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Comment Re:Politically driven pseudo-science garbage (Score 1) 131

Solar output in fact has decreased since the early 60s.

Also according to the Milankovitch cycles we should be in the middle of a cooling period, although the actual effect is quite complex (e.g. it makes a difference whether perihelion occurs in the austral or boreal summer). So it is also possible that we might be in for slight warming over the next twenty thousand years. But even if we were in for dramatic warming due to orbital resonance, that would be on the order of 0.1C/century, much lower than the changes we've observed.

You left out volcanoes, which are a natural source of CO2 (as well as cooling particulates).

If you add up all the known sources of natural climate variation you end up with no warming trend since 1900 (source).

Comment Re:EVEN TILLERSON says it's real. (Score 2) 131

A rain belt shift that sees the Midwest and the Plains become more and more drought prone is going to have a pretty major effect on a country of over 300 million people. This isn't just about having to build dikes in Florida or abandoning portions of its coastline, there are certain features of modern civilization that are built upon ready access to arable lands.

CO2 levels 80 million years ago are irrelevant to a feature of the planet that has only existed for the last 10,000 years; namely human civilization.

Comment Re:Start the clock (Score 1) 131

4 billion years ago the Earth had a reducing atmosphere that would be toxic to almost all multicellular and even a good portion of the unicellular life we see today. I cannot imagine why you think 4 billion years of climate history is relevant when humans, or anything that we would call human, has only existed for about 4 million years, and human civilization is no more than 10,000 years old.

Or do you have a point? I get the feeling that people like you think you've falsified a theory you don't like if you can just come up with any objection, even if the objection is so stunningly stupid that even you have to just shake your head at the stupidity of the statement.

Comment Re:Where are the error bars? (Score 3, Informative) 131

What Geoffrey said. It's easy enough to pull the instrumental record global average data into a spreadsheet and plot it; I've done it several times myself.

Also be aware of what error bars can and cannot tell you. You can't tell about the statistical significance of trends just by comparing adjacent years with error bars. It's the wrong statistical test to talk about decades-long tends. You might never ever see a year which is statistically significantly warmer than a prior year at some level of confidence, yet have a trend which over a decade or more hits that confidence level.

Comment Be careful when changing Logos too much. (Score 1) 116

It does happen, however it is usually gradual over time.
Like the Windows logo where it went to a highly stylized 3d Graphic then it removed the broken pixels, then it moved to the 4 boxes. So we realize the elements in the logo belong to the same group. Mozilla changing to Moz://a from their dragon icon, Is actually a big move. While it is a move from something fun to mr. business. It could had used the dragon icon and simplified it down further to get the point across without tossing out a known brand. When they switch logos too much. People who are not in the know may think they are using a cheap ripoff.

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