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Comment Re:When is Government Going to Get Off Our Backs! (Score 0) 90

What is wrong with you? There is no such thing as a free market in the telecom space. The free market has been regulated out of existence by the FCC and its regulations.

You are blaming free market for problems created by socialism and corrupt government practices. Once you cry for regulation, all you are doing is putting the government and businesses in bed together. Now I see you crying over it all since your plan has failed... but you still have not missed the parts of the instructions that say immediately blame something you hate, even if that accusation is wrong as the day is long!

Comment Re:Resist this evil friends!!!! (Score 1) 195

The fact that you need to ask is a bad sign.

I work in technology. I have stopped purchasing consoles and "Exclusive" bits of hardware where ever possible. Console needs to die, not because I am a PC gamer, which I am, but because people should not be asked to shell out $$$ just to play on an exclusive platform. The different in cost and performance are less of the issue compared to vendor lock in with game titles.

Regarding the Retro community. There are many fans like that focus on 100% accuracy with emulation. Compound that with available Up-scaling technology and you can make an older titles visually look better without altering the original code or game-play. I cannot tell you how terrible many game ports have been and show a clear trend that game companies do not respect their IP and would rather damage it in the pursuit of money than to do right by it or the gamer community.

Do we really need to get into Nintendo's terrible history against gamers to add more fuel to this?

Comment Resist this evil friends!!!! (Score 0) 195

We should be telling Nintendo to take the time to do quality ports of these games into the current day and age. The Retro community has more respect for things like this compared to their own creators.

I will refuse to give Nintendo another drop of my cash until they get their heads out of their asses and start respecting their customers.

Comment Re:#BernOrBust (Score 1, Insightful) 482

I have difficulty feeling sorry for you, and the reasons are as follows.

Bernie is a career politician. This means there is a very high likely hood that he sells himself for the benefit of only himself.

If you ever truly listened to Bernie and looked at his history you would have known like I did, that he serves the Party, not the U.S., not YOU.

Political Parties are constructs designed to steal your voice under the guise of giving you a voice.

The democrats talk against inequality yet their only solution is more inequality. Why would they actually actively REDUCE something that gives them political currency?

And to add to the fact that you still hash tagged #BernOrBust while 'The Bern' is in the process of selling out... that just screams fundie right there. It does not matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Republican, Democrat, purple, or orange... this is what a fundie is made of! You STILL appear willing to support a candidate that sold out of IS selling out! Where is your self respect?

George Washington was right. As long as we keep calling each other by names like the North/South, Left/Right, Lib/Con, Republican/Democrat, Black/White then all we will do is proceed with tearing our nation apart in a power struggle to squelch the "other" side when we are all really on the same side!

Where government is concerned it has always been the Citizens vs Government. Government has slaughtered more than all war combined and corrupt economies have oppressed more people than any standing army. Do not let people like Bernie, Hillary, Trump, or some other "Politician" use YOU as a weapon against your fellow citizen!

Comment Making it easy... (Score 5, Insightful) 159

Mr. Morris said. "We think it is minuscule in the overall car thefts but it does show these hackers will do anything to stay one step ahead."

Well Mr. Morris... it's not like the auto industry is even making a serious attempt at vehicle security to begin with. It really is not hard to stay "one step ahead"... in fact the industry is really just refusing to step ahead themselves. A toddler will get farther down the road as long as they refuse to move.

Comment Re:Dumb move... (Score 2) 107

A "Requirement" is a requirement. Does not and never will be the same as a "Feature" no matter how much you wish it to be or if you fall for someone "Advertising" it as such either! This is more akin to false advertising not feature removal! Removing Linux from PS3 was "Feature" removal! Allowing devs to now charge for their games is more of a "FEATURE ADD" if it did not exist beforehand.

There is a reason we produce something called a dictionary.
To help people to call things what they should and should not!

Comment Re:All for not... (Score 1) 51
Based on what I read there is a 1 year grace period where prior art is null and void so... if You invented on January 1st 2014 someone has until December 31st 2014 to file (before you) and take your invention.

Then there is the possible "lost paperwork" that several bigger businesses would be happy to "pay" persons of low integrity in USPTO to "accidentally" lose so theirs can be considered FIRST.

USPTO is a paid WHORE for big corp. Power is nice, but NOTHING beats what people will do for money.

Comment Can't Blame China (Score 1, Troll) 42

If you were are new, up and coming world power, would you want enemies of the past foisting their standards on you? Especially considering the current dimplomatic trends regarding Tech Patents, Snowden revelations, and just technology politics in general?

American Business interests have proven beyond all shadow of doubt its willingness to play hard ball (unfairly) to trap you into their business models.

Comment Re:HaHaHa (Score 1) 379

They do try to apply the very same deals to PC's and Smartphones. this is exactly how Steam works, and yes I do use steam, but I also never pay full price for any game unless I get it off where I actually get to own my game from a functionality perspective. And that is the real gist. With I can install my game anywhere and not have to worry about DRM breaking it if I want to play the single player version 20 years from now.

So for me, if they want to lock me into a game on their terms, then that game better be very inexpensive like say movie cheap at $10~$20. So there is a trade off, however I still at least own and fully control my PC, and if MS wants to step on that too much there will be Linux. The market does tend to favor the most open,easy, and compatible systems and right now that is still Microsoft Windows love it or hate it. Linux may be more open that Windows and almost as easy to access now, but it sure as hell is nowhere near compatible, despite things like WINE. I will continue to use Windows but when/if Linux finally steps up I will not hesitate to jump ship.

On the last part, it was sad sarcasm... yes we are losing our rights and ownership to everything as a people and we keep voting in the idiots to do this.

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 1) 379

Yep, this is pretty much the model I have adopted! If I had the financial muster I would start a gaming company just to keep things the way they should be!

No always on DRM, no stupid snoopity systems and quality diverse selection of games not where titles are just FPS based with an endless sequence of ever changing numbers.

Comment HaHaHa (Score 1) 379

I am glad this will not be affecting me as I will not be buying any more consoles for the remainder of my life. It is time for them to die and just use the PC or a smartphone in my opinion.

I wonder how people would react to Ford, Chevy, or GM not only requesting to be compensated when that vehicle is resold, but also controlling its price? It is time to stop selling vehicles and licensing their use!
It takes a publisher nearly nothing to copy/create/spawn a new disk where the auto maker still requires the expertise of staff and systems capable of building the same machine repeatedly with quality.
We must all look forward to the future where we do not own any of our technology.

Comment Good ideas are discovered after the fact! (Score 4, Interesting) 140

Good ideas are hard to determine, and sometimes you find out something was actually a really bad idea only after several years like trans fats, or saccharin.

The results of scientific discovery are diminished by classifying them as success/failure. The only 2 classifications should be "A Truth Discovered" or "Pseudo Science".

Any lab experiment which is conducted to seek the truth even if it does not yield a commercially viable result is still a truth discovered. A so-called failed experiment still is a success at discovering a method which does not work to achieve desired results, and discovering what does not work in some cases can be more important then finding out what does and is an actual truth discovered.

Any experiment performed to skew results in a particular direction, or where evidence is tossed that does not agree with your idea's is nothing but pure Pseudo Science. Unfortunately we have so much of this it has made people distrust scientists because they have proven that they are just as opportunistic as normal people and will do just about any dishonest thing for a buck! True Science be damned!

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