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Comment Re:Legality (Score 1) 178

Actually, the government can compel you to lie. This is a government written script (quoting from memory, so maybe not 100%):

"This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. The broadcasters in this area, in voluntarily cooperation with the Federal Communications Commission..."

As long as the EBS was active, broadcasters were required to read this script, but their cooperation was not voluntary. The tests were required, you had to log when you did them and keep the log for a couple of years. The government required every broadcaster in the country to lie.

Submission + - Banks Conspire 2

Jim Sadler writes: I'll keep it short. Why do banks, charge cards and others have such lousy password software? My bank allows twenty letters or numbers but not all combinations of letters and numbers. Then on top of that one can not use symbols or ASCI symbols in ones password. Needless to say pass phrases are also banned. For example "JackandJillwentupthehilltofetch1394pounds of worms." would be very hard to crack and very easy to recall.
              I can't imagine why such passwords would be so hard to handle for financial institutions and they have everything in the world to lose from sloppy security. So just why, considering that these institutions complain of mega money being lost, do they not have a better password system? Do they somehow gain when money goes missing?

Comment Re:Went to classical myself (Score 1) 361

Oh, blah, the anon comment ending in the slur about Kircher was mine; I was accidentally not logged in. I'm going to take the liberty of repeating it here, with apologies for my clumsiness:


No, actually you're wrong. Keyboard (and solo violin) music couldn't be printed with movable type unless you separated out the parts and printed, more or less, one "voice" (or melody line) per staff (which was sometimes done, but it's hard to read, and for many kinds of music, totally impractical). Keyboard (and solo vln) music typically has chords, a changing number of parts in each staff, and other complications which moveable type couldn't handle.

There was a great deal of typeset music, mostly vocal, but it was almost all one-voice-per-staff.

(Exception: alternative notations, now usually grouped under the name "tablatures", of which there were several varieties, some of which, as in Spain, were developed specifically to allow cheap printing.)

I have to compliment you on your screen name, remembering, however, the words of the musicologist Thurston Dart (who was the adviser to my dissertation adviser), that he was a "surprisingly credible Jesuit."

Comment Re:Went to classical myself (Score 1) 361

Musicology PhD here - your example is misleading. Published scores of that kind were very, very expensive, and music for the private enjoyment of students and professionals (to paraphrase, loosely, from Bach's own explanation for his target audience) tended to be circulated in manuscript.

(Technological note: keyboard and solo violin music couldn't be printed from movable type. It was engraved, a very tedious process which involved writing the score backwards onto a metal plate which was then etched. Engraving got much quicker, and cheaper, later in the 18th century, when the engraving punch was invented, so the engraver could just bang out the noteheads and such rather than having to draw each one freehand.)

Anyway, the lack of publication for Bach's Sonatas and Partitas (not Paritas) isn't a good example.

Your larger point is correct, but that's because survivor bias hasn't had time to kick in

Comment Re:Only the beginning (Score 3, Informative) 236

Yay! I have been scanned - but my little webserver doesn't run any cgi scripts, so they got 404'd. They were looking specifically for defaultwebpage.cgi:

root@stinky:/home/gecko# grep cgi /var/log/apache2/access*|egrep "};|}\s*;" /var/log/apache2/access.log: - - [25/Sep/2014:02:28:52 -0400] "GET /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi HTTP/1.0" 404 319 "-" "() { :;}; /bin/ping -c 1"

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