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Comment Re:Okay. (Score 3, Funny) 204

...if everyone were to post as AC, then it would be the content of their posts that would be rated and nothing else.

Which is why I don't typically post AC. When a /. user sees my sig, they know that whatever preceded it must have been pure gold and any deviation from its goldiness must have been a misunderstanding.

Comment Re:Hell, it's about time. (Score 1) 240

Do you think the voters know more or less about Trump as a result of his twitter feed? Do you believe there will be any confusion about who Trump is come November 2020?

We definitely know more about Trump from his Twitter feed. He's painted himself as a thin-skinned, reactionary conspiracy-theorist. This is a good thing - I want to know as much about the candidates as possible. The bad side is the impression he's giving the world.

I think Trump's Twitter feed is a historic landmark in the evolution of democracy.

Me too. That doesn't mean I think it's a net positive in this case.

Anita Sarkesian tells us were having wrongfun if we enjoy mainstream video games. The folks at WorldCon tell us we're having wrongfun if we enjoy good SF books without regard to the political leanings of the authors.

Who the fuck is Anita Sarkesian and why should anyone care if she or WorldCon don't encourage or condone what I do? Are these examples of "my betters"? I don't feel oppressed. I guess "unapproved fun" is only important to me if I give a shit about the approval.

Comment Re:Every politician, all the time, in real time (Score 1) 204

just like every other law congress passes, it doesn't apply to them.

That's probably true. Just because their ISPs can sell their information doesn't mean they will. I'm not necessarily saying they won't bite the hand that fed them, but I don't think it's likely.

Comment Re:Hell, it's about time. (Score 1) 240

How dare the president talk directly to the voters in a democracy!

I'm all for the president having a line to the people - It's the sole reason I installed Twitter. If I hadn't, I wouldn't know that Snoop's career is failing - Thanks @POTUS! The problem is that he's often so full of shit or so far off in the weeds that it makes the whole damn country look foolish. I check Twitter every morning before work to see if he's tweeted anything that could damage my world.

It's a scandal, not letting the press tell the peasants what they're supposed to think.

Recently, when the press has told "the peasants what to think" in conflict with the White House, it's because the White House is just wrong. It started day one with the crowd size alternative facts and has just gotten worse with, for example, the millions of illegal Hillary votes or the wiretap Obama ordered.

This whole country is going to fail, given the way people are thinking unapproved thoughts and having unapproved fun. Why won't they just listen to their betters? It's for their own good!

Have "our betters" been barring open thought and fun? I missed that chapter. I'd like to believe that I think for myself. I don't believe in fun.

Comment Re:that's the entire point of facebook (Score 1) 82

I do not want to give FB any personal information....

What's the difference between giving it to FB or giving it to anyone else? If you want to "dip your toe into the social media thing" (and you don't consider /. social enough), FB's probably the way to go. A lot of people find it worth the time/sacrifice. A lot of /. users love announcing that they avoid it (just like cable-cutters won't shut up about life without TV), but my guess is that most /. users are also FB users. Feel free to falsify information - They have exactly what you give them. I'm not an Instagram user, but my impression is that it's mostly media sharing - I'm not sure that's the aim you want to start out with for business use.

Comment Re:We place a high priority on battery safety (Score 1) 51

Take the number of batteries in the field, (A), and multiply it by the probable rate of failures that would be prevented, (B), then multiply the result by the average out-of-court settlement, (C). A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of the testing procedure, we don't do it.

Comment Re: Oh well (Score 2) 211

if we opt to do nothing and continue business as usual with the fossil fuels for example, we can make things a lot worse

And things will get worse - We'll help. It remains to be seen how much we'll contribute and how warm we'll eventually get, but global warming will continue. I'm not an expert, but that's something I believe based on what I've read. Along with minimizing the problem as much as possible, we'd best plan for the consequences.

Comment Re:EULA (Score 5, Funny) 395

Maybe snuck in with the previews? "By continuing to watch this, all viewers agree to give this movie perfect reviews. If you disagree, please forfeit your ticket purchase now."

In a related story, Consumer Reports just labelled the car I'm selling, "unsafe at any speed." Obviously, my next step is to sue Consumer Reports so that I can improve the safety of my cars.

Comment Re:chip on your shoulder (Score 1) 253

You get far fewer objections when a female just pulls her shirt up for a boob-viewing session.

[citation needed]
That may be true only because a woman flashing her boobs is probably doing it somewhere that it's not shocking (club, Mardi Gras, whatever), but it's not true at the mall's food court. And the objection to breast-feeding is probably just a rude prude. The objection for indecent exposure could involve handcuffs.

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