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Comment Re:log files (Score 1) 56

Well for most devices the hardest part is connecting it to WiFi once that is set you are good to go.
I have had engineers getting compleatly fusterated at me because when I installed the app it it was in the start menu and not an icon on the desktop. When I showed them where it was I was floored when they went "How the hell do you expect me to find it there!"

Comment Re:Control and management (Score 1) 56

That isn't an excuse, as a software developer you are supposedly making such software that you think is getting hacked or spied on.
However more to the point being IT professional and even a good one doesn't mean you are able to manage all things "computer" equally well. I know I get fusterated at work when they give me a job that the system administrator or DBA normally should do. Not that I can't but because these are jobs that these people do all the time and have such processes in mussel memory while I would need to Google the answers and pick from the stuff that makes sense.
For most software development networking is the stuff that is Handled by the OS or from an other component and our program just talks to it.

Comment Re:Not a bad guess (Score 1) 159

Oh, my bad. I don't know where the 360 figure came from, although I suspect I simply forgot to multiply it by two.

I don't think I have seen yet a breakdown of historical emissions in terms of fuel composition, so I simply went with 100% coal since it won't change the ballpark figure much (relative to total oxygen contents), and ignored hydrocarbons. (Obviously land use change, cement production etc. are yet other factors.)

Comment This again? (Score 4, Insightful) 158

Seriously Miss Universe is only once a year. Yet I'm seeing "which is the most popular language" every month or so here. Who gives a shit? Certainly not your CPU. It all gets compiled down to assembly anyway. THAT is the most popular language, even if few humans code in it nowadays all computers read it.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 341

That religious meme is mainly confined to evangelicals and southern baptists in the US. It's not their own dogma, it was deliberately fed to them by politicians. Many other Christian sects use the same passages to argue god gave us ownership of the natural world and therefore we are responsible for keeping it in working order. At no point does god say "Don't worry, if you screw up this planet I will replace it"..

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 341

There's precious little written evidence that can actually be linked to any contemporary of Jesus Christ. The Gospels are problematic, and the earliest of them can't be dated any earlier than decades after Christ's death, and the others appear to be rewrites of early versions, with inconsistenticies (like the two geneologies of Christ). The closest to a contemporary document is Josephus's writings, and when you get rid of the helpful "interpolations" of 2nd or 3rd century writers, you're left with what amounts to "there was a holy man named Jesus of Nazareth who had a number of followers, and was put to death by the Romans."

There's about as much evidence for Jesus healing the sick or raising the dead as there is for Thor causing thunder and lightning.

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