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Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 411

Except that Apple has a presence in multiple European countries, and there's no reason to believe that they saved much money by doing their accouning and money storage in one country instead of several, if you take the tax break out of the picture. It may be that Ireland got exactly as much as they otherwise would have, and that most of the taxes would have been paid in their Munich or Paris offices instead. If so, Ireland got those jobs in return for taking money out of the coffers of other countries—effectively free from their perspective.

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 2) 50

"Are you OK with him setting his torrent traffic priority to 1? Even if it interferes with your VOIP and gaming? "

There is no reason everyone on the connection can't be given an equal share bucket regardless of the type of traffic. When there is no contention, by all means use all the slots but when the three of us are all pushing packets at the same time we should get an equal number of slots. If I want to priortize one of my traffic types over another within my slots that is my call but in no case should I get more contested slots than my neighbor just because I, you, or the ISP thinks one type of traffic is more important and worthy of service than another. It's important to you to have stutter free voip but no more so than my download finishing faster is to me.

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 3, Insightful) 50

"Do you even think it's reasonable to prioritize your torrent packets the same as your neighbors VOIP traffic?"

Absolutely. I think it's reasonable to prioritize MY voip traffic over my torrent traffic but I don't think it's reasonable to prioritize any of my neighbors traffic over any of my own. Some sort of equal token bucket system is most reasonable.

Comment Re:Numbers Are Easy (Score 1) 188

I dont trust the car manufacturers with any data at all, not just mileage claims and pollution ratings.

I was bitterly disappointed to find Ford Galaxies no longer look like aircraft carriers and have 7 litre engines, despite being "500" to compete with the Fiat 500, and the Fiat 500 is now 1300cc, and not 500cc.

The manufacturers are a dishonest as the salesmen.

For those who don't know, a Ford Galaxy is supposed to look like this:

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 0) 50

"Net Neutrality has nothing to do with it. No one's treating the packets differently based on address."

That would make sense if net neutrality were limited in some way to treating packets differently based on address. Net neutrality applies to all throttling of all kinds for all reasons. It is none of my ISP's business what kind of packets I'm sending to who and not their perogative to decide which bits of my traffic are more important than other bits or even to inspect my traffic so they could do such a thing.

Comment Re:Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 1) 695

Ad hominem is ad hominem is ad hominem. Who said what is not material to an argument unless that person is personally relevant to the issue... and since no person will be relevant to an issue of global climate I don't really care who said what so much as what was said.

In any case... we can engage on the issue if you want. Lets go through it. What do you think I have to prove? All I'm arguing at this point is political contamination which is self evident... but I'm happy to provide evidence of such if you're really determined to question the existence of the sun in the sky.

Comment Re:are you knowledgable on ANYTHING? (Score 1) 695

In what way am I being an idiot if I'm saying something you agree with?

Be specific please... I rather suspect you're attempting to "frenemy" here (Friend-Enemy)... claiming you agree when you don't to gain a rhetorical advantage. Just my assumption based on the contradictions inherent in your own statement.

You say I'm preaching to the choir... okay... so you agree with me by your statement... but I'm such an idiot that you think I should be downvoted... Cite the stupid thing I said that lead you to make that statement?

Comment Re:Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 1) 695

Being American doesn't really matter when the fee fees of people all over the world got involved, David.

The long and the short of it is that there are attempts by alarmists to exaggerate the issue beyond the evidence of science to push policy objectives for political reasons.

When that happens, the science is corrupted because it becomes politics and not science. The price of mixing politics with science is that you just have politics. Its like mixing shit with ice cream. You just have shit now. No one is eating that unless they want to eat shit. And I don't want to eat shit, David.

Now if you want to talk about this in an unshitted version... we can do that. But the consensus argument has been widely debunked as politics. And so have the extreme consequence predictions. What we have left are far more moderate conclusions which is all the science actually supports. On this you are not going to be able to base a grand climate change holy war.

So... what more need be said? The climate change crusade is canceled. Go home.

Comment Re:All joking aside (Score 1) 258

I believe we started sending signals at or near 11GHz in about 1940, so the wait may be less than you think, although I wont be around personally to hear the reply, some of you may be.

My bet is its the collective leakage from all their microwave ovens when they all warmed their dinners in the break in the superbowl.

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