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Comment Re: As it should be (Score 1) 230

so answer the question: should these cars be let on the road before or after those bugs are worked out?

If we wait until we're sure that all the bugs are worked out, the cars will literally never be allowed on the road, despite being enormously better than the alternative. Should we refuse to let people drive until we're sure that they'll never make an error?

Comment I guess there's one born every minute (Score 4, Insightful) 212

I'm astonished to learn that there are actually people out there that accept that trading gift cards is a viable method for taking care of back taxes. This is less convincing than a Nigerian prince needing payment so that he can collect money for you.

My faith in humanity continues to wither.

Comment Re:Clearly Samsung's QA department..... (Score 1) 164

I suspect if the washing machine manual came with the warning "If you don't balance your clothes, this washer very well might sling itself apart, and cause personal injury or property damage" people would pay much more attention.

What fraction of consumers would you guess RTFM for their washing machine? Or even have one - A great many of us inherited our washer with our residence with no manual.

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