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Comment Re:captain obvious (Score 1) 366

The RIAA goes after uploaders because it's easier, not because downloading is legal.

It's a bit of an open question as to who is making the copy in a upload/download arrangement, and it's pretty easy to argue either side. In order to prosecute downloaders the RIAA would essentially have to host copyright material, which they don't want to do because, first, it involves putting something they don't want copied on the web, and second, if they're hosting it, you can make a reasonable argument that what you downloaded was implicitly authorized.


Russian Police Know Who Wrote Gpcode Virus 201

rifles only writes "Russian police almost certainly know the identity of the programmer responsible for the frightening 'ransomware' crypto virus, Gpcode, which has hit the Internet several times since 2006, says a story at Techworld, which has tapped a Kaspersky Lab researcher. Gpcode used 1024-bit RSA/128-bit RC4 to lock up victims' data, an uncrackable combination that left the world with only one solution: find the virus author to get the master key. So why don't the cops do anything? Good question, but this is Russia we're talking about."

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