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Submission + - Microscopic plastic debris damaging marine life (

goldaryn writes: Microscopic plastic debris from washing clothes is accumulating in the marine environment and could be entering the food chain, the BBC reports.

In order to identify how widespread the presence of microplastic was on shorelines, the team took samples from 18 beaches around the globe, including the UK, India and Singapore.

"We found that there was no sample from around the world that did not contain pieces of microplastic."


Submission + - Was there only one Big Bang? (

goldaryn writes: are running an interesting story about the work of Oxford-based theoretical physicist Roger Penrose.

Penrose has been studying CWB radiation and believes it's possible that space and time did not come into being at the Big Bang but that our universe in fact continually cycles through a series of "aeons". He believes that he has found evidence supporting his theory that the universe infinitely cycles, which contradicts current theory.

They thank Physics World , who ran the original story.


Submission + - European company to harness orbital solar energy (

goldaryn writes: Word from the BBC today is that Europe's biggest space company is seeking partners to help get a satellite-based solar power trial into orbit.

EADS Astrium says the satellite system would collect the Sun's energy and transmit it to Earth via an infrared laser, to provide electricity. Space solar power has been talked about for more than 30 years as an attractive concept because it would be "clean, inexhaustible, and available 24 hours a day". However, there have always been question marks over its cost, efficiency and safety. But Astrium believes the technology is close to proving its maturity.


Submission + - Meteorologists discover new cloud

goldaryn writes: Several news sources are reporting that British meteorologists may have discovered a new classification of cloud.

Experts at the Royal Meteorological Society are now attempting to have the new cloud type officially added to the international nomenclature scheme used by forecasters to identify clouds.

The new cloud, a type of storm cloud, has been named "Asperatus" after the Latin word for rough.

The BBC also has a nice picture gallery.

Submission + - South Korea drafting ethical code for robotic age

goldaryn writes: "The BBC have reported that the South Korean government are working on an ethical code for human/robot relations, "to prevent humans abusing robots, and vice versa"

The article describes the creation of the Robot Ethics Charter, which "will cover standards for users and manufacturers and will be released later in 2007."

The article continues: "It is being put together by a five member team of experts that includes futurists and a science fiction writer."

"In the 21st Century humanity will coexist with the first alien intelligence we have ever come into contact with — robots. "It will be an event rich in ethical, social and economic problems."

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