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Comment Is there any way to tell? (Score 4, Insightful) 130

Is there any way to tell which extensions are blocking multiprocess? My about:support page says multiprocess is disabled because of extensions, but it doesn't say which ones. It seems like they should publish this information, perhaps in a field on AMO. A Google only turns up results for developer testing or small lists, it says nothing about a complete list of incompatible extensions.

I don't know if anyone at Mozilla reads Slashdot any longer, but I think this would be a worthwhile documentation project that would help users demand extension authors make their software compatible, thus aiding the roll-out.

Comment Novelty Kills Nintendo Again (Score 2) 105

it's questionable how many developers will go to the effort of creating games that make use of the extra horsepower when docked, rather than simply opting to program for the slower overall GPU clock speed

This. A thousand times this. No developer in their right mind is going to program a game that doesn't run properly on the portable. The downscaling of the portable is just too profound. 40% clocks? So the console will suffer from portablitis (similar to how PC games suffer consolitis).

If they then kill the portable line (currently 3DS) in preference to Switch, they may well kill both their portable and console markets with one stone. I know they have a NIH ("Not Invented Here") culture, and this has resulted in some excellent and novel gaming (thinking Wii here), but this new console seems strategically unsound.

Comment Runs as a local user (Score 2) 243

Yeah, these tasks all run as a local user rather than SYSTEM, so when I log in with my standard account, the admin account that it's running under isn't logged in, and the condition for launch on any login is not met.

Error message:

Task Scheduler did not launch task "\NvTmMon_{B2FE1952-0186-46C3-BAEC-A80AA35AC5B8}" because user "[COMPNAME]\[ADMIN_USERNAME]" was not logged on when the launching conditions were met. User Action: Ensure user is logged on or change the task definition to allow launching when user is logged off.

This is par for the course with Nvidia software these days. Running a service as a local account? They should know better. ;)

Comment Re:Just checked my Task Scheduler... (Score 1) 243

Yup. Sure enough it runs when I log in my admin account, but it doesn't run when I log in my standard account. I'm sure Nvidia will fix this soon, and then I'll have to disable the tasks, and then they'll make it so GFX 3 enables them on run, and so on and so forth in a never-ending battle for privacy vs. data mining.

Somebody will probably wind up running a background task that continuously turns this crap off.

Comment Just checked my Task Scheduler... (Score 2) 243

I just checked my Task Scheduler, and none of those Nvidia telemetry tasks identified by MajorGeeks have ever run. I've just enabled "tasks history" (i.e.: chron logs) from admin to see if it's actually doing anything. The tasks only appear when you run Task Scheduler with admin rights, so access is restricted to users with administrator rights. From the history, I think this telemetry might be in the works, but not running yet.

It's possible that since it is an admin task and I run in a limited user account (standard account), it's not triggering the task, but the tasks are supposed to be triggered by login of "any user," with a daily report at 12:45 on my machine if there's no login to trigger, so I can't see how that's happening. This all should be working, but it appears to be dead at this time on my machine with the latest drivers.

I do have GeForce Experience 3 installed, and it *is* asking for a login, however. So it seems they're tagging *something* to an account.

The GeForce forums are a shitstorm of "ditch the login" posts in every GFX thread. People are threatening boycotts, etc. It's really quite interesting. Here's the initial feedback thread when GFX 3 went live. Bring popcorn.

Comment Pure speculation, only news is audio over USB-C (Score 1) 446

That said, this is still speculation based on what’s currently happening in the mobile world, and Samsung has yet to say anything about its next-gen mobile devices.

This article is pure speculation. The only "news" is the audio over USB-C standard.

How did this get out of the firehose? It looks more like a Usenet article than a news article.

Comment Re:unlimited if bundled (Score 1) 180

U-Verse TV is done over IPTV, so it's all data. They are effectively zero-rating that TV data, and uncapping your other data uses, only if you bundle products. This seems to me a violation of net neutrality. You might want to use a different TV provider.

Or another attempt to squeeze blood from a stone that you refuse to upgrade through sound investment to modern internet standards.

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