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Comment Re:Plugs : manadotry standards (Score 1) 160

Everything is done so that, no matter where you travel across Europe, you can still plug and charge your electrical device, no matter if its a laptop, a smartphone or an electric car.

Living near German borders but with a non-German socket, I have a hard time trying to read this with a straight face! Granted, we have "hybrid" plugs now, but the sockets are here to stay and I had to "re-cord" some appliances in the past before they got on the market. And my understanding is that this is just my local problem, not exactly an overview of the whole pan-European mosaic.

Comment Re:Mayer's failure actually WASN'T a failure... (Score 2) 150

If you look at revenues, they're sideways over the past years. So OK, she didn't turn the company around. But she took a has-been company with little really going for it and... well, kept it from going bankrupt. Given that the market cap is currently $50 billion, I think $186 million is not excessive for keeping a sinking ship afloat. Hell, who could have done it? Sure, Jobs did an amazing job turning around Apple when he came back, but it had a strong niche in OS and hardware design, and Yahoo never really had anything like that once they passed their peak. And while I'm not some sort of hard-core feminist, I think there's a bit of hypocrisy that she's taking flak for making money off mediocre performance running a mediocre, has-been company. Any number of male CEOs have had been highly compensated for driving good companies into the ground, to the point that it's hardly even news. It's just sort of expected.

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