first crossing preliminaries in public perception.

Public perception is won by emotion, not logic / numbers. The battlecry will be "No more dead kids" represented next to a car with devil horns. Your figures telling that human drivers kill more kids will need to harness stronger emotions than that, they don't have to tote better numbers.

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