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Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 383

That is the wrong question. The problem isn't about having people leaching the system there are other attributes towards wealth than raw survivaval we want to feel special and worth while, those who freeloading willingly really have some mental problem that should be addressed. The real question is on the other side if there are no corporations or rich people what will prevent people going that extra mile where it really suffers.
Let's use Musk as an example against all odds he is pushing clean energy and making money off of it. A government really would still stick with fossil fuel just because the risk of failure is low and the jobs for it are well defined.
The social imbalance is needed for progress.
But we need to make sure those at the bottom are not stuck. That is where the problem is.

Comment So what? (Score 0) 99

I am not sure the point. We got a thousand connections, sure they should connect to free wi-fi however...
1. So they found out what sites they went to. Now much of that data was incrypted. So the details weren't too obvious.
2. The numbers were not that crazy.
TFA said about 1000 people connected. So...
About 50 people played a popular game
7 people were using a dating app
3 people viewed porn.
Being that it is populated with many people who's main candidate married a porn star is it that surprising.
3. What does avast suppose to do about this? No matter how good the software you can't fix stupid.

Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 3, Insightful) 439

For the most part that is all what Wikileaks seems to do.
Nothing really surprising, unless you are really naive about the world.

Should I be shocked that the Publicly the Civilian casualties count was lower than the actual?
Should I be shocked that a Military which is volunteer and not extremely selective and their ages are in the late teens and early 20's would have a bunch of people who will act less than professionally and cause trouble?

So why should I be shocked to find that When she is running for a position she is working with strategies to counteract her opponent?

Perhaps they should leak my email to find out that I spend a lot of time explaining my work and trying to avoid getting yelled at for the users mistakes?

Comment Re: In his Mother's basement (Score 1) 158

That computer will be out of date in a few years. But the home theater (Albeit quirky) will raise the value of his home and his assets that 1.5 million dollars didn't go to waste, as he can always sell his home with the extra addition and make up the money, as well he can sell off many of his collections at action for more than he bought them for.

Getting that super computer is a bad choice.

Comment Re:unpasteurised milk is way better (Score 2) 249

I am curious if we we have scientific evidence of this. (Not necessarily that it is better, but it tastes different).
Or is it that most Pasteurised milk is also Homogenized (To prevent separation of the cream, with the rest of the milk.)
Or perhaps that most of the time Pasteurised milk sold in the store may had been sitting on the shelf for a few days longer.

As with many of the Natural Food and Non-GMO food people. There is little science behind their claims but are basing it of an emotional response towards it.

Comment Re: Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 336

Automation raises the standard of living for everyone. Your Smartphone has more compute power than computers from Windows XP era, and don't cost nearly as much, and do so much more. So, your view on my viewpoint is irrelevant at best, and at worst is wrong.

The people who get killed in economic revolutions are all caused by those fighting to keep the status quo economically. The transition between Agrarian to Industrial was fought out in the Civil War, by those people who couldn't see the future because of tradition (slavery being one of the big ones). We've fought long hard wars with people trying to keep what they had, instead of adapting and moving forward. The next war is not going to be much different, and is already being battled in the cyber area, between those that want to keep the status quo (China/manufacturing) and those that see the future (Cyber Industry).

There will always be work for people to do, and those that work smarter will seem luckier. People have always fought wars over limited resources. Economic and Real Warfare. There is nothing in the future that will change that.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 2) 336

Taxes are regressive. All of them. The rich will pay to avoid them, the poor cannot. Guess who is impacted more by any / all taxes?

Welfare should be TEMPORARY, and limited in scope.
Minimum Wage is always $0, regardless of the starting wage.

The economy today has a much higher productive output per person, which means some things are possible which weren't possible before. If you're out of air in the tank and suffocating, pulling your mask off underwater means you drown; pulling it off when you're on land means you live. Same action, different consequences. You can't explain that.

If you are dumb enough to go diving, without a clear plan, reserves in the tank, and run out of air, I don't expect the government to suddenly provide you with a "Air Grant" and subsidies for being stupid. You went high risk activity and got the result you were looking for. Yes, it is tragic when it happens, but I am NOT responsible, nor should I be, for your choices. Choices have consequences. So, I do have an answer, it just isn't what you wanted.

That being said, if you and I were diving, together, and you screwed up, and ended up without air, underwater, I would help get you to the surface. I wouldn't loan you my tank on a permanent basis in perpetuity. THIS is a safety net option. Welfare State is NOT safety net, it is a hammock.

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