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Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 1) 106

You are confusing the language and the OS feature. That will need to be recompiled for every OS once compiled it isn't c code it is a compiled library. I could make a library in any other compiled language say FORTRAN.

If distribution your c code and the new system doesn't have the library then you get into dependacy hell.

Now C is considered portable because you can compile it on a different system. But that Python program I make I can run on Linux or Windows without any changes. Just as long as the interpreter is installed.

Comment More crap to turn off (Score 1) 4

Word rarely does what I want it to do so I've turned off most of the "help". Once we're forced to upgrade to this crap this will be more cruft to disable.

I can't wait to hear from our users when they whine about not being able to get their work done because Word is trying to be "helpful".

Word for Office 365: Revenge of Clippy

Comment Next request... (Score 1) 174

Next request...

DA: "We have the decryption keys; but that's not enough."
Person: "Why not?"
DA: "It's an asymmetric cypher."
Person: "So? You can decrypt it, and read what's there; what more do you want?"
DA: "We also need the encryption keys."
Person: "Why?"
DA: "With the decryption keys, we can only find what's there; we can't find what's not there... yet."

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 174

The council couldn't take them even when they were taking plastic in.

There's your problem: If you have "the council", then you live in the UK, where they lack both Euros and technology. The rest of us have no problems recycling plastic. We could teach you how, all it requires is some electricity... er... does the UK have electricity?

Yes, Google assures me that 31% of their electrical grid is powered by coal, and another 31% is powered by gas. The UK has electricity. They are in theory capable of recycling plastic.

But if you insist on having reusable shopping bags, I have some made from recycled material I would be willing to sell you.

Er... the recycled material is the kevlar racing sails from America's cup boats. Those fuckers aren't going to decompose for a good 5,000-10,000 years, unless you have lasers, or are willing to use extensive chemical processes. General Urko will probably make his battle armor out of them, after the apes take over the planet.

I make a point of mentioning that fact, any time someone says "Hey, cool bag! Where did you get it?". I especially like talking about it in front of the city officials who voted to ban plastic bags, as if I don't recognize them a couple people back in line. They get to just put up with me showing the idiocy of their policies to the interested person.

But that's better than plastic bags, which degrade quickly to useful materials when exposed to U.V., right?

Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 1) 106

C in terms of its primitives are portable. However if you are making a Phone App, you are not going to have a lot of luck with making a cross compiled app with a UI that will work well with iOS and Android. Because a lot of the code requires calling libraries and OS particular functions. Sure you can do it with bunch of #ifdef
but it is nearly like writing a program over again for each system. You would be better off with a good source control.

Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 2) 106

First this is from the IEEE.

Many Software Developers are not affiliated with the IEEE as they may have followed the Computer Science discipline vs the Computer Engineering discipline.

So for the people IEEE would survey would be Engineers and companies with a Engineering discipline.

Now this Engineering discipline is about a make it once and make it right mentality. Meaning there is a preference towards more lower level coding, allowing detailed and measured controls over each line of code, at the expense of maintainability and programming time. C and Java is good for that type of coding.

However the Computer Science discipline is about making it maintainable, reusable, and fast deployment. This could cause less reliable programs with harder to calculate measures on performance. So languages such as Python and .NET have more appeal.

These different disciplines have cause many of flame war, as each other camp looks at the other guys code and says it is pure crap, because they focused so much on X and not on Y where Y is far more important and needed in real life.

The problem with C isn't that it is a hard language. It is a very simple language. But because it does things at a lower level there is often a lot of extra work (Memory Management and Pointers) that makes it difficult to get up to speed because it requires a lot more attention to detail on how each part works. While these other language you focus more on the problem being solved, even though your solution while solves the problem could be done so much better.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 610

Richard Armitage was not the source of the leak, Dick Cheney was. We know this because Libby's own notes stated he, Libby, learned Plame was an undercover CIA agent from Dick Cheney.

The reason Libby was convicted was because he lied under oath, not because he was the one who outed Plame.

Further, no one, despite what Bush said, was ever held accountable for outing an undercover CIA agent. None.

How many other agents had their covers blown because of their association with Plame? How many may have died because of Cheney's political vindictiveness? Talk about a breach of national security.

Comment Re:And you shouldn't be.... (Score 3, Insightful) 174

I think it is more to the point. We as a culture should be brave enough to say We are willing to take these security risks in order to protect our privacy.

The people who work in security are doing their job. And it is their responsibility to ask for things and changes that will make their job more effective, I don't blame them for the request.

However we seem to lack the fortitude to go to these people and say, no that is asking a bit too much, I know it isn't ideal but we need to keep people's freedom as well, at the expense of ideal security.


Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 557

Not that the truck driver could be at fault or has no fault in the process. However.
1. The truck is really big! It isn't like a motorcycle or a small car. The size alone demands attention.
2. Limited visibility. If you can't see the truck's mirrors the truck can't see you.
3. Longer breaking. So your car is about 1 or 2 tons. The Truck is hundred times heavier. Momentum reduces the braking ability.

Experience on the road creates expected actions. A truck isn't going to be stuck at an intersection for a half an hour until traffic dies down. He will cut in front of car figuring they are going to slow down, because you really don't want to crash into a 200 ton truck. The autopilot feature doesn't have experience or a will to survive. It just sees it as an unexpected action.

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