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Comment No conspiracy theory needed. This is simple. (Score 4, Interesting) 315

Ecuador has been walking a line for some time providing refuge. Assange has made clear at this point both in statements and in actions, that when it comes to this election he has a very strong bias. Ecuador does not want to be seen taking steps to interfere in a US election. By providing the platform and venue for Assange to do what he's doing, as it becomes increasingly clear that he's not providing unbiased data release but rather acting as a proxy for Russian propaganda product, that's exactly the position they're in. By cutting off his access, they're preventing him using their protection to interfere in the US election.

Comment actually no. (Score 1) 323

The numbers provided where estimates that purported to include vehicle costs. They may be a bit low or a bit high, but they're not too far off. Even in busy markets, you can earn money doing this. Driving a cab is never going to be a shortcut to wealth and an excellent lifestyle. Uber isn't going to change that.

Comment Not as bad as I'd assumed. I feel LESS guilty now (Score 1) 323

So this is meant to be an anti-Uber argument. To some extent it is because it suggests that Uber overstates what drivers can earn per hour.

On the other hand, it indicates that in most markets Uber drivers can earn a living wage and even in the most competitive markets they can cover expenses and beat the minimum wage.

I suggest this is a valid choice for Uber drivers. It doesn't suggest that you would leave a good manufacturing job with benefits to drive people around, but is that realistic in any case?

I actually had a lower estimate on what could be made doing this, and would have bet that many drivers don't earn enough to cover the wear and tear on their vehicles. Clearly this isn't the case.

I feel less guilty about using Uber after reading this.

Comment I think maybe you don't know how insurance works. (Score 2) 299

Let's start by saying that currently 12 states and Puerto Rico have no-fault auto insurance laws, and the car insurance business thrives there. Why? Because fault is really not the core important part of insurance. Insurance is there to cover the risk you cannot afford to pay for all at once if you have a problem. Regardless of who is at fault, if you're driving around in a 40,000 dollar car that the bank holds a 30,000 dollar note on, the bank is going to insist you carry insurance on the car.

Comment I'd actually like a more direct feedback approach (Score 1) 50

I would love to see then surface an optional click layer when you return from an external article link, maybe as a strip across the bottom of the item panel that let you just with one click rate the link as interesting or not. It should be done in a non-model way, so it could be ignored by anyone who doesn't bother. Some way to punish clickbait directly would really help.

Comment Car makers LOVE dashboards that go obsolete faster (Score 1) 417

You replace your phone or tablet (on average) every couple of years. In two years, it's obsolete. Not fast enough, not enough storage, doesn't run the lastest apps or the latest OS updates.

You replace your car far less often -- and as cars are lasting longer and longer (remember when 100,000 miles was end of life?) one of the ways to get your car to "need replacing" is to build in technology that looks ancient in 2 years. What do you suppose the resale value of a car is that is 3 years old, has less than 40,000 miles on it, but can't run the latest dashboard operating systems or applications?

Comment Re:As a firefighter, I am extremely skeptical. (Score 2) 30

Thanks for the nice feedback. I could get a lot more graphic, but I don't think people would really believe me. What you see on TV of firefighting is as unrealistic as everything else on TV. For good reason, I guess, since video of what goes on inside a real burning building would be very hard to watch. It would mostly be a dark or a white screen and a lot of noise. Not great television.

Comment Re:As a firefighter, I am extremely skeptical. (Score 1) 30

SCOTT offers a mask with a heads up TIC, and I'd imagine MSA does but I've never checked. The problem is, they're expensive. We can have one handheld TIC on each engine, ladder, and heavy rescue. If we were buying the masks with built in TIC units, we'd need to have one for every pack because they really can't be shared.

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