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Comment Re: Thanks Hillary! (Score 1) 107

No, that's what people don't understand. CU wasn't some general-purpose corporation, it existed just to pool resources to run a political film. That ruling did not allow normal corporations to buy political ads.

If you allow newspapers to run political commentary at all, then the very rich can get their message across by simply buying the whole thing.

Another point the court made is that the New York Times is a corporation, and does quite a bit of political speech, as directly permitted by the 1st. Do you really want the government saying this corp that exists to publish speech can publish political speech, but that corp that exists to publish speech cannot? That would be the end of free speech.

Comment Re:Too bad Muslim terrorists don't go on strike (Score 1) 102

Terror attacks are rare in the US because we've kept the terrorists out. Now there's a concerted effort to ship terrorists to the western world. Europe has changed from attacks being just as rare as here, to attacks being common. Let's not have that here. Islamic terrorists killed over 22,000 people last year, and it's an ongoing and increasing campaign. Keep the attacks here rare, please.

Comment Re: Thanks Hillary! (Score 1) 107

Most people misunderstand Citizens United. It actually helps level the playing field. I can't buy an ad spot big enough to matter, but if there are a bunch of like-minded people who can pool are money, we can. The alternative is the far-reaching political speech is limited to the likes of Jeff Bezos, who can buy an entire newspaper (this was the norm in the age of the robber barons).

Comment Re:With cellular plans starting... (Score 1) 123

With american cellular plans starting to offer reasonable amounts of "unlimited*" data, it's getting easier to actually cut the cord.

Well, that's just fine when you're out and about or traveling and want to watch stuff....

But when I'm at home, I want full quality and no limits....

I didn't buy 55" OLED 4K tv's to just watch them at low rez, and have to worry about data caps/slowdowns hitting...

I suppose if you watch your media on nothing ever bigger than a 8" screen, then this would work, but for many that made a reasonable living and have nice TVs at home, you need a larger, more dependable pipe...

Comment Re:Forest Priest (Score 1) 123

I pay $70/month for 100 Mb/sec from Comcast.

I was about to suggest folks look into seeing if they offer business internet in their area.

I've had a Cox cable account for a LONG time at $69/mo. No caps, I can run servers (no blocked ports)...etc.

Granted, my plan is so old, it isn't offered anymore to the public, but I"ve checked and the ones offered currently are still comparable in price and possibly more in speed.

It's not like you have to show a lot of proof you are a "business"....

I happen to need mine as that I work from home. When I cut the cord, I didn't calculate it into the mix. But prior to this, I had UVerse U200..was about $115 or so here a month.

I ditched that, put up an OTA antenna hooked to a tivo and tivo minis to each room for DVR and watching my local HD channels, and paired with with amazon FireTv units on each tv that stream Playstation VUE for $35/mo, which also has DVR capabilities and provides all my "cable channels".

I only lost 2 channels I used to kinda watch, Velocity and AXS....but I'm doing fine without those.

So, cutting the cord, I went from $115/mo to $35/mo.

But do look around and look into business connections and you should be able to find internet for a reasonable un-bundled rate.

Comment Re: Tractor Breakers, not Fixers. (BEER) (Score 1) 445

I admit it's been a while since I was in the US (since the TSA idiocy started to spread like cancer, to be exact), but I sure hope you don't consider Bud or Miller "beer".

The part of me that's Bavarian would like a word with you if you do!

OH goodness no.

Sure they still sell a LOT of the Bud type beer, but there are TONS of independent, smaller and craft brewers around the US.


Abita Beer

NOLA Brewery

Second Line Brewing

Lazy Magnolia

Shiner Beer

And here's a wiki media of the rest of the LA breweries here down south....


The Shiner one is in TX..but those listed are just a very FEW of the many in my immediate area...and each area on the US has their own good breweries. Some have product that is only available locally, but others are nationwide.

It's been a couple of decades since you had to drink crappy beer in the US.

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 4, Insightful) 256

CO2 has been known to have the properties it does for over one hundred fucking years. There is absolutely nothing fucking controversial about increasing PPM of CO2 leading to increased trapping of energy (heat) in the lower atmosphere and surface of the planet.

That's true. The problem is climate is a complicated system, and nobody knows how dominant that effect is, or even if it's dominant. Comparing predictive results of climate models to actual measurements shouldn't give anybody the warm fuzzies that climate scientists have any idea what's going on.

Comment Re: Evil bugs (Score 2) 235

Fundamental library code is either as fast as possible, or useless. You know know who or how the library code will be used, so you have to assume plentiful use cases where every instruction matters. The std::map code is particularly bad (even in CLANG) .

When you're delivering the end product, sure, don't optimize until proven necessary. That's a different world than library code. Not every thing is your thing, surprising as that may be.

Comment Re:They're going to lose a lot of good people. (Score 1) 290

My point was: you can't call here a bad CEO, because bad CEOs destroy companies, often quite quickly.

Stock price is the best guess of people good at financial analysis of the future financial prospects of a company. The wisdom of that crowd is generally better than you'd think. Of course, where they're wrong, there's lots of money to be made.

Comment Re: Thanks Hillary! (Score 1) 107

Were fundamentally blocked, I'd say, partly on ideological purity, but more on the fundamental corruption of the federal government: it exists mostly to protect the financial interests of the establishment donors. Globalism is great for multinational corporations. Open borders are great for those who can afford to travel to Europe on a whim.

Our government has been stable a long time serving those interests, and now, with that challenged (and thus the primary focus of all the back rooms), issues of actual like what to do about health care, are getting minimal efforts, mostly retreaded bad ideas.

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